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PPRO211 - Visonic Power Max Pro Home Security System

PPO211 - Visonic Power Max Pro Kit
Manufacturer:  Visonic Security Systems  SKU:  PPRO211
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This Pro kit has all the great features of the PowerMax Plus, but with even more internal add-ons for a more sophisticated approach to home security. It's well worth the price.

Price:  $276.43

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With its sleek design and sophisticated programming, this cutting-edge alarm system puts you in total control of your home, with advanced features and an incredibly user-friendly setup, perfect for the DIYer who doesn't want to spend a fortune on installation.

Unparalleled Versatility

If you're looking for the ultimate coverage at an amazing price, your chariot has arrived. The Power Max Pro secures up to 28 wireless zones and 2 hardwired zones, and even supports up to 8 unique user codes. It's like having an invisible web of impenetrable security that spans your entire home.

GSM Integration

This kit can be expanded to include an internal GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) module, which is also available here at Home Security Store. With GSM integration, you can report and communicate not only with landlines, but also with cell phones. This is a great add-on to have, because it enables you to stay connected even if the telephone lines are cut or disabled.

X10 Interface Support

The Power Max Pro also supports the X10 interface, which enables you to manage and control most major appliances in your home, right from your alarm system. Using just one control panel, you can arm and disarm your security system, contact your monitoring station, manage your appliances and even activate your home lighting. Please note that in order to take advantage of the X10 home automation features, you will need to install the PL513 X-10 unit, which is currently not available at Home Security Store.

High-Resolution Surveillance Capabilities

Looking for more? How about high-resolution surveillance integration? With the help of Visonic's Powerlink and VDNS management platform, you can configure up to 4 high-quality color surveillance cameras and view the live or recorded footage online. With the right accessories, there are virtually no limits to what you can accomplish with this powerful and reliable monitoring system. Please note that the Powerlink unit for this particular kit is sold separately.

Effortless Control

This kit includes 2 proximity tags, which enable you to arm and disarm your system quickly and effortlessly. Simply swipe the tag across the control panel and the alarm will instantly activate or deactivate. You'll also receive a key fob, which enables you to control your system from the palm of your hand. The Power Max Pro may just be the most reliable, convenient and responsive home security solution you ever encounter.

Flawless Design

Finally, let's not forget about the striking visual aspects of the Power Max Pro. With its smooth clamshell design and silver metallic cover, this kit blends beautifully within any home or business without overwhelming a room or clashing with existing decor. The Pro is truly customized to meet all of your needs, both practical and aesthetic.


  • High-end, modular design
  • Self contained; no need for external boxes
  • Integral X-10 interface for home management alarms, lights, home appliances control
  • Partition-ready controls up to 3 partitions (optional)
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, pagers, SMS messages, e-mail, web applications, mobile phones, landline phones (with Powerlink module SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • LCD-based user interface
  • Elder care application
  • Up to 72 hours battery backup
  • 2-way PowerCodeTM RF System with diversity antenna enables support for Visonic's 2-way sirens (MCT-710, MCT-720) and 2-way key fob (MCT-237) for instant feedback from the system
  • 28 wireless zones
  • Supports 8 users codes
  • Additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 12v hardwired siren port and 1 PGM port for full coverage of connectivity options
  • Full compliance with most international standards and regulations, including FCC, CE, EN50131 grade 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the PPRO211 be connected to my personal computer?
No, this system does not include a port that would make that possible. You can, however, connect it to the PLINK2 Module (see Accessories) to allow remote/web control.

Do all Visonic accessories work with the PPRO211?
Accessories compatible with this unit can all be found under the "Accessories" tab.

Does the PPRO211 have GSM capabilities?
For GSM capabilities, please see visit the product page for the PPRO211GSM.

Can I connect the PLINK2 Module to my PPRO211 - Visonic Power Max Pro Kit wirelessly?
Unfortunately the Module cannot be connected wirelessly. You must connect the system via an Ethernet cable.

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1. Colleen on 3/26/2014, said:

I rate this home security system as top notch. It was easy to install and program by just following the simple product instructions provided. I tested it on several occasions and it performs as it is designed to do. I would recommend this to anyone looking at a home protection alarm system. It beats paying the high price of other conventional alarm company systems, plus it immediately calls the pre-programmed telephone numbers to notify you or the Police in case of an unauthorized entry.

