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KIT16-QP63CP01 - DSC Wireless Security System

KIT16-QP63CP01 - DSC Wireless Security System
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Manufacturer:  DSC  SKU:  KIT16-QP63CP01
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Reliable and efficient- this is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

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Our most cost-effective, expandable wireless security system is now available at an unbeatable price. The KIT16-QP63CP01 - DSC Wireless Security System combines the incredible performance and reliability of top-notch hardwired systems with the sophistication and expandability of 21st wireless technology. Talk about having the best of both worlds. Although the primary panel is hardwired (supporting six hardwired zones), you can easily expand the number of zones by mounting additional wireless sensors.

Unparalleled Expandability

Selecting accessories has never been easier, and Home Security Store has everything you need to easily build the expanded system of your dreams. Best of all, this inclusive kit costs less than half of what it would cost to buy the system component-by-component. With the possibility of 16 zones (6 hardwired and 10 wireless), you can secure every nook and cranny of your home or business.

Accessories Galore

This versatile kit includes a Power1616 Alarm Control Panel, a fixed-message LCD keypad with integrated wireless receiver, three wireless universal transmitters, a wireless PIR motion detector, a handy key fob and a 15-watt interior surface mount siren. You'll also receive a telephone jack, backup battery and plug-in transformer. Check out the Accessories tab to explore the full wealth of add-ons with which you can enrich and improve your system.

Affordable Security

Home Security Store carries the ultimate selection of home security essentials, and this DSC Wireless Security System brings together the best in reliability, efficiency and affordability. With everything you need to get off and running, this is the system you have been waiting for. Home Security Store ships most orders same day, and we offer the best prices in the industry. Order yours now.

Features Now Standard Throughout the POWERSERIES Platform

  • SIA CP-01 compliant
  • Partitionable auto-arm timer
  • Zone follower output
  • No activity arming
  • Automatic Contact ID
  • Day zone
  • PGM output timer
  • Cross zoning

Features New to the POWERSERIES Platform

  • 500-event buffer
  • Single architectural design for universal feature set
  • Full module compatibility across POWERSERIES platform
  • Retains backward compatibility with all POWERSERIES modules
  • Hardware/Software architecture easily accommodates
  • future expandability
  • Programmable daylight savings time
  • Night zone
  • Time function key

CP-01 Compliant

All POWERSERIES control panels are compliant with the Security Industry Association (SIA) CP-01 standard. As more and more cities begin to incorporate this standard into their alarm ordinances for new installations, the occurrence of invalid alarm activations will be significantly reduced or eliminated.


POWERSERIES control panels are fully compatible, and backward compatible, with all available keypads and modules across the platform.

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1. dave on 9/3/2013, said:

The basic install was straight forward and simple. The programming was way beyond me from the reading . But the home security store technician walked me through it in a email. All works perfectly . Fantastic customer support . Thanks again to Freddie .

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2. jonathan on 8/12/2013, said:

This is my first alarm so it took me 4 hours to wire the control box and run wires for the keypad and siren. The system is pretty straight forward and if you have ever wired a car stereo and have basic home construction knowledge you can hook up this alarm. Once complete I contacted the tech support who walked me through the programming. Although it took a while to get a person on the line, the tech guy was awesome. Programming took about 20 minutes over the phone. I added the envisalink internet module along with a wireless router at the panel to avoid paying for monitoring. Any alarms are texted to my phone as well as emailed to my work address. Just make sure you don’t select all the notifications during set up or you could receive hundreds of texts/emails a day. I Have had the system for over a week with no false alarms yet.

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3. David on 7/30/2013, said:

Very nice security system at a wonderful price. I would recommend the home security store to anyone. Thank you!

