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Wireless Home Security System by iSmartAlarm

iSmartAlarm iPhone Controlled Home Security System - Preferred Package
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No contracts. No monthly fees. I can activate my home Security system from anywhere with my iPhone. This is the best alarm system I've ever used!!
Price:  $197.99

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The Future is Now

Revolutionize your home security with the iSmartAlarm. If you have been waiting for a security system that lives up to the demands of today's fast-moving technology, you have found your answer. The iSmartAlarm is the affordable, intelligent and innovative solution for your home security needs. There are no wires, no contracts and no monthly fees - just top-notch security that you can manage right from your smartphone. This fully functional system is designed for effortless self-monitoring, and all operations and notifications are controlled with the touch of a button.

This Preferred Package includes all of the devices that you would find in a typical home alarm system:

  • 2 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 2 Key Fobs
  • CubeOne Control Panel - featuring a 110 decibel siren.

How Does It Work?

Control your entire system remotely with the free iSmartAlarm app, available for iPhone and Android. The app enables you to easily arm and disarm your system, and it even features a panic button to alert your neighbors and family members of an emergency. Maintain a complete log of all alarm activity, and receive immediate push notifications.

Simply situate your motion detector and door/window sensors in strategic locations throughout your home, plug your home router into the CubeOne control panel, and begin monitoring and controlling your new alarm system. With the iSmartAlarm, you enjoy complete monitoring capabilities from the palm of your hand, essentially cutting out the middleman and negating the need for costly third-party monitoring services.

The Cube

The CubeOne is a cut above your typical control panel. It requires no hand operation, and uses only a power source and an Ethernet connection to deliver the most advanced home security. Think of it as the brain of your alarm system, enabling you to achieve wireless communication and flawless protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This component features an extremely loud 110 dB siren that blares furiously whenever security is breached, and the CubeOne is almost infinitely expandable, so you can always add on extra accessories as needed.

Included Accessories

As previously mentioned, the iSmartAlarm comes equipped with 2 door/window sensors, a motion detector and 2 key fobs. When you activate the iSmartAlarm app, the CubeOne locates your sensors, connects the wireless alarm system and allows you to assign a unique name to each sensor ("Front Door Sensor," for example). Batteries are included, and each sensor features ultra-strong adhesive tape. Just peel the tape and paste it wherever you wish to install your sensor. It's that easy.

Installation Simplicity

All sensors are preprogrammed, and your CubeOne will automatically detect each sensor and download it to your smartphone. You don't have to deal with any complicated wiring or programming, and you can have your system up and running in a matter of minutes. The iSmartAlarm is simple to configure and yet masterful in its operation. Order yours today.

  • Enroll up to 99 sensors.
  • Download the iSmartAlarm App
  • Power up and connect the CubeOne to your router via Ethernet cable
  • Place sensors throughout your home
  • CubeOne will find sensors and download them to the iSmartAlarm app
  • Arm/disarm/operate your system

As if that weren't simple enough, the iSmartAlarm app walks you step-by-step through the installation process, with instructions that are simple and clear. Home security industry authorities agree that the iSmartAlarm is the smartest, most user-friendly and cost-effective home alarm system ever devised. Other manufacturers are already mimicking the revolutionary design, and you can expect to see many imitators down the line. We're offering the original right here, at a value you just won't find anywhere else. Use it to protect yourself and your loved ones, and establish renewed peace of mind. Order yours today.

Direct Links to iSmartAlarm Apps:

iPhone: iTunes

Android:Google Play

iSmartAlarm Benefits:

  • No Contracts!
  • Absolutely No Monthly Fees!
  • Truly Plug And Play Technology!
  • Protect Your Family!
  • And If You Move And Want To Take Your System With You - NO PROBLEM!

