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PLINK2 - Visonic Powerlink Module

PLINK2 - Visonic Powerlink Module for PRO Panel
Manufacturer:  Visonic Security Systems  SKU:  PLINK2
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This module allows you to add cameras to the PowerMax Pro. I love it. I have a dozen cameras in and around my property. Plus, I can now control alarm and X-10 features remotely.

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PowerMax Expansion

(iPhone App screen shot below)

You've already made a great decision by going with the PowerMax Pro Alarm System. Now it's time to take the PowerMax to the next level with the Visonic Powerlink Module. This alarm module allows you to add cameras to your home security system and incorporate remote monitoring and control from a smart phone, tablet or computer. Connect up to 14 surveillance cameras and view them on-the-go 24/7 with the PowerMax Pro and Express Design Kits!

This module enables full remote control of your PowerMax alarm system- cameras and your normal home alarm. When unwanted activity strikes, you'll receive notifications straight to your internet device (iPhone, iPad, PC, etc.) no matter where you are in the world. You can also monitor system status including arm/disarm, device statuses and X-10 compliant home appliances.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

By simply plugging the PowerLink system into a free port on the home internet router, the alarm system is connected to the IP receiver at the central station - with no need to configure the system or the router. This provides a true plug and play experience for both the security installer and alarm central station. In addition, PowerLink provides a rapid supervision mechanism, enabling the central station to enjoy commercial-grade line supervision to all connected home security systems at zero cost.

Add security cameras and witness all the unknown activity taking place on your property daily. Ultimately this module equals peace of mind, wrapped up in a beautifully designed alarm add-on module.

Recommended Apps for this unit: My Visonic


  • Provides IP-based event notifications to alarm central stations via Visonic's IPMP (IP Management Platform)
  • No router configuration required when used for IP-based event notification purposes
  • Built-in secure end-user web portal accessible from all standard PC and mobile phone browsers
  • Full control over the PowerMax home security system, including arm/disarm and status view of the system devices, and control of X-10 compliant home appliances
  • Provides live and alarm time recorded video feeds from up to 14 cameras, with the ability to save an image for evidence
  • Does not require any client software installation
  • Does not require a fixed IP at the home premises
  • End user event reporting via on-screen alerts, e-mail and mobile messages*
  • Enables end users to access the PowerMax event log
  • Offered as an internal module for PowerMaxPro and Design Express Kit
  • Fully managed by Visonic's IPMP management platform

* Based on capabilities offered by the local service provider

The Powerlink Module is compatible with the following Visonic Cameras:

CAM2000 - 1st Gen Ethernet Fixed
CAM2000WL - 1st Gen. Wi-Fi Fixed
CAM3100 - 2nd Gen. Wi-Fi with IR Fixed
CAM3200 - 2nd Gen. Wi-Fi with IR Pan/Tilt

The Powerlink Module is compatible with several Vivotek model cameras, however we are only able to provide Tech Support for the Visonic models.

PLEASE NOTE: The Powerlink Module is only compatible with PowerMax Pro versions 5.2.08 or higher, as well as the Powermax Design Express Kit

iPhone App

Visonic has released an iPhone app especially for the PLINK2 called My Visonic. Because you simply can't be home every second of the day, this app will allow you full control of your PowerMax home security system from anywhere in the world right through your iPhone. With the My Visonic iPhone app you can ARM/DISARM, view the alarm system's status, view LIVE footage from integrated IP cameras, and even control your X-10 compliant devices, like your lighting or other appliances. The possibilities are nearly endless with the app. Additionally, you can program your system to notify you through e-mail when an event is triggers, be it security, safety, home devices or camera activity - from anywhere on the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the PLINK2 Module for remote/web control be added to my Powermax Pro system at any time?
Yes, the Powerlink Module can be added at any time.

Can the PLINK2 Module be integrated into my Powermax Pro system wirelessly?
Unfortunately the Module cannot be connected wirelessly. You must connect the system via an ethernet cable.

The Visonic website does not state that the PLINK2 is compatible with the Powermax Pro, who do I believe?
Unfortunately manufacturer websites may contain outdated information. The Powerlink module is compatible with the Powermax Pro kit versions 5.2.08 or higher.

Is the PLINK2 compatible with Mac computers?
Yes, the PLINK2 is compatible with Mac and PC computers.

Note: iPhone App not included w/ purchase.
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1. David on 4/3/2014, said:

Bought my product 15 months ago, like everyone said there was little setup information available. Though internet searches I found all the setup information needed to get it running. The web interface and android smart phone app are flaky, usually have to reload site several times to see webpage. Was working ok until a few days ago when it just stopped working. Called tech support and tried trouble shooting, conclusion: module not working anymore. Infant mortality, thumbs down :( not sure if I want to spend another $170 to get a new one...

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2. Gregg on 2/18/2014, said:

Disclosure: My star rating is irrelevant. I found the reviews here to be exceptionally helpful, particularly when it was pointed out that the serial module is required for powerlink. The bottom line here is that if you have such skills, you could, for far less money, build your own web interface based on transactions with the serial interface. You can go to many Radio Shacks and buy an ethernet peripheral, serial interface, and processor board that will allow you to do everything the powerlink module does and more. And while you're at it, skip buying the RS232 interface and just go directly to the pin headers on the board. Hope this sparks some cool projects. Don't forget to put them online and make them Googleable.

