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TEC - PulseWorx Timed Event Controller w/ Astronomical Clock - 20 Event

TEC - PulseWorx Timed Event Controller w/ Astronomical Clock - 20 Event
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Timed Event Controller (TEC)

The TimedEvent Controller is a high quality plug-in home automation controllercapable of transmitting and receiving digital commands over the existingpowerlines at preset times.

A stand alone timer - the perfect alternative to whole house controllers.


The TEC stores up to 20 individual timed events.Each event can be configured to occur, daily, during the work week, onweekends, on specific days of the week or on a specific day of the year.Event times can be specified as absolute times or relative to sunriseor sunset times (based on your geographic location).A Security Mode torandomly vary the event time each day within a user specified timewindow gives your home a lived in look. The Timed Event Controller has a10 year battery back-up and will automatically adjust for DaylightSaving Time and leap years.Multiple TEC's can be supported in onesystem if more than 20 events are needed.

Transmits to the Powerline

The TEC transmits pre-configuredcommands atpreset times.Select from alist of commands to be transmitted wheneach timed event occurs.


  • Bedroom Lightsdeactivate on Monday thru Friday at 11:00 PM
  • Porch Lightsactivate on every day at 20 minutes after sunset
  • Kid's BR Lightsgo to 0% on every day at 9:00 PM
  • Landscape Lightsgo to 100% on every day at sunset.

Event Suspend

Eachtimed event can be temporarily suspended upon receiving a specificactivate UPBlink.It can then be unsuspended uponreceiving thedeactivate link command.This is very useful for setting up a keypadbutton to suspend a timedevent on special days you don’t want the“normal” scheduled events to occur.This can also be used to allowcertain events to only occur between specifiedmonths on the year.

Easy to Configure

Like all PulseWorx devices,the TEC can be initially configured using PCS’s free UPStart Software setup tool.UPStart enables configuring such parameters as NetworkName, Network ID,Unit ID, Room name, Device name, default on lightlevels, fade rates, LEDcolors, dimming disable, auto shut-off time,etc.As well as test the operation andcommunication strength of thedevice.UPStart has the option to configure an entire network off-lineand thendownload the information into the devices after they areinstalled in the home.

PulseWorx Lighting ControlSystem

The Timed Event Controllersare designed to be anintegral part of a complete PulseWorx Lighting ControlSystem.Likeall PulseWorx devices, theTEC uses the patented UPB(TM) powerlinecommunication technology (invented by PCS)to reliably communicate withany other UPB-compatible device(s) over theexisting house electricalwires.No newwires are necessary making PulseWorx perfect forretrofit situations.When initial configuration is complete, a singlepush of a button isall you need to activate any group of lights (orvirtually anything else that connects to AC powerwiring) throughoutthe house simultaneously.

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