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ACTA-1K-FP - Actatek Finger Print Access

ACTA-1K-FP - Actatek Finger Print Access
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Hectrix has released the Fingerprint only ACTAtek model that is based on 500 dpi Optical Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

The Fingerprint model has a limitation on the number of users since it stores fingerprint templates directly in the unit as encrypted binary data. It stores upto 7 templates for each user enrolled and a maximum of 20,000 users are supported


  • 1,000 user Fingerprint
  • SSL-encrypted biometric, smart card & PIN authentication system.
  • Optional built-in CMOS Camera module.
  • Modular design for easy integration and maintenance.
  • Accessible ANY WiFi or GPRS equipped phones or PDAs.
  • Remote Monitoring via TCP/IP communication protocol.
  • Access Methods include: Biometrics, Smart Card & PIN.
  • Economical & Cost-saving with All Software & Hardware built-in.
  • Real Time update and system or user configuration.
  • Control, Configure & Administrate via LAN or Internet.
  • Multi-Lingual Support for global penetration.
  • Integration with Weigand 26-bit & 40-bit output.
  • Weather-resistant Casing enabling outdoor installations. Ip 65 rating.
  • Optional Communication: RS232/ RJ45/ GPRS/ RS485/ WiFi/ Weigand

How does it work?
ACTAtek is essentially a small computer mounted on an indoor or outdoor surface near the secure area. Being that it is its own computer, ACTAtek is able to store all software and data on the unit while operating independently. The user friendly picture and prompt menu guides administrators through all of the basic functions directly available on the unit. Connecting ACTAtek to a network using a simple RJ45(Ethernet) connection makes a dynamic list of functions available on ACTAtek's web interface. ACTAtek stands alone by featuring a web interface accessible to registered users anywhere in the world. Because no software is needed, the ACTAtek may be accessed using any web browser kept secure by an SSL encrypted connection. From here, administrators may access employee records, data logs, access rights, times of operation, times of access, activation/deletion, and many others features. Once ACTAtek is in place, the 500 dpi optical scanner registers multiple templates of a persons fingerprint to ensure maximum efficiency. ACTAtek may be enabled to store 500 to 10,000 users in any environment. Registered users are able to gain access by scanning their selected fingers on ACTAtek. Once verified, ACTAtek sends a signal to an electric lock, which then opens or unlocks the door. When using the ACTAtek web server interface, each user may be assigned specific access privileges including: access rights to specific areas, access times and dates, and many other actions. In addition to fingerprint recognition, certain models of ACTAtek are compatible with Phillips Mifare smart cards, HID Prox and iClass cards, Legic cards, magnetic stripe and bar code cards. Of course, the pin pad is available for simple pass code access where necessary. For a full list of features please click Features Analysis.

Multiple Access Areas
Many security implementations require multiple secured areas each with specific requirements. ACTAtek solves this allowing multiple ACTAteks, regardless of the model, to be networked and easily managed via single web browser window. The "Primary" ACTAtek will coordinate the exchange of all relevent information to each secondary ACTAtek. Keeping all information in one place enables easy user management and access control from a central location. Using the Logiprint Remote Registration USB device, all users may have their fingerprints scanned from a PC in a HR or security office, and have access rights assigned to all A

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1. Anonymous User on 9/29/2010, said:

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Actatek fingeprint and card system. it is easy to use and had it setup and going in 30 minutes.

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