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PR-318 - SkylinkHome 300W Plug In Repeater/Receiver

PR-318 - SkylinkHome 300W Plug In Repeater/Receiver
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Not being a tech savvy person, I wanted something I could just plug in with no crazy wiring. The PR-318 is it - I plugged it into a regular outlet and it worked immediately, I couldn't believe it.

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The PR-318 - SkylinkHome 300W Plug In Repeater/Receiver is a module that allows you to wirelessly manipulate connected lights, including turning them ON, OFF, dimming and brightening. The PR-318 does this with the use of a SkylinkHome transmitter, which can control the device from as far as 500 feet away.

Installation is easy and requires only that you plug your lamp or light fixture into the PR-318, which in turn can be plugged into a standard outlet. The PL-318 can be programmed to work with as many as 8 SkylinkHome transmitters, so expanding your system to include remote controls, motion sensors, etc is a breeze.

The PR-318 is convenient for homeowners who might be coming home during late night hours and don't want to enter a dark house. Intruders, after all, like to work under the cover of night. The transmitter will allow you to illuminate a room before entering.

Additionally, the dimming function is a great way to save you money. By dimming your lights to 50% level with a SkylinkHome dimmer, you can save about 40% of electricity, which in turn means a lower electric bill!

The great thing about the PR-318 is that it can also function as a Repeater. What this means is that if you are experiencing dead spots that are making it difficult for the receiver and transmitter to communicate, then you can place an additional PR-318 in the middle of the transmitter and receiver to smooth the signal as well as lengthen the operating distance.


  • No installation required, just plug in an AC outlet
  • ON/OFF/Dimming* function
  • Works with Incandescent and CFL bulbs, up to 300W load
  • Flashing and Timer mode available
  • Wireless remote control range is up to 500 feet in open area
  • Optional repeating function extends additional 500 ft in range

*For dimming function, light bulbs must be dimmable.

PLEASE NOTE:  SkyLinkHome products are not compatible with existing Skylink Brand security systems. The PR-318S, however, can function as a converter for certain SkylinkHome transmitters to operate the SC-100, SC-1000 and AM-100 Skylink Brand systems. 

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Input Voltage 120V AC, 60Hz
Standby Current 6mA
Minimum Load 10W
Maximum Load 300W at 120VAC
Operating Frequency 318MHz
Operational Temperature -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)
Humidity 5% - 95%
Range Up to 500 feet in open area

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