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PPRO211GSM - Visonic Power Max Pro Kit with Built-in GSM

PPRO211GSM - Visonic Power Max Pro Kit with Built-in GSM
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We don’t have a landline so this system with GSM works perfect for us, allowing us to use cellular technology. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about cut phone lines or power outages.

Price:  $385.71

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Built-in GSM

This innovative wireless security system is equipped with built-in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) module, so you can enjoy security without the need for a phone line, and without the threat of power outages disrupting your service. GSM is your ultimate backup plan against today's highly sophisticated burglars.

Maximum Coverage

With 28 wireless zones, 2 hardwired zones and support for up to 8 user codes, the PowerMax Pro offers the expansive coverage you need to turn your home into a virtually impenetrable fortress. Nothing will pass this system unnoticed, and your family will enjoy the superior peace of mind that only comes from top-tier security.

X10 Integration

The PowerMax Pro supports the X10 interface, so with a bit of configuration, you can control most of your household appliances directly through your alarm system. Experience seamless automation, and manage your alarms, lights and other appliances from anywhere in your home. Please note that this feature requires a PL513 X10 unit, currently not available at Home Security Store.

Maximum Coverage

Using Visonic's Powerlink and VDNS management platform, you can configure as many as 4 high-quality color surveillance cameras through the system and view live or recorded footage online. With this powerful and reliable system, you can effortlessly monitor your entire environment.

Remote Access

The system includes 2 proximity tags, which allow for simple arming and disarming. Just swipe the tags across the control panel and the alarm will instantly activate or deactivate. As if that weren't easy enough, you can also use the included key fob to remotely manage your system at the touch of a button. It just doesn't get any easier.

Visual Appeal

With its stylish clam shell design, the PowerMax Pro is designed to blend beautifully with any room decor. The silver metallic coloring is subtle but striking, and all of the accessories are equally unimposing. If you seek the ultimate marriage of style and function, this is the system for you.

Please note, the Powerlink unit for this kit is SOLD SEPARATELY (see accessories section).


  • High-end, modular design
  • Self-contained; no need for external boxes
  • Includes internal GSM communicator
  • Integral X10 interface for home management alarms, lights, home appliances control
  • Partition ready - controls up to 3 partitions (optional)
  • LCD-based user interface
  • Elder care application
  • Up to 72 hours battery backup
  • 2-way PowerCode(TM) RF System with diversity antenna enables support for Visonic's 2-way sirens (MCT-710, MCT-720) and 2-way key fob (MCT-237) for instant feedback from the system
  • 28 wireless zones
  • Supports 8 users codes
  • Additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 12v hardwired siren port and 1 PGM port for full coverage of connectivity options
  • Full compliance with most international standards and regulations, including FCC, CE, EN50131 grade 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this system require a 3rd party monitoring company?
You do not need to go through a 3rd party monitoring company. The PPRO211GSM kit requires only a SIM card from a carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile. Even many prepaid SIM cards will do the trick. The system will function and make calls so long as there are prepaid minutes available on your card.

Do all Visonic accessories work with the PPRO211GSM?
A complete list of compatible accessories can be found under the Accessories tab above.

Does the GSM in the PPRO211GSM require an antenna to function?
The PPRO211GSM only requires an antenna if you are not receiving a signal.

Can the Powerlink Module for remote/Web control be added to my PPRO211GSM at any time?
Yes, the Powerlink Module can be added at any time.

Is an intruder simply able to smash the panel to disarm or disable the PPRO211GSM alarm/siren?
By the time any potential intruders reach your system, the PPRO211GSM will have already dialed out and notified the appropriate parties.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking to do MONITORING for your system, your SIM card will require a DATA PACKAGE included with the SIM card from your cellphone provider.

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1. Chaos Theory on 4/22/2013, said:

I've been running this unit w/GSM only (no internet) for a few weeks and am generally very happy with it. Setup, initially, was a pain in the arse, but after you're finished being intimidated by the archaic programming of the base station, it quickly becomes manageable. I have always hated AT&T, but realize it was the best option for the sim card and it seems to work well after several tests. Since I'm a law enforcement officer, I wanted to cut out the middle man and respond to my own alarms, so this system is perfect for me (great response time, btw LOL). I'll also 2nd what another reviewer said-- make sure you register your sim card telephone number with the national do not call registry! It may or may not charge you for incoming calls, but every incoming call ties up the line that might be needed in an emergency. I also encourage you to have an actual plan if/when you receive those alerts suggesting a burglary is in progress. Unless you're a tactically-capable person, the last thing you should do is rush home and confront whatever awaits you yourself. Anyway, I started with about a half-dozen door/window sensors, 4 glass break alarms, and a "pet immune" motion sensor. If I remain happy over the next few months, I'll be adding a few pieces (wish they had a dedicated garage door sensor like other products). So far, I've got mixed results with the pet motion sensor. My dog is almost 70lbs and he has not set off the sensor. Unfortunately I've also noticed that if I walk on all 4's like a dog, about half the time I'm able to cross a 25 foot living room without tripping it either (I'm 6'3, 240lbs). Now, in all practicality I'm not concerned as 1) bad guys don't know there will be a sensor there and 2) if they want to burn another 20 seconds crawling across the floor to avoid it, that just gives me more time to get there... I was also concerned about the range of the glass break sensors, initially. During the "clap tests" I had to clap really loud to trip them from across the room, so I wasn't sure if they'd be able to hear a legitimate entry. But a few days later, while using my knuckle to punch through the seal of a fresh plastic jar of peanut butter, I set off a glass break sensor from at least 20 feet away (glass break is a 24-hour monitor for me). While it wasn't a legitimate break-in attempt, I'd rather have them be a little too sensitive than not, so I was fairly happy with this false alarm. It tells me that they're far less sensitive to the clap test than they are for other detections. My only other complaint-- and it's a big one for me-- is why I don't have the option for a zero-delay alarm period? The instruction manual says I do, but the best I can set is 15 seconds to trip my remote siren (my base station is hidden/silent). I just don't get why immediate alarm of the remote siren is not possible? Anyway, all things considered it's a 4 of 5 for me. Good luck!

