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DVRG0101M - Avemia HD Car Camera Recorder

DVRG0101M - Avemia HD Car Camera Recorder
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Manufacturer:  Avemia  SKU:  DVRG0101M
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DVRG0101M - Avemia HD Car Camera DVR

Over 10 million car accidents occur per year in the United States, on average. Have you ever needed proof that you are not at fault? With the Avemia HD Car Camera Recorder, immediately pull footage from the accident and solve insurance disputes easily with other drivers. It records everything while you drive: a simple concept that will save hours of hassle time in unfortunate traffic accidents. Cars, trucks, SUVs, mini vans- your vehicle and this camera were meant for each other.

Durable for the windshield or rear view window, this security camera comes with a dashboard/window mount to position it any place you'd like inside of your vehicle. The camera's capabilities include automatically setting record or stop for long or short periods of time for maximum protection.

With a 120 degree view angle, this on-the-go and easy to use Car Camera won't miss a second of action (picks up almost entire freeway on a 4 lane highway). The camera is also adjustable and rotates 360 degrees to face the inside or outside of the car. While recording in 720p resolution High Definition, you can watch what it records, while you drive, on a compact 2.5 inch LCD screen that flips open.

The design of this car camera includes 10 built-in LED lights to brighten images in low light situations while amazing high definition color images record in daylight. Its 2.2 millimeter mini wide angle lens (as small as your finger nail) makes it one of the smallest cameras you can find at an affordable price. Plus, it records onto an SD Card up to 32GB- that's over five and a half hours of continuous footage. Fully charged, the battery life will last three hours, but included is a convenient 12v adapter that plugs right into your car's power port so there is never a break in your captured images.

Viewing your footage after a trip is also extremely simple. Just use the mini USB plug to connect and watch on your personal computer or use the AV cable to watch directly to your television.

This lightweight HD camera can also be used for fun applications. Taking a road trip? Record the whole adventure! Want to monitor your teenager's driving when you're not around? It's as simple and comforting as pressing record.

Constantly keep track of who is driving your car when you are not and protect yourself from car theft while recording action, even when you're not driving. This sleek HD car camera also has built-in on-board sound recording synced with the recording image. It's your personal police surveillance camera. Travel worry-free, technologically sound and insure yourself for life's woes.


  • 720p HD recording resolution
  • 2.5" LCD monitor
  • 10 built-in LEDs lights
  • Supports SD cards up to 32GB (not included)
  • Battery life of 3 hours and 12c Adapter (included)
  • Easy connection to PC or television for instant viewing
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1. Jerry on 11/7/2013, said:

The unit I received will not record. Unit indicates memory is full, although I tried several different SD cards with varying capacity. Returned it to the Home Security Store and they said there was nothing wrong with it and returned it to me with the same condition. While I have received good service on other products I purchased from them, the service on this unit was poor because they did not fix the issue or replace the item, and was unable to provide any explanation or direction to correct the problem.

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2. Scott on 9/16/2013, said:

The recording works fine and is easy to set up but my flip screen quit working within 3 months of using it.

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3. Mark on 9/2/2013, said:

Literally does not work out of the box...Chinese to English instructions are beyond bad. Can't get the Menu to work; can't get the Mode to work. After plugging it in to my computer with a USB cord, now the camera is stuck with the picture of the computer and cable on the screen and can't get it to do anything else even after disconnecting from the computer. Worst waste of my hard earned $75.00 I have ever spent....

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4. Alan on 11/28/2012, said:

I bought this camera, but misplaced the manual. Is there an online version? Also, is this camera only designed to record at max 9 seconds of video when in motion-detection mode? I'd like to have it record longer when motion is detected. Also, another person mentioned that files can be recorded up to 15 minutes at a time, but mine can do up to 30 min at a time. This leads me to question if this camera might have firmware updates available... Thank you for your help and/or comments !

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5. Don on 10/31/2012, said:

Agreed that instructions leave a LOT to be desired. CANNOT get it to playback via the supplied USB connected to my PC (Windows 7). When I connect via the USB, the camera screen only displays a picture of a laptop and USB cable. Can't figure out to get it playback thru the camera (i.e. if I need to show a police officer on the scene). Can't even get it to playback via the supplied A/V cables to a TV. Several emails sent to Atrix corporate, but very limited assistance/answers. If I can't get it working by Friday, it's heading back to Home Security Store. I drive 90+ miles a day and have had MANY close calls. I need a dependable dash camera.

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6. Ryan on 10/7/2012, said:

Camera is OK if it was 20 dollars cheaper... there is no way the picture is HD but it is a decent picture. Camera seems to have issues. Constantly says "File Error" and the camera decides what i can and cant transfer. some work, while some will say "Data Error" I am returning it.