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3. Bob on 12/18/2013, said:

This product is a failure at best. Accessing this unit is slow even when using the IP address of on the local network with a 300Mb router. The tech support is unfamiliar and they have a script to tell you what parameters to set in the alarm system. If this fails, they resort to telling you port 443 is not forwarded in your router or you have network problems. I was able to access the unit offnet by using DYNDNS which proves the port was fowarded but have never been able to access it via Visonic and always receive unit serial # unregistered. Personally I think it is a waste of money to purchase this unit.

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4. Armand on 12/31/2012, said:

Here is the link to the correct manual for the POWERLINK 2 module. The current manual on the homesecuritystore site is for the powerlink version 1 http://www.visonic.com/Data/Uploads/PowerLink2_User_Guide_English_D-303208.pdf

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5. Walt on 9/1/2012, said:

Just discovered that to use the Plink2 with the Powermax Pro you need to also order the dual-RS232 dingus (SKU: 9-100697). I'm tech savvy and have done lots of web snooping on what I needed for a complete system but the need for this additional item is not obvious. Making it obvious would be useful for customers and sales; hint.

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6. Ethan on 6/12/2012, said:

It took me about 10 hours to figure this thing out and I am fairly good at networking. The documentation is less than worthless. To be fair about half my problem was that my D-link router did not want to port forward this thing and I had to use the virtual server option on the router (now I know the difference between Port Forward and Virtual Server). There is contention in these ratings that you have to go through the servers in Israel to use this unit but that is not the case. I used the DynDns free service and I can access it with no problems. Now I can check the status and turn the Powermax on and off with my android phone from any where I happen to be The E-mails are routed through Visonic's servers but I suspect you could route them through any email server you had the IP address for. When you reset the password on this unit you better remember it. I see no where it can be reset if you forget it. The web page it serves up is easy to understand and use. Bottom line, I like it. It is really nice to be able to check and see if I remembered to arm it after I have left the house or be able to disarm it when I am away if I need to. Just be ready for a steep learning curve and use Google or tech support to keep the frustration down when configuring.

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7. Robert on 1/7/2012, said:

For basic security connectivity, this is a product that disappoints. There is nothing clever here, or even timely. While this module does allow you to use a browser to see the state of your security system remotely, it is sadly lacking in the basic capabilities that would allow it to notify you of problems.

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8. Martin on 12/29/2011, said:

The PLINK2 completes your Visonic Power Max Security System by making it manageable over the internet. You can login while on your home network using a browser to x.x.x.200, and from anywhere in the world by using a browser to https://[external IP-address]. Port 443 needs to be forwarded on your router of course, and you can change this in the setup menu of the PLINK2 if you've used 443 for another device already. Now... to be able to receive email alerts, use the My Visonic App on your phone, and get a redirect to your PLINK2 through http://home.visonic.com/[serial#] you will need to program your Power Max system so it talks to Visonic's servers. You will need directions from Home Security Store Tech Support for this (I couldn't find it in manuals or forums). My personal experience with the Home Security Store Tech Support and Customer Support is that they are fast, knowledgeable, and provide excellent help. Compliments! If you invest in camera(s) you can login to your Power Max from anywhere in the world and even see what's going on. The remarks others have made about the documentation/manuals are true. There are manuals out there, but there is some information missing and you need to be somewhat technical to figure out what to do. This PLINK2 doesn't need a Dual RS-232 module anymore for instance and connects right into your Power Max system PC/IP port. My advice: When investing in a Power Max Security System, invest in a PLINK to complete it.

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9. Anonymous User on 12/28/2011, said:

I can't figure why there's a review saying there's no manual, when there is a 55 page manual right here on the site, next tab over!

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10. Julio on 8/29/2011, said:

I suppose that the unit will work as advertised, but the problem is that I have not been able to install it because the instructions reference an older module that uses an RS-232 interface. This new plink2 module looks like it connects directly to the Main Central but I do not know where do I connect the cable and what is the smaller cable for. This definitely a FAIL in customer support and service. Visonic should update their manual immediatly. I have written to HSS and Visonic without getting a response. I will try to call tomorrow.

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11. Allen on 7/26/2011, said:

Works as advertised. You can log directly into it without setting it to upload to Israel or whatever people were saying. Will also report alarms to the monitoring company over the internet if set up correctly.

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12. Anonymous User on 6/10/2011, said:

The most telling thing about this product is that there is no manual for it. None. Nothing. Not even from the manufacturer. Once you guess how to install this into your alarm system, email support and get the five lines of info to get it talking to Visonic servers. The device is a linux based server with a web interface at x.x.x.200 on your internal network. Root is blocked from being accessed, and while the device contains GPL'ed code, Visonic refuses to release it. Camera support is limited to some rather crappy 320x480 systems. In summary, unless you're a Hardcore hacker who doesn't mind his alarm activity bouncing to a server in Israel, don't bother.

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User Manual
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Limited Support

We are not able to offer support on routers, modems, switches or any other network/internet related devices or services. Due to the diverse mix of networks, our support for internet or network related features in this product are limited. The following must be completed before calling in for assistance with network/internet related features:

* Your network/internet must be configured and working.

* IP address and port number for the product must be pre configured already on the network.

Please also have the following information available: Default gateway IP address, Subnet mask IP address, Port numbers, and all other network information