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HC100KW - SilverCare Personal Daily Living Assistant - Watch Kit

HC100KW - SilverCare Personal Daily Living Assistant - Watch Kit
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The HC100KW SilverCare Personal Daily Living Assistant - Watch Kit is one of the most sophisticated and dependable multifunction personal emergency response systems (PERS) available today. The SilverCare enables you to quickly access 911 emergency services to have an actual 2-way conversation with emergency personnel right from your watch. This product requires no contracts, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs. On a daily basis you will utilize and appreciate the -

  • Medication Reminder
  • Hands free, incoming call answering option
  • Automated Priority-Call to neighbors or family
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) button

The SilverCare system consists of a Base Console and Watch. An optional remote light switch activator accessory, called SilverLite, is also available at Home Security Store.

The water-resistant wrist watch functions as a stylish timepiece. It has a priority help, voice caller button on the watch itself and on the base console for 2-way voice communication with family or neighbors. There is also a dedicated 911 button on the watch and console in which you can press during emergencies such as a fall, sudden illness, fire, or intrusion. What's even more sophisticated is that first responders, through the ICE - In Case of Emergency feature, can quickly access medical history, blood type, allergies, and other critical information.

2-Way Live Communication
When you need 911 assistance, simply press the dedicated 911 button on your Watch or Base Console and talk live with a 911 operator. When you need assistance other than 911, simply press the Priority Help button on your Watch or Base Console and talk live with a loved one or neighbor.

Priority Help Calling
There are times when you want urgent help from a family member, caregiver, or neighbor, but you do not want 911 or ambulance service. In these cases, pressing the Priority Help Button on your Watch or Console dials the first number of your pre-programmed Priority Help contacts. When a live person is reached, a pre-recorded outgoing message tells the recipient they are receiving an emergency call from you. If a live person does not answer at the first number called, the system automatically continues to dial the second, third, and so on, until a live person is reached. The SilverCare Priority Help system is not fooled by an answering machine as each person is asked to press any dial key twice to accept the call. If this is not done within five seconds, the system dials the second priority help number.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Information
ICE (In Case of Emergency) information is entered into the system during setup. In an emergency, pressing the ICE button on your SilverCare Watch displays your important medical information to emergency personnel, including your name, emergency contact name and phone number, medical conditions, allergies, medications taken, and blood type.

Medication and Event Reminders
Each Medication and Event reminder scheduled will be displayed on your Watch, accompanied by audible beeps at scheduled reminder times. Each reminder will repeat three minutes after initial reminder time, to reinforce the original reminder. This means you can enter important medication and/or appointment reminders during system setup (e.g. "Take Lipitor"). When that time is reached, the watch beeps three times and the reminder is displayed.

Hands-free, Incoming Calls
When you receive an incoming call to your home phone, and you do not feel that you can get to the phone before the caller hangs up or your answering machine is triggered, you can press Priority Help button on your Watch or Base Console to answer the call using the Base Console speakerphone. This permits a convenient, hands-free conversation to take place while you are near your Base Console.

Highly Water Resistant
The HC100KW SilverCare Personal Daily Living Assistant - Watch Kit has been designed to be worn while taking a shower or bath, meeting the industry standard IPX-7 test for water-resistance. -This means each Watch has been tested under the equivalent pressure of 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Is SilverCare Setup Easy?
You can set up your SilverCare system manually using either the Base Console itself or the Setup CD. --Setup takes only minutes with the Setup CD. -You can enter up to six different emergency contacts; 911 is already preset with a dedicated button on the Base Console and Watch. -To set up, connect your -SilverCare Base Console to your computer with the USB cable (included in kit). Then, insert the Setup CD into your computer and follow the on-screen instructions.

How Far Is The SilverCare Reception?
The Watch will work up to 100 feet in any direction from your Base Console in typical home environments. In most cases, this range should provide coverage in homes up to 6,000 square feet in size, including up to three vertical levels. This means that typically you will have coverage inside your home, garage, front and back yards. Please keep in mind, since SilverCare is not a cell phone, communication functions like 911 will not work outside of the operating range. However, the ICE button and reminders will continue to function.

Paging Your SilverCare Watch
If you misplace your SilverCare Watch, you can locate it quickly and easily by pressing the paging button on your Base Console. -A beeping sound will come from your Watch, helping you to determine its location.

In addition, the Base Console can support up to 4 users.


SilverLite Remote Light Switch Activator
Home Security Store also carries this optional accessory, which allows you to turn a lamp on and off wirelessly. This is especially important when getting out of bed at night or entering your house in the dark, as many falls happen due to lack of proper lighting. SilverLite Remote Light Switch Activator works by inserting the SilverLite activator between a lamp plug and the wall outlet. It then allows you to conveniently turn on or off the lamp by pressing a button on your SilverCare Watch or Pendant. You can place a SilverLite near your front door so you do not have to enter a dark house, or place one in a hallway or bedroom so your path is always clearly lit. SilverLite can be used with any plug-in lamp.

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Watch and Pendant  
Power Supply (2) SR44 1.55V button batteries (1 year standby and 1 hour talk)
Operating Frequency 2404-2479 MHz
Pendant Neck Cord 27″ and made of hypoallergenic silica gel
Watch Band 9.7″ and made of hypoallergenic silica gel
Base Console  
Power Supply 9V DC
Back-up Battery Rechargeable 4.8V, 2200 mAh (lasts up to 36 hours in case of power outage)
Phone Connection RJ11

(1) Daily-Living Assistant (Watch)
(1) Base Console
(1) AC Power Adapter
(1) Base Console Battery Pack
(1) Base Console Antenna
(1) USB Cord
(1) Phone Cord
(1) User Instruction Manual
(1) User Quickstart Guide
(1) Warranty Card
(1) Set-Up CD

Set Up Guide
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User Manual
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Spec Sheet
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