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LS-9 - Adel Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

LS-9 - Adel Reversible Fingerprint Door Lock
Manufacturer:  ADEL  SKU:  LS-9
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Adel is a trusted Biometric provider. Their LS-9 edition is top-notch and with a new black color, it’s perfect for the modern home or office.

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase!

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ADEL Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Go keyless with the new LS-9 - Adel Reversible Fingerprint Door Lock. Keyless entry is the technology of choice in today's consumer security products, and with the name brand and proven leader ADEL behind this door lock, nothing can be better. ADEL produces both stylish and easy to use biometric door locks.

The LS-9 is black in color and is guaranteed to never fade. The plastic molding makes this lock one of the most affordable fingerprint door locks on the market today. The unit features silicone encapsulation for PCB to prevent from dust and water. The LS-9 is reliable and well-made. It has a user-friendly design with easy installation and operation.

Using biometric technology, this lock grants you access to your home or property by simply scanning your fingerprint! With the LS-9 you won't have to worry about lugging your keys around, or strangers unexpectedly making their way into your home or business. Able to memorize up to an astonishing 120 different fingerprints, all that you and your employees or loved ones need to do is hit the zero key and place your finger on the door lock's scanner to be let in instantly.

Memorized fingerprints can be added easily as well. The LS-9 can also work with a PIN code or Mechanical Key (for emergency use). No need to worry about complicated programming either, as this lock requires zero computer programming.

Remember, losing your house keys can be a real headache. Not only do you have to worry about paying a locksmith to help you get into your own home or business, but replacing your locks can be tedious and time consuming too. With ADEL fingerprint Door Locks never worry about a situation like this again! Biometric technology has arrived in the security locks industry, and we are excited to offer you the innovative LS-9 - Adel Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock.

Reliable Quality

  • Plastic injection molding for sensor cover, and the color will never fade
  • Silicone encapsulation for PCB to prevent from dust and water

User-friendly Design

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Equipped with dead latch

Guaranteed Fit

  • Adjustable latch: 60mm-70mm
  • Reversible handle


  • Fingerprint capacity: 120
  • Unlocking mode: fingerprint, password, mechanical key
  • Equipped with external power supply connector
  • One button to wake up sensor
  • Patented fingerprint technology
  • 120 fingerprint memory capacity
  • Fingerprint recognition time less than one second
  • 500 dpi high resolution optical sensor
  • Patented clutch system
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1. Ethan on 8/25/2012, said:

I have had my Adel fingerprint door lock for 4 years and i love it i have a lock on every one of my door and it works amazing

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2. Anonymous User on 7/1/2012, said:

Love Love Love it!!! Very easy to install. Had a little trouble with programming due to the instructions on the battery cover was small. Found a printable PDF of instructions and then it was easy peasy!! Never have to worry about locking myself out of the house as long as I have my thumb with me!!

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3. jarrod on 6/21/2012, said:

great product!! i love it because it scans your fingerprint so fast and its so easy to install!! the setup is easy and even enrolling and deleting fingerprints is so easy! i am glad with this product and im glad i purchased it. my family fells alot safer with this door lock. we feel safer bacause we dont have to worry about intruders picking our locks and breaking in.and the price was great!, and was within my range. thank you homesecuritystore and thank you ADEL for a great product.

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4. Anonymous User on 4/3/2012, said:

This has been working great for us...I actually installed it in reverse and have the reader on the inside. We have a special needs son who enjoys bolting out of the door. Even with the batteries on the exterior this unit has worked flawlessly for nearly a year (on the same batteries). We have various caregivers, family and friends who use it as our primary means of ingress/egress from our home.

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5. Anonymous User on 1/10/2012, said:

Great door lock and it is so fast at recognizing your finger print. Ive had it on my office door for 3 months now and use it several times a day and its perfect.

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Fingerprint sensor DPI 500dpi
Fingerprint sensor collection time <2"
Recognition time <1"
FRR <1%
FAR <0.0001%
Fingerprint user Two fingerprint templates for each enrolled user
User capacity 120 fingerprints
Working voltage 4 AA alkaline batteries
Static consumption 10ma
Dynamic consumption 130ma-200ma
Battery life One year
Working environment -8°C — 85°C

(1) Front Plate (including rubber gasket)
(1) Back Plate (including rubber gasket)
(1) Tubular Latch Mortise
(1) Strike Plate
(1) Strike Box
(2) Mechanical Key
(1) User Manual
(4) AA Battery

User Manual
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