Preferred Package:

  • (1) CubeOne (CPU hub)
  • (2) Door/Window Sensors
  • (1) Motion Sensor
  • (2) Key Fobs (remote tags)



  • CubeOne: 4"x4"x4.2"
  • Motion Detector: 4"x2.8"x2"
  • Door/Window Sensors: 2"x2"x0.5"

Batteries Used

  • CubeOne: 5V Adaptor - No batteries necessary
  • Motion Detector: 3 AA batteries
  • Door/Window Sensors: 1 lithium button cell (CR2032, not rechargeable) per contact sensor/ remote tag
  • Please Note: No backup batteries Included. Battery life is about 18 months

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the iSmartAlarm Wireless Home Security System, please visit our Knowledgebase website at http://knowledgebase.homesecuritystore.com/categories/iSmartAlarm/

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1. Al on 3/26/2014, said:

Purchased this system for basic security and peace of mind. Our floor plan is an open one so the basic kit (one motion detector and two door/entry sensor were all we needed to pretty much cover 90% of the house. Had it for almost a year and had no false alarms to date and have used it repeatedly when leaving for weekend trips, etc. I get a text on my cell phones as programmed every time. No monthly fees,

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2. james on 3/20/2014, said:

This is the best deal for home alarm system out there. Ordered from home security store on sunday got in on Wednesday fast services and shipping. Ismartalarm is so easy to setup and use. Only take me 20 minutes to setup. Love the call,text and email features.Tested the system it works batter then I expected. It also save me $80 a month from Alarm company and landlines. Switch to ismartalarm now and save. The need to for this system is door charm something like front door back door so on. Other then that is perfect sustem for any home.

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3. Gannady on 2/22/2014, said:

Love the fact that control of my home alarm system is in my hands. Inexpensive way to have security in place. Setup is a snap. Siren can be louder, but there are options I can add if I want to make it screaming. Excellent system. I think it will replace the bulk of existing security monitoring systems.

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4. Falcon5000 on 2/3/2014, said:

I bought the system and extra motion sensors and contacts. I was able to install the entire house covering every possible entry in about 20 minutes. The system works as advertised however the android app needs serious bug works. The app crashes every 2 hours and you have to force close the app to restart it. I created a ticket with customer support and they plan another update in late Feb. to fix it. In the mean time the remotes that come with it work fine on the system all the time,the buttons on the remote are not recessed so they could wear down your battery in time, I put my remote in a tic-tack container when away to keep the buttons from being pressed in my pockets wearing down the battery. It is the app is where the problem is, It can run independent of the phone, the phone will let you do things remotely. The siren on it is very week but they have a external siren coming soon as well as a glass break sensor from what I understand. The external siren would help immensely, although it still calls your phone, texts you and e-mails you upon any entries which I think is invaluable. The camera that comes with it works great, even in pitch dark (take the protective clear shipping cover off) but it is a indoor camera only and it would be nice it it could be waterproof. Plus when you unplug it and move it, you have to go back in your routers port forwarding and change the IP, it has a static IP setting but have not played with it. The manual is useless as far as I am concerned and needs rewritten-ed. All in all if you look at the ease of installations and the ability to add sensors, etc.. in seconds and the remote control and view of the camera and sensors it is really a great potential system and the ability to install and remove the entire system in 20 minutes is awesome. If you don't mind the growing pains of them getting this system up flawless, this isn't a bad deal and in my opinion worth it, as long as they keep on top of it. The December updates had fixed a lot of system issues from what I understand,

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5. Maximoff on 12/6/2013, said:

Only what I can said: The Best Product!!!

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6. nktwrk on 12/4/2013, said:

I've owned this system since it came out. Yes it works however get ready for bad remotes, 2 out of 4 were bad. Terrible battery life in the remotes, I replace batteries once a month. Before the new update, when the alarm was triggered a thief would be in and out of your home before you or they knew you had an alarm. Now with the new update you are beeped to death waiting for the alarm to arm itself, which we still waiting for as it just beeps and never arms. This is a great idea product and obviously they were bought out or sold out. Someone needs to pick up the slack.

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7. Larry on 11/22/2013, said:

Very easy to install, in about an hour, the system is up and running. All sensors are programmed so they work out of the box.