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4. Charlie on 7/4/2013, said:

This is a great system – and the Home Security Store is the place to buy it! I agree with everything Ken says in his review. This is a very powerful and flexible system that can be challenging for someone who has never programmed a security system before. Mine came with a bad keypad (hey, it happens to every manufacturer once in a while), and the tech support I received from the Home Security Store was simply awesome. Another seller might have made you pack up and return the whole system. Jeffrey in tech support helped me through problem determination steps to verify that it was just a keypad problem and he got me a replacement for just the keypad. Jeffrey was also immensely helpful with programming by emailing step-by-step instructions, which was a huge time saver. My application for the system is a tad unusual – I have a backyard pool with fencing on three sides, with the house being the fourth side. There are three doors in the house the lead out to the pool, and I wanted to make sure my kids could not get out there without an adult knowing. I didn’t want an “all in one” type of system that a kid could easily defeat by having access to the unit. When disarmed, I have this system set up to chime whenever a door is opened, and full-on alarm if a door is opened when armed. The wireless sensors included in this kit were very easy to put on the doors – I used the surprisingly strong 3M adhesive pads that they came with instead of screwing them in. I also added an Envisalink card, so I can arm/disarm/receive alerts via my cell phone. The Envisalink connects to my Internet router and the basic service is free. No monthly monitoring fees! Down the road, I may add more accessories and perhaps add monitoring which can be done either by phone line or through the Internet via the Envisalink connection. The hardest part of the whole project was running the wire from where I wanted the panel to where I planned to mount the keypad and to where my Internet router is. I would buy this system again in a second,

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5. John on 5/28/2013, said:

Good product, call the tech support due to not able to program. The technician walked me step by step on programming and was done in less then 5 minutes.

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6. Niv on 5/23/2013, said:

This alarm kit is great both in terms of price(on sale) and functionality, it has tons of programming options. Installation: The PK5501 keypad programming is easy if you understand the beep distinctions, it gives the installer most of the feedback. The LCD panel gives you some information but sometimes it is misleading and very confusing. Tech Support: One word FREDDIE, this guy was so good I could not believe it. First he spoke English(no offense to anyone...we do live in the USA) He was patient and VERY professional, walked me through the whole process in minutes. THANK YOU Freddie, you are the BEST Service Tech I've ever dealt with. I gave this system 4 out of 5 due to the installation difficulty. If I knew what I know now I would go with the PK5500(English) keypad for better communication during the programming process.

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7. Ken on 4/18/2013, said:

I researched all of the brands and talked to two different security system Installers to try to figure out which system to purchase. I picked this system because it was part wireless and part wired. It was also cheaper then the completly wireless systems and didn't seem like it would be too difficult to install. I am very satisfied with the system even though It was difficult to install. I had never installed a security system before. I took my time and made sure to review the instructions very carefully. The instructions were confusing for me. Im assuming that If I had experience with installing this type of device that It would not have been difficult at all. If I would have choosen a completly wired system it would have been much more difficult. Once I completed the installation I could not figure out how to set the codes to activate the devices. The instructions for this are very difficult to understand. I called Tech support twice and after the second time my system was up and running. The Tech support guy was very patient and even when I gave him the wrong numbers for my devices he did not get agravated. He stayed on the phone with me until all was correct. If it wasnt for the difficult instructions I would have given this sytem five stars. I have not had any false alarms and I am very satisfied with my choice. I would like for the alarm to have been a little louder but I may order a different siren for the system at a later date. I have three motion detectors and three door alarms. The door alarms are very easy to install and work extremely well. The motion detectors work great. I have tried them out several times to get a feel for the way the system works and they have all worked without any problems.