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2. Richard on 3/25/2014, said:

Installation was a breeze. Setup took some time to 'learn' the alarm programming convention. Once I figured it out, no problems.

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3. David on 2/15/2014, said:

These guys are top notch, especially Tech Support. I had a problem using wired magnetic contacts and the wireless transmitter with the Power Max Pro. I was tired, frustrated, and at the end of my rope. When I called Tech Support, the guy calmed me down, talked me through it, and had me up and running in a few minutes. Oh yeah, the Power Max Pro. I did just like other said and took a couple days and laid everything out on a card table and set it up that way. You really need to learn the menu system through the installer manual and learn to follow the flow charts. On tip is to not put in the telephone numbers the system is going to dial until the very last after all the transmitters and sensors are mounted. If you do, every time you open one of those transmitters, it sends a tamper alarm over the phone lines to every number you entered. I finally just turned off the phones because all the calls were driving me crazy. Home Security Store is the best !!!

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4. Mike L. on 11/22/2013, said:

This is an excellent wireless system. Easy to install and program my phone number into the system. We're pleased with our purchase.

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5. Sergei on 10/29/2013, said:

Works well but virtually impossible to program without customer service on the phone. And just so you know... I am a software engineer :-)

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6. Mark on 6/15/2013, said:

I've installed/programmed a few systems over the years... this one was by far the easiest. Did have to call tech support once to ask a few clarifying questions... I would say I was able to open box, set up, program, link to internet in about 4hrs combined. I would recommend this system... Rated 4 stars vice 5 for: 1. Door monitors are pretty big and bulky (not sure how they compare to all systems). 2. Instructions could be better (supplied devices are already paired to the panel; confusing). 3. Internet monitoring works ok. Jury still out on that, need a followup with tech support to see if I have an incorrect setting.

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7. Anonymous User on 1/31/2012, said:

This system has a lot of bells and whistles, but it is poor overall. Mine came with the dc power adapter, but the plug on the circuit board was missing and I eneded up having to wire the AC connection. The wireless communication is also poor. I bought the two way keypad, put the main panel in a nearby closet, and the keypad routinely loses connection to the box, triggering a warning. Also, the chime sounds too much like a doorbell. I read good reviews about the DSC Alexor and with I went with that one. If you are buying a wireless system, you really need one that has better range than the powermax. Happy shopping...but don't buy this one.

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8. Anonymous User on 12/5/2011, said:

Great alarm worked as advertised. Only issue as others have stated was the manual. I have been in the industry for 18 years. Done Radionics, DMP. This manual was terrible. I did get through it. The alarm works great. Getting the wireless devices connected was a snap, same with the optional bell. I set the 2 up I bought to call cell phones instead of a central station. So the voice option worked well for my needs. No monitoring fees. I would buy it again. Just make sure to have some time to read the manual 14 times to understand it all.

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9. Anonymous User on 11/13/2011, said:

Good quality product Low quality installation manuals It is not clear how to connect phone line in US: my system has 4 wire terminals (2SET and 2LINE AND female jack LINE). Installations manual shows only a figure with 4 wire terminals????? Do I need an RJ-31X jack (not provide with my kit)?

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10. Anonymous User on 11/10/2011, said:

I would be willing to give 5 stars if the documentation was up to par. The hardware is great. The manual does not explain things really well, especially when it comes to the communication setup. Parts of the user manual do not match the setup menu choices in several areas of setup. The Powerlink 2 Ethernet module for connecting to broadband did not even come with a manual. The one you can download is an older version. Be aware if you want to use Visonics server to email you alarms and such, you must get Visonics IP address from the seller. I fought this for days before homesecuritystore tech support called Visonic. Finally my alarm panel registered with Visonics server. If you use a central monitoring station, they will provide you with the info you need. I think this unit is semi-pro level instead of amateur level like many do-it-yourself units.

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11. Stave on 10/22/2011, said:

This is a powerful wireless home security system. Easy to install and program. We're pleased with our purchase.