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8. Gerardo on 11/14/2013, said:

Guys and girls, the device works as it should. Pay attention to detail when you read the manual, I made a lot of assumption. Theres an update coming soon, its only going to get better Below is why I give it a 4. There is some requests though I submitted to the iSmart Alarm folks... - Push notification and maybe a chime of some sort for the Motion Sensor? (maybe its there but I missed it) - Other IP camera support. - Siren options for different tones, maybe volume options? - Remote Tag buttons are upside down. The way it faces on you're keychain doesn't look right. - 60 Second wait for alarm is too long, but they claim it will be updated in the next update. Once this cleans up, its going to be one hell of an alarm system.

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9. Randy Wilf on 11/2/2013, said:

I was quite impressed with the Home Security Store and the simplicity of the installation. Everything connected and worked right out of the box! The wireless alarm system is working fine and seems to have me and my family well covered for my security needs

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10. Debra on 10/31/2013, said:

The concept of this system is great - interactive with smart phones without monthly billing costs. Significant issues (1) Network errors - 2 in 2 weeks that render the system inoperable until you can physically reboot the cube - not good if you are gone for a week. (2) 1 minute delay for alarm to activate (still present Oct 31 2013). (3) Alarm is not loud - cannot be heard outside of the window it is next to. (4) 3 of 11 contact sensors did not work upon arrival - they were programmed wrong and had to be replaced. I want to recommend this product but I can't yet. Good points (1) Easy installation (2) Self Monitored

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11. Anthony on 10/15/2013, said:

It was well worth the $ to keep my family safe. Thank you Home Security Store.

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12. Doug on 10/6/2013, said:

This has been a great system. The instructions were easier to follow than expected.

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13. Dr. Travis on 10/5/2013, said:

Fantastic product & customer service. If you're on the fence between alarm systems and another security systems, go with iSmartAlarm

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14. Cathy Artuso on 9/22/2013, said:

I've had my iSmartAlarm installed now for three weeks and yesterday I found a serious flaw. Not so much with the alarm system but the way it communicates. I was showing my neighbor the system and when I tested it I did not receive the push signal to my phone. I found it was not my alarm system that had the problem but my Internet connection. My son unplug the router accidentally so without power to the router, no communications. I resolved this problem by going to Best Buy and purchasing an up system (Battery Back-up System) for $47.00 Problem resolved. I give my iSmartAlarm alarm system five stars but my router two stars. Do yourselfer a favor and spend the extra money for a back-up system for your router.

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15. Bradley Mitchell on 9/21/2013, said:

Pro: The imartalarm works well and is easy to install. The next best feature is value: There are no monthly fees and the whole thing was less than $200.00 Con: Very limited. It comes with only 2 door or window sensors and 1 motion, also my internet router was no where I wanted the alarm base.

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16. Noelle on 9/12/2013, said:

Very easy to set up even for the technically challenged. Plug into router, stick the sensors on windows/doors, follow directions on iphone app. This product is great for a small office or apt. It works to arm and disarm remotely so that is really cool. The sticky is pretty strong so it even works to hold up the motion sensor, if you don't like to use tools. The motion sensor is fine with my cats coming in and out and does detect human intrusion. I didn't test it against the tv yet to see if the tv can be left on... it would be appreciated if this type of information was included in the packaging. The sensors stick to the edges of windows even if it's cheap windows that don't have a flat surface. Same with the door. Cons: Additional sensors and camera aren't currently available. There is a one minute delay once someone comes in and it cannot be adjusted by the user (yet) although they say they are working on it. When I am sleeping I want to know immediately if someone is in the house! Also, with today's technology advances I would expect it to also say which sensor is causing the alarm, such as "window 1", or "door 2", but it doesn't. After the one minute however I do immediately receive alert on my phone. Also the phone app has very little instruction. Just four simple buttons to push "arm" "disarm" "home" and "panic". Without the directions I'm not 100% sure what the "home" and "panic" functions do. The alarm that goes off inside the house isn't very loud nor is it adjustable. It's loud enough but not the earsplitting kind. The white key fobs they provide are hard to see as the raised images are white on white. Basically this is a product in development that we are being asked to pay for. I like it anyway, but it has a way to go. I did see on the ismartalarm website that extra sensors can be bought for 30$ or a bigger package that includes the camera (although the cam is not sold separately) even though they don't seem to be available on this site. The camera looks like it has a lot of r

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17. Desiree G. on 9/10/2013, said:

I'm am very happy with my ISmart alarm system. The total install was probably less than an hour. I love this system. I get the call on my cell and No monthly reoccurring monitoring charges! I had the Simp**Safe before. Malfunctioning components and poor monitoring service. They make a lot of claims on their website, as if they invented security systems and no one else know how to do this....don't buy in to the hype. I would recommend ISmartAlarm to anyone looking for a good Do It Yourself security system.