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Main Control Panel Features

Features PC1616
On-board Zones 6
Hardwired Zones 16 (1 x PC5108)
Wireless Zones 16
Keypad Zone Support Yes
On-board PGM Outputs PGM 1 = 50 mA
PGM 2 = 300 mA
PGM Expansion 8 x 50 mA (PC5208)
4 x 500 mA (PC5204)
Keypads 8
Partitions 2
User Codes 32+ Master Codes
Event Buffer 500 Events
Battery Required 4 Ah / 7 Ah / 14 AHr
Bell Ouput 12 V / 700 mA (cont)


Power Supply 16.5 VAC/40 VA @ 60 Hz
Current Draw (Panel) 110 mA (Nominal)
Auxiliary + Output 11.1 – 12.6 VDC/550 mA
Bell Output 11.1 – 12.6 VDC/700 mA
Operating Environment 32° to 120° F
(0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity 93%
PK5508 - DSC 8 Zone LED Keypad
Price: $48.77
Qty:    Add
PK5516 - DSC 16 Zone LED Keypad
Price: $52.72
Qty:    Add
PK5500 - DSC Custom English LCD Keypad
Price: $104.69
Qty:    Add
PK5501 - DSC Fixed LCD Keypad
Price: $52.91
Qty:    Add
LCD5511 - DSC Icon LCD Keypad
Sale! $51.21
Qty:    Add
LED5511Z - DSC 8 Zone LED Keypad
Price: $43.53
Qty:    Add
PC1555RKZ - DSC 8 Zone LED Keypad
Price: $43.57
Qty:    Add

WS4939 - DSC Wireless Key Fob
Price: $28.93
Qty:    Add
WS4949 - DSC 2-Button Keyfob
Sale! $24.49
Qty:    Add
WS4945 - DSC Wireless Door/Window Transmitter
Price: $29.43
Qty:    Add
WS4985 - DSC Wireless Flood Sensor
Sale! $42.60
Qty:    Add
WLS914-433 - DSC Wireless Pet-Immune Infrared
Price: $101.01
Qty:    Add
WS4916 - DSC Wireless Smoke Detector w/ Heat
Price: $67.50
Qty:    Add
WS4979 - Wireless 4-Button Wall Plate
Price: $38.13
Qty:    Add
3G2060R – DSC Wireless Alarm Communicator
Price: $176.95
Qty:    Add
WS4920HE - DSC Wireless Repeater Module
Sale! $92.90
Qty:    Add
LDM-15 – Evolve LDM-15 Z-Wave Lamp Module
Sale! $45.20
Qty:    Add

C24-HUB – DSC Gateway Module
Price: $186.96
Qty:    Add
PC5961 - DSC 2-Way Audio Verification Station
Sale! $24.50
Qty:    Add
RM2 - EOL Power Supervision Module
Sale! $16.75
Qty:    Add
PC5601 - DSC Tri Status Module
Price: $18.89
Qty:    Add
PRM2WC - DSC Polarity Reversal Module
Price: $26.67
Qty:    Add
PRM4WC - DSC Polarity-Reversal Module
Price: $26.67
Qty:    Add
PC5204 - DSC Power Supply Module
Price: $64.91
Qty:    Add
PC5108 - DSC 8 Zone Expander Module
Price: $32.99
Qty:    Add
Price: $1.95
Qty:    Add
PCLINK-SCW - DSC Computer Interface
Price: $12.86
Qty:    Add
XR-1640LED - 16.5 40VA Transformer
Price: $12.00
Qty:    Add
Price: $6.00
Qty:    Add
PC5002C - DSC Cabinet for PC5204
Price: $12.36
Qty:    Add
PC5003C - DSC Cabinet
Sale! $16.00
Qty:    Add

(1) Power1616Alarm Control Panel
(1) Fixed message LCD keypad with integrated wireless receiver
(1) Wireless PIR motion detector (WS4904)
(3) Wireless Universal Transmitters (WS4945)
(1) Wireless Keyfob (WS4939)
(1) 16Volt 40VA plug-in transformer
(1) 12V, 4Ah rechargeable backup battery
(1) 15-Watt interior surface mount siren
(1) RJ-31X telephone jack and cord

Application Notebook
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User Guide
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Reference Manual
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Programming Worksheet
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Installation Manual
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