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EE32 - Mayday First Alert 5BC Fire Extinguisher 43 Oz.

EE32 - Mayday First Alert 5BC Fire Extinguisher 43 Oz.
Manufacturer:  Mayday Industries  SKU:  EE32
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This isn't that heavy and it's easy to use. The instructions are right on the label, so my family and I are happy we got this. You never know when a fire will break out!
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Fires can happen anywhere and at any time. A lot of fires that occur within homes and buildings can be electrical or liquid, and cannot be easily extinguished by mere water. It is essential for every home or business to have an accessible fire extinguisher, and few are as portable and effective as the EE32 - Mayday First Alert 43 ounce 5BC Fire Extinguisher. A lot of fire extinguishers on the market are heavy, clunky and difficult to operate. At just 2.5 lbs, however, the EE32 is the perfect fire safety tool for any family. Painted in its signature bright red, the EE32 allows for easy use as you merely have to pull the pin, aim the unit and press and hold its lever to shoot. And because the EE32 is only 13 inches long, it can be stored fairly easily.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Color Red
Rating 5BC Rated
Gross Weight 3lb 6.87oz ± 1.694 oz (1.555kg ± 0.048kg)
Temperature range -40°F (-40°C) to 120°F (49°C)
Agent Weight 2.04lb + 20z (0.925kg + 0.0567kg)