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7. Richard on 9/30/2012, said:

Looks great, works great, saw how the video works on the pc, no instructions, would love to know how to adjust the settings and especially how to press "ok" as requested on the display.

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8. Rad on 9/27/2012, said:

HomeSecurityStore.com's product description is simple and accurate. I would only point out that the 'LED lights' are infrared LEDs, not white light LEDs (this was not made clear in the description). The unit comes with everything you would need (Well-designed car mount, USB connector, 12V car adapter, AV-Out cable, etc.) EXCEPT a required SD memory card, which surprises me. They should at least include a cheap 8Gb SD card, which would record over almost 90 minutes of video at Hi-Def. The unit, although surprising light, feels sturdy and well made. It is smaller than I thought it would be (about the size of a deck of cards). The buttons and switches feel strong and durable. The full-color flip-out screen is limited in its turning capabilities, and you must be careful not to turn it beyond its limits. The 'manual' (which is actually only a sheet of paper folded twice) is extremely poor. References are made to a 'Confirm' button which is not illustrated in the diagrams, and you have to find buried in later text that the 'Record' button doubles as a 'Confirm' button. It's a typical English-translated horror story. I was very impressed by my initial testing. Properly configured and plugged into a switched 12V car battery outlet, it will start recording automatically when you start your car, and stop recording when you turn your engine off. Video is recorded in AVI format, in blocks of user-defined time (from 1 minute to 15 minute blocks). I would recommend recording in 15 minute blocks, which take ~1.4Gb at Hi-Def, and will allow about 5 1/2 hours of Hi-Def recording with a 32Gb SD memory card. The video quality is MUCH better than a typical 'police cam' video that you might see on TV. The audio portion of the video recording is adequate. I have not tested it while driving at night yet. I have not tested how long the internal battery will last on its own when fully charged. When I get around to testing these issues, I'll report the results here. I am VERY happy with this purchase so far. PROS - * The price is excellent for the quality you get. * The unit is very small, light, and seems durable (of course, time will tell, but it does have a 1-year warranty). * The operation of the unit (despite the horrible manual) is straight-forward and easy to use once you figure it out. * The quality of the video at Hi-Def is crisp and clear. Color representation is good, but with a little bias toward red. * It was obviously primarily designed with the idea of conveniently recording video/audio while you are driving, like a police cam, and it does this function very well. * The flip-out LCD screen can be 'flipped' so that you can record with the unit positioned in either horizontal orientation (hanging from the top of your windshield, or mounted on the dash). * You can easily remove the SD card and bring it inside to plug into your computer and view the video blocks, or take the entire unit inside and plug it into your computer using the included USB cable connector. * You can also view existing video blocks on the unit's LCD screen, but it's too small to see detail very well. The unit will also let you delete existing video blocks to manage space if you wish. CONS - * The manual is really horrible. * A SD memory card should have been included (perhaps as part of a 'package price deal'?) * When you open the flip-out screen, its turning capabilities are limited and specific (you can turn it 180 degrees only in one turning direction, and you can only turn it 90 degrees in the other direction). DO NOT 'FORCE' the flip-out screen trying to turn it further than it was designed for!

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9. Anonymous User on 6/18/2012, said:

This little camera saved my day! Last Sat drove across an intersaction Church and Water St., a cop pulled me over claimming I went through red light. Luckily I showed him the recording, my car went under the light while it was yellow. Thanks to this little recorder, the cop let me go.

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10. Anonymous User on 4/22/2012, said:

I purchased this camera thinking it would be a neat toy. Well it is a really nice camera and works great. Can't read the book that came with it as I will have to blow it up. But I installed a 16 gig card and use the camera all the time when I'm driving. Hoping to see some deer or any odd showing. I had to figure out how to set it up myself and am very pleased. I may buy some to give as Christmas gifts to my friends. I set mine to reset after 5 minutes of recording. That way you have many blocks to view and you can pick your block. And it is small enough that it doesn't get in your viewing way on the windowshield.Very clear picture. Might even take it in the woods with me to record anything as I walk along. Small enough to put in your shirt pocket.And it has an internal battery. Don't know yet how long it lasts.

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11. Gary on 4/9/2012, said:

The camera works great. I have yet however learned how to playback on the screen. I can take the SD card and play it in my computer. It does have a great picture. The instructions that come with it are typical Chinese converted to English that does not compute. Nice little camera.

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Video Resolution HD: 1280x720
D1: 720x480
VGA: 640x480
QVGA: 320x240
Display Screen 2.5" LCD
Picture Resolution


Storage Card up to 32GB, SD card
Storage Format Video: AVI
Photo: JPEG
USB Interface USB1.1 / USB2.0
Video Output NTSC / PAL
Battery Capacity 3.7VDC 400mA
Weight 135g
Size 105x66x23mm