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PTK5507W - DSC Powerseries 7" Full Color Touch Screen Keypad

PTK5507W - DSC Powerseries 7
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Powering Change with the PowerSeries TouchScreen Keypad

The PowerSeries TouchScreen Keypad makes it easier than ever to manage and control your PowerSeries home security system, all with the tap of your finger. This cutting-edge keypad offers all of the effortless, reliable functionality that users and installers have come to expect from the PowerSeries, and improves upon the technology with a highly intuitive interface. Whether you're a professional installer or just a homeowner looking to upgrade your system, you'll truly appreciate the sleek and contemporary design coupled with the simple installation and programming features.

Features That Make a Difference

  • Intuitive menu-driven interface for the user
  • Responsive, high-resolution 7" (177.8 mm) full-color touchscreen
  • Configurable home screen
  • Built-in and easy-to-update digital picture frame using integrated SD card slot
  • Clean, low-profile case in either white or silver blends into any decor
  • Quick-view LED status indicators (Ready, Armed, Trouble and AC Power)
  • Authorized users can easily customize home screen to display commonly used icons
  • Displays time and date

Easy to Install

The PowerSeries TouchScreen is designed to accommodate users and installers alike. Users will appreciate menu-driven, intuitive screens and straightforward configuration options; installers will appreciate the quick, straightforward programmability. Building from the default or optional displays, the installer can quickly configure 5 of the graphical icons from over 10 options, depending on your needs. This keypad has up to 8 available partitions, with each zone acting independently from the rest of the system.

Easy to Configure

The intuitive TouchScreen display isn't just easy to operate; it's also customizable. For instance, let's say that you want easy access to the various chimes, but you have no desire to view the partitions on your main menu. Simply display and hide the appropriate icons as needed, and create a menu that's perfectly suited to your needs. If you're a professional installer, you can customize the display on behalf of users, and even modify the background with your company logo, images or contact information.

Easy to Operate

The PowerSeries TouchScreen Keypad is designed entirely with the end user in mind, from the design to the functionality. Even the smallest details are emphasized to create the ultimate user experience. Featuring large on-screen buttons and intuitive menu-driven screens, this device is no more complicated to navigate than your smartphone. For instance, if you want to access the Fire, Auxiliary, Panic (FAP) buttons, just tap the EMERGENCY button on the sidebar. The system takes care of the rest.

Easy to Personalize

The integrated digital picture frame enables you to create a breathtaking photo display right on your TouchScreen. You can display a single photo or create a timed slideshow of all your favorite memories. Just insert an SD card into the corresponding SD slot and follow the on-screen prompts. In addition, the modern design blends beautifully into any home decor. Choose between white and silver, and establish a home security solution that looks as great as it functions. Order yours today.

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1. christopher on 1/21/2014, said:

This is a really nice product. Gives system a high end feel. I agree with an earlier review - door chime is very quiet when set to highest volume. It can't cost but pennies to use a different part and make it louder. Also Boggles my mind at this price point that it does NOT include a wireless receiver. I'd give it 5 stars if it had wireless. I recommend for anyone who wants a good looking screen. I'll continue to use in my other installations.

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2. Claus on 12/20/2013, said:

This is a great keypad. Modern looking, easy to program a system with. Would be awesome if it worked with wireless devices! Yes it's expensive but I wouldn't consider an old sixties style keypad anymore.

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3. mike on 11/1/2013, said:

lots of cool things it makes my room look very nice

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4. jeffrey on 10/26/2013, said:

This touch screen is awesome. For programming I recommend a regular keypad as well. This one would not allow me to add a 2 way keypad to the system. When in section 804 it would not allow me into 181 since only 2 digits were available. Wife and I really like the picture frame section as well, this will come in handy when we have company over. Instead of looking at a security pad they can view scrolling photos. This is the first system I've installed and it works well with the DSC 1864 set up with 2 partitions. We will be adding another PTZ5507W to the bedroom so we can see what zone is violated in the event of an alarm. Great customer service from HSS as well.

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5. Israel on 7/12/2013, said:

This unit has a nice interface, and works OK, but is not worth $250 when compared with other keypads available. I have the following issues: 1) Low volume. Even with the volume cranked all the way up, this keypad beeper is still WAY quieter than that on the PK5500. I have door chimes enabled, and when I open my back door (in the living room) I can hear the PK5500 in my bedroom down the hall better than I can this one on the other side of the living room 2) No customizable door chimes. On all the PK series keypads you can choose from four different chime sounds for when a zone opens. Not so on this one - it's six beeps or nothing. 3) You can't fully program a system with a TR5164 module using this keypad - you can program wireless sensors for zones, but you can't program wireless keys, or anything else in any section above subsection 99 of section 804. While the TR5164 uses three-digit sub-section numbers, this keypad only allows for a two digit sub-section entry. In short, for $250 I was expecting to get the best keypad available, only to find it fell short of the other options in several areas. On the other hand, if you don't care about door chimes, and don't have a TR5164 module on your system, this keypad does give a nice control interface. It's just not worth $250.

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6. Craig on 11/17/2012, said:

As an installer, I am VERY impressed with this new keypad if not just for the "BLING" factor. Customers have told me that it was one of points of conversation when they have had parties showing off their new home since many see it and assume "High Dollar Home Automation System" A note for DIY'ers who may be thinking of purchasing this keypad to replace their existing keypad... These things draw a great deal of power at 300mA or 400mA each in high brightness mode compared to 135mA which is the max DSC's previous keypads may have drawn each. On many systems with a good number of motions, smoke detectors... this will require adding an additional module, batter and transformer to provide the additional needed power.

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TouchScreen display 8.5" x 5.1" x 0.8" 127.9 mm (L) x 195 mm (W) x 20.35 mm (D)
Viewing angle Horizontal viewing angle: 70° (typ.)
Vertical viewing angle: 50° (top), 70° (bottom) (typ.)
Optimal viewing quality (resolution) 800 x 480
Input voltage 12 VDC
Brightness 280 cd/m2
Current draw 200 mA (standby) / 300 mA (activated)
Distance between keypad
and control panel
60 m (200 ft.) (max.)
Operating environment 0 to 49 °C (32 to 120 °F)
5 to 93% relative humidity
SD card slot Holds any standard Secure Digital (SD) card (32 x 24 x 2.1 mm) containing photos
Wiring Standard four-wire connection
Display language English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Compatibility PowerSeries v4.2 and higher
Spec Sheet
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Installation Manual
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User Manual
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