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KPCW-8-W - PulseWorx Keypad Controller 8-Button Wall Mount

KPCW-8-W - PulseWorx Keypad Controller 8-Button Wall Mount
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8-Button Keypad Controller - Wall Mount (KPCW-8-W)

The KPCW-8 8-Button Keypad Controller is a high quality home automation keypad device that is capable of transmitting and receiving digital commands and status over the existing powerlines.

Control single lights, trigger dramatic scenes, or send messages to a central controller.


The KPCW-8 is perfect for controlling all UPB-compatible load control devices such as the PulseWorx Wall Switch Dimmers, Fixture Modules, Lamp Modules, Appliance Modules, Output Modules, etc. The KPCW-8 has eight blue backlit horizontal pushbuttons that can be custom engraved (for a nominal charge) for ease of use and to add beauty and functionality to any room. The backlit pushbuttons illuminate when pressed or when a button or load they are tracking is activated.

Select from 16 commands to be transmitted when each pushbutton is tapped, double-tapped, held or released. This allows the KPC to remotely control other UPB-compatible devices and/or update feedback indicators (like LEDs).

Optionally toggle between two different commands per pushbutton. Tap the button once to activate a scene - and light the LED indicator. Tap it again to deactivate the scene - and extinguish the LED indicator.

The KPCW-8 is a wire-in wall mounted device. Installation is simple - just mount in a wall box and connect to line and neutral.

LED Presets

New for PulseWorx Generation 2 is an LED Presets feature that allows you to configure the LED indicators to better track the state of selected loads. Know immediately if the light in your children's room was turned on or off. Have two or more Keypads track each other's LED indicators to obtain 3-way and multi-way functionality.

Easy to Configure

Like all PulseWorx devices, the KPCW-8 can be initially configured using PCS's free UPStart Software setup tool. UPStart enables configuring such parameters as Network Name, Network ID, Unit ID, Room name, Device name, default on light levels, fade rates, LED colors, dimming disable, auto shut-off time, etc. as well as test the operation and communication strength of the device. UPStart has the option to configure an entire network off-line and then download the information into the devices after they are installed in the home.

PulseWorx Lighting Control System

The Keypad Controllers are designed to be an integral part of a complete PulseWorx Lighting Control System. Like all PulseWorx devices, the KPC uses the patented UPB(TM) powerline communication technology (invented by PCS) to reliably communicate with any other UPB-compatible device(s) over the existing house electrical wires. No new wires are necessary making PulseWorx perfect for retrofit situations. When initial configuration is complete, a single push of a button is all you need to activate any group of lights (or virtually anything else that connects to AC power wiring) throughout the house simultaneously.

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