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12. Anonymous User on 8/21/2011, said:

Just installed and, for the most part, very impressed with this system. Documentation could be a little easier, but once you get going it isn't daunting at all. Web interface is excellent for Powerlink optional hardware (but the documentation that came with it was outdated and I had to figure a few things out for myself). A few things I would like to point out: 1) On the Description of the product, the following is stated on proximity tags: "Simply hold the tag in front of the reader and the system can be armed or disarmed - no codes necessary." And this is not entirely true. You need to first press the appropriate Arm/Disarm button first on the keypad, and then hold the tag in front of the control panel. So, it's gimmicky at best - if you already have to punch a button on the control panel, what's four more buttons??? And, since most people will want to install this control panel out of sight it doesn't make using them a real "bonus" (mine is out of reach as well - I had intended to use these tags on the end of a wooden dowel to arm/disarm the system - oh well). 2) The K985 motion sensors are good, but the quality is somewhat so-so. One was broken upon arrival (the IR sensor on the circuit board had sheared off, and others had rubber gaskets around them that were mal-formed). They are good in performance, though! There are pin settings to adjust sensitivity, so if you get this system and are wondering why it trips when you're only 12ft away, make sure you move the pin-outs to the more sensitive setting (40' is very doable, and it won't detect our 80lb dog). Very happy with homesecuritystore.com so far, been a good purchase and experience.

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13. James on 7/14/2011, said:

Part I of review: Good product - Needs better documentation This is an extremely capable product. I'd give the product itself five stars, but I've downgraded it because of the documentation. Note that I have only had the unit for a few days and may adjust this review if the actual operation of the unit causes any unexpected surprises. But, for now, I'll just say that I love the hardware and its capabilities. Having been a computer programmer in a previous life, I appreciate a product with a lot of bells and whistles and fine-tuning adjustments. However, with such a capable product, there really should be some form of quick-start user guide giving one the bare minimum of steps required to get the device up and running using the system defaults. I'll provide my own personal recommendations below for how a user might want to approach the installation and programming. But first, let me say that the people at HomeSecurityStore.com were extremely responsive both when I was deciding what type of device to buy and after my purchase when I needed help. However, when deciding to buy, they did provide me with some incomplete information the result of which was that I had to order an external siren to replace my existing one. (Due to the 5000 character limit, see next two reviews for Parts II and III.)

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14. Anonymous User on 7/14/2011, said:

Part II of Review: Here are my specific complaints regarding the documentation: (Any numbers I cite refer to the Installer Guide.) - The first step after unpacking the device is to supply power to the unit. However, the steps required to supply power to the unit take place later on in the installation procedure. There is a pointer to a figure (3.1f) that occurs later in the documentation that purports to show how the power is connected. - There is no mention that figure 3.1f does not apply to U. S. A. installations. You actually need to go to the next page, to figure 3.1g, to see how the power is connected in the US. - There is also no mention in the first step, supplying power to the device, that you really must put the entire unit together before powering the device. That is, you must also do the step titled "Front Unit Preparation" which includes installing the ribbon cables between front and back. If you're doing this, you might as well also install the backup battery. - For US installs, the place where you plug in the power cord is a bit difficult to see because it is on the side of small box mounted on a circuit board. - I purchased the kit, which contains three wireless sensors, proximity sensors, and a key fob. There was no documentation with the kit that indicated that some of these components were already enrolled or registered to the system. So there I was trying repeatedly like a dummy, with different options, to enroll the motion sensor. When I had no success, I called HomeSecurityStore and they told me that the motion sensor was already enrolled in the kit form of the system. A quick-start guide with this information might have saved them from having to answer a phone query. - As it turned out, the motion sensor was pre-enrolled, as was the key fob, but the proximity tags were not. Having this information in a quick-start guide or an addendum associated with the kit would have been helpful. - When enrolling the motion sensor the instructions say to press both tamper switches simultaneously to send the signal that the controller receives to identify the sensor. However, my sensor only had one tamper switch. The documentation should have said that only the one tamper switch needs to be pressed if there is no second tamper switch. I spent too much time looking for that second tamper switch. Of course, this might not have been a problem if I had not been trying to enroll a device that had already been pre-enrolled. My pressing of the single tamper switch would have enrolled the device, I'd have gotten the indicator that enrollment had taken place, and I'd have been happy. - This is not specifically a Visonic documentation problem but rather a problem with the HomeSecurityStore web site documentation. My existing alarm system uses two public address-type horns to broadcast the alarm signal. When I was trying to decide on what system to buy, I was interested in knowing if I could use my existing horns. I sent an email asking if I could use two external alarm horns. The on-line documentation mentions that the device supports a single siren so I was interested in whether I could use two. I wrote to customer support and asked if I could use two 8-ohm horns in parallel instead of a single siren, and they wrote back that I'd need an extra power supply. Well, we were talking about apples and oranges here. I was not savvy enough to know that a siren is different from a horn, which is a loud-speaker device. With a horn, the varying alarm squawk is generated as an audio signal from the alarm box, whereas with a siren, you just turn on the DC current and the siren does its thing. So my feeling is that the online site, to be user friendly, should include this line buried in the Visonic documentation: IMPORTANT! The terminals for internal and external sirens are DC outputs intended for 12V sirens. Connecting a loudspeaker to any of these outputs will cause a short circuit and will damage the unit. This is kind of important. Also, the customer service staff should know that if someone is asking about external horns and is speaking in terms of ohms, they are referring to loud-speakers and that these cannot be connected to the Visonic unit. (Continued in Part III)