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18. Keir on 9/9/2013, said:

OK this could be the almost ideal alarm system... Mine just arrived, it was easy for even me to set up as I am not super tech savvy and works well overall. The big problem (right now) is that there is a one minute delay from the time of a potential intrusion (motion detector sensing movement or a door sensor opening) to the point of the alarm going off. I just got off the phone with tech support at iSmart Alarm and they say they are working on this problem and it should be resolved by the end of this month (Sept. 2013). This will update in the iPhone ap and then it will resolve by going into the settings on your iphone ap and setting the delay time from 0 seconds to two minutes. If they get this worked out before my 30 days is up on my return time I will keep it, if not it is going back. Other drawbacks, the key fobs are too easy to depress the buttons on and the system doesn't really acknowledge commands audibly like my other alarm does so you just have to assume it armed properly and that you didn't accidentally disarm it as you put the keys in your pocket etc. The interactive ability with the iphone is great though. I can set it to alert me when the door is opened while I am gone even if it is by someone who has a key fob and has disarmed the alarm like a dog sitter etc. when I am out of town. That way I know the dogs are being taken care of and when. So in short, a few bugs but if they can get the big one (the 1 minute delay) taken care of, I like it. I will likely make some kind of cover for the key fob also so that they buttons don't get pressed accidentally.

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Model iPU3
Classification External power
Device dimensions 4" X 4" X 4.2"
Weight 370g
Power 5V 1A adapter 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.2A
No backup battery.
Frequency 908MHZ
Distance <100m (Outdoor, open space)
Connection and Expansion USB port 2.0; 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet (RJ-45 connector)
Operating temperatures -10°C~50°C (14°F ~122°F)
Operating humidity 30°C±2 <85%±5
Storage and transport temperature -40°C~55°C (-40°F~131°F)
Storage and transport humidity 40°C<90%
Alarm Sound Level >100dB

Motion Sensor

Model PIR3
Classification Internally-powered
Device dimensions 4" X 2.8" X 2"
Weight 80.1g
Power 3 x 1.5V(AA)
Frequency 908MHZ
Distance <100m ( Outdoor, open space)
Operating temperature -10°C~50°C (14°F ~122°F)
Operating humidity 30°C±2 <85%±5
Storage and transport temperature -40°C~55°C (-40°F~131°F)
Storage and transport humidity 40°C<90%
PIR detection angle 90° 10M mounted @ Approximately 6 1/2' from the floor

Remote Keyfob

Model RC3
Classification Internally-powered
Device dimensions 60mm x 30mm x 10mm
Weight 12.8g
Power 1 x 3V (CR2032)
Frequency 908MHZ
Distance <100m (Outdoor)
Operating temperature -10°C~50°C (14°F~122°F)
Operating humidity 30°C±2 <85%±5
Storage and transport temperature -40°C~55°C (-40°F~131°F)
Storage and transport humidity 40°C<90%

Magnetic Sensor

Model DWS3
Classification Internally-powered
Device dimensions 2" X 2" X 0.5"
Weight 27.4g
Power 1 x 3V (CR2032)
Frequency 908MHZ
Distance <100m (Outdoor, open space)
Operating temperature -10°C~50°C (14°F ~122°F)
Operating humidity 30°C±2 <85%±5
Storage and transport temperature -40°C~55°C (-40°F~131°F)
Storage and transport humidity 40°C<90%
Magnetic gap (Open to Close) <20mm
Magnetic gap (Close to Open) <20mm
RC3 - iSmartAlarm Remote Tag
Price: $23.99
Qty:    Add
DWS3 - iSmartAlarm Door/Window Sensor
Price: $28.99
Qty:    Add
PIR3 - iSmartAlarm Motion Sensor
Price: $33.99
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