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WA33-KY3MP1 - Katadyn MicroPur Water Purifier Tablets - 30

WA33-KY3MP1 - Katadyn MicroPur Water Purifier Tablets - 30
Manufacturer:  Mayday Industries  SKU:  WA33-KY3MP1
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You can't beat 30 tablets for $14.00. I go camping and fishing all the time, and have been about 5 times this year and still haven't run out!

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Price:  $14.00
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If you enjoy hiking or camping, or if you serve in the military or any emergency organization, then you know you should always be prepared with a good supply of fresh water to hydrate yourself with. You never know when disaster might strike, however, and if you find yourself stuck in a situation where water supply is scarce, then you'll need the right equipment to ensure you have enough water to sustain you until help can arrive.

Mayday Water Purifier Tablets are an amazing way to ensure that the water your drinking won't harm you. Indeed, even in nature, water sources can be quite questionable, with different kinds of bacteria potentially thriving in some of the most remote pools and lakes. When added to water, Mayday Water Purifier Tablets release chlorine dioxide which kills all traces of bacteria, viruses or cysts, and allows you to stay hydrated with no fear of getting sick. The tablets meet EPA standards, so you know the tablets are high quality and effective.

The pack of Mayday Water Purifier Tablets includes 30, and because a single tablet will purify as much as 1 liter of contaminated water, you can bet this product will be long lasting.


  • No Aftertaste - improves the taste and odor of treated water
  • Easy-to-use tablets
  • Meets EPA microbiological water purifier test standards
  • Each tablet treats 1 liter of water
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Ingredients Sodium Chlorite (6.4%), Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (1.0%), Inert Ingredients (92.6%)
Net Weight 0.42 oz (12g) (30 tablets)
Volume Efficiency Each tablet treats 1 liter of water.
Rate of Treatment This product requires a 4 hour treatment time for effectiveness.
Tablet Effectiveness When added to water, Micropur tablets release chlorine dioxide which is effective against Viruses, Bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.