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15. Anonymous User on 7/14/2011, said:

Part III of Review: Specific Quick-Start recommendations for U. S. A. customers using the kit form of the Power Max Pro - Don't mount the back panel yet. Set up unit on a desk or table. - Don't plug in phone yet - Insert backup battery (3.6.1, fig 3.1h) - Connect front and back panels with the ribbon cables (3.7, fig 3.1k) - Run power cable through hole in back panel and plug into side of little riser box on left of back panel (fig 3.1g). - Close up front and back panels. Be sure to screw two panels together because there is a tamper switch that forces the two halves to be joined. - Plug in power. (An error will occur and the trouble light will come on because you do not yet have a phone line attached.) - Program the "Installer" settings as in section 4 while unit is on desk or table. In the flow charts in the Installer Guide, be very aware of the key you are supposed to press. The key is indicated to the right of the pointing finger. - Before enrolling sensors and devices, I'd review all the sensor zones to see what has been pre-enrolled. In my case the motion sensor had already been enrolled. (I'm not using the door/window sensors so I don't know if these are pre-enrolled.) Note that if a device has been enrolled, it will show a small blacked out box character to the right of the zone number. You can use the forward >> arrow key to scroll through the zones. My motion sensor had been pre-enrolled at zone 03. - Enroll any additional sensors you may have bought which will not have been pre-enrolled. - In my case the key fob had also been pre-enrolled but the proximity tags had not, so now would be the time to enroll any devices that have not been enrolled. - Continue with the "Installer" settings. Most of the defaults seemed reasonable, but there were a few I wanted to change. - If you will be having the Power Max dial phone numbers, be sure to enter these under the Defining Communications Parameters (4.5) - Program the User settings as described in the User Guide. - Now I would take the two parts of the unit apart and go back to paragraph 3.4 of the Installer Guide and continue with the mounting, wire routing, plugging in phone line, connecting siren(s), connecting X-10 (optional), and connecting any optional modules. Overall Impression I like the unit. It needs better quick-start documentation. The detail level documentation, especially the flow charts, is very good once you get used to it. Now let’s see how it works in practice.

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16. Anonymous User on 5/19/2011, said:

I have had this system installed for a couple of days, and I finally got it setup to notify me via e-mail when the alarm triggered. My system consists of multiple motion detection and door sensors, and with both interior/exterior alarm. The sales pitch that got me was the web-browser interface and the e-mail notification. I struggled dearly trying to get the e-mail notification based off of the instruction manual, and finally gave a call to the tech support and they resolved my issue instantly. Aside from a great product, I truly appreciate the tech supports that Home Security Store has. I will definitely buy from these folks again. Great jobs and thank you!

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17. Jared on 4/26/2011, said:

I recently installed Visonics Power Max Pro Kit for our home after an incident that left my wife and I uneasy with 2 young children at home. The great features in this system allowed me to design the system I wanted based on my needs. The ease of installation was fantastic. I purchased several Motion detectors multiple door and window contacts, glass break detectors, and the 2 extra 2 way remote panels which have worked great so far. The only issue I had on the first night was that a tamper spring in a glass break sensor slip from position and set the alarm off. Easy fix and totally worth the purchase. I saved $1200.00 doing it myself and not to mention the savings of not having to pay some company $30 a month to supervise it. This system does it all.

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MCT-320 - Visonic MCT-320 Miniature Wireless Contact
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(1) PowermaxPro Console
(2) Door / Window Transmitters
(2) Proximity Tag
(1) Keyfob
(1) Wireless Motion Detector
(3) Lithium Battery
(1) Ni-MH Backup Battery
(1) AC Adapter
(1) Phone Jack
(2) Ribbon Cables
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