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KPLD-6-W - PulseWorx Keypad Controller 5-Button 400W Max

KPLD-6-W - PulseWorx Keypad Controller 5-Button 400W Max
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Keypad Load Dimmer Controller (KPLD)

The KPLD Keypad Load Dimmer is an all-in-one Keypad Controller and Light Dimmer in a single package. This new line of controllers incorporates the functionality of our famous KPC Keypad Controllers and a 400W Dimmer Switch.

The KPLD is available in both 6-button and 8-button versions.-It can transmit and receive UPB digital commands over the existing electrical wiring to remotely turn ON, OFF, and dim its own lighting load as well as trigger dramatic scenes throughout the home.


The Keypad Load Dimmer is capable of being a member of up to 16 links or scenes. Scenes allow you to control a single light or multiple lights with one button. Program each button to trigger a different scene, control specific lights or your whole house. Lights will ramp to a desired brightness level at a rate from .8 seconds to 1 hour. Certain lights can dim slowly while others turn off instantly, all controlled with a press of a button.

The dimmer portion is pre-programmed with 7 preset scenes with a light level to create inviting moods right out of the box. The Dimmer controls incandescent lights, low-voltage halogen, magnetic or dimmable electronic transformers. There is also the capability to set the KPLD to a non-dimming mode in order to control such loads as fluorescent lights.

Programming the pushbuttons will allow different UPB commands for each of four events: single-tap, double-tap, hold and release. The operation of the LEDs can also be configured to extinguish other LEDs when it is illuminated to minimize confusion about which scene is activated. Furthermore each LED can illuminate when an On-type command is transmitted or received and it can extinguish when an Off-type command is transmitted or received or vice versa. The 6-Button version has six backlit horizontal pushbuttons as well as a vertical rocker pushbutton. The 8-button has eight horizontal pushbuttons. Each horizontal button can be custom engraved (minimal charge) for ease of use and to add beauty and functionality to any room.

The KPLD is a wire-in wall mounted device. Installation is simple - just mount in a wall box and connect to line and neutral.

Easy to Configure

Like all PulseWorx devices, the KPLD can be initially configured using PCS’s free UPStart Software setup tool. UPStart enables configuring such parameters as Network Name, Network ID, Unit ID, Room name, Device name, default on light levels,fade rates, LED colors, dimming disable, auto shut-off time, etc. as well as test the operation and communication strength of the device.

UPStart has the option to configure an entire network off-line and then download the information into the devices after they are installed in the home.

PulseWorx Lighting Control System

The Keypad Controllers are designed to be an integral part of a complete PulseWorx Lighting Control System. Like all PulseWorx devices, the KPLD uses the patented UPB(TM) powerline communication technology (invented by PCS) to reliably communicate with any other UPB-compatible device(s) over the existing house electrical wires. No new wires are necessary making PulseWorx perfect for retrofit situations. When initial configuration is complete, a single push of a button is all you need to activate any group of lights (or virtually anything else that connects to AC power wiring) throughout the house simultaneously.

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