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2. Chris on 4/1/2013, said:

Lots of hole in their install instructions on how to configure, ends up taking much longer than it should to configure. IR sensors are pretty weak. So far not very impressed with this unit.

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3. Rob on 1/25/2013, said:

Really happy with this system, especially becase we have it set up with alarm relay monitoring.

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4. Ivan on 12/24/2012, said:

This is an update from my 12/4 review, I just got the mounting panel from HSS and it came extremely well packaged..thanks..I proceeded with the Installation and it was flawlessly(only wireless sensors) but note that I am quiet a nerdy person with lots of experience in electronics, the technical documentation or manuals are not that helpful for a beginner as a matter of fact I needed some input reading online forums, the system has some minor bugs like when trying to cancel the warning beeps or settings. I am giving a 4 stars as it will be tested for a while, it looks to be working just fine so far.

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5. Ricky on 12/16/2012, said:

I really like this alarm. I had a powermax+ in my previous home and the menus and UI are pretty much the same. I really like the GSM. After discovering I had a defective sim card from t-mobile, setup was a breeze. The description says you need a data plan with your sim card, but I was successful using prepaid minutes (talk and text). I am self-monitoring and only report to private numbers. I burned through $15 just setting up and testing. I like the sleek look and styling. I would like to see greater options for abort and delay times. It would be nice if abort could be turned off and delay could be set to 15 seconds. Overall I am very happy with the alarm!

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6. Ivan on 12/4/2012, said:

Reason for 2 stars is because I Received the unit and when checking for the package list and even without taken it out of the plastic wrap, the panel had an internal part lose, I called Customer service right away, they transferred me to technical support which gave me 30 minutes of waiting, finally I got a gentleman who asked me to open the panel and look, I found the small card that connects the wired zones in out of its place and the plastic clip supposed to hold it was missing or broken...A brand new system and whoever packaged did not notice it???/...come on!!...technical support asked me if I wanted to return it but I decided them to send me the back panel with the cards already....I think I should have sent the whole unit back....I will be waiting for the part to arrive and then if it works as supposed I will post another review....

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7. Anonymous on 10/29/2012, said:

I finished installing this system over the course of a weekend. I did a lot of research before going with this system, and I was hoping I had covered all the bases. I had, and the system is really working. This is what I did, after all the research, including reading the manual on-line before ordering, I already had an idea was in for. When I received the unit, I read the Installer's manual cover to cover. I also read the user's guide briefly. Then I re-read the Appendix and first section of the Installer's manual and I slept on it a couple of days. Then, I did the planning on Saturday morning, lining up all the sensors, keyfobs, remote sirens, etc, putting in the batteries and recording them in the Appendix along with Zone type and name. Then, I paired each unit slowly, making sure the zone name was correct and that they were detected. Once you get used to pairing, it goes very quick. I did this entire process "on the bench" as recommended in the installer's guide. On Sunday, I did the physical installation, screwing in the detectors and testing everything. I also hooked up the IP to my router. The instructions were okay, but this left me really confused about how to get email notification. Well, I guess you have to either do a lot of snooping on the Internet to figure it out or you can call tech support and they will tell you. Then, email notifications work fine. I'm really impressed with this system. The range covers our entire three story house. The iPhone app works fine, I have web-based access and the sensors are very secure because of their tamper sensitive features. The system feels very well thought out and solid to me after I worked with it for two days. I'm extremely glad we went with the home security store. Long live Do It Yourself!!

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8. Frank on 8/27/2012, said:

This is a powerful home security system which we installed ourselves and adapted for our needs. Easy to install and program. We're pleased with our purchase.

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9. Gabriel on 6/23/2012, said:

Great alarm system. It takes some time to get familiar with the installation process but in the end it works well. Make sure you connect the back and front panels with the cables provided (I believe it is not clearly pointed in the installation manual).

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10. Anonymous User on 5/23/2012, said:

I've had a Visonic Power Max Pro with PLINK for almost 3 years now. I did not get the Built-in GSM model because I have a buried land line and did not see the need to pay for the GSM feature. However, I do use the internet to log into the PowerMax Pro, and it works reasonably well....except if you change the configuration of your home network you will need to go through the whole IP setup process again. This was/is the most painful part of owning the device. As far as alarm setup, the instructions appear complicated, but if you take your time, read the manual and do most (all?) the setup with the parts on a table, then the setup is easy. Once setup is done, then take the parts to the various sites around your home you've planned for the alarm detectors. You'll find the system is relatively stable and quite useful. The major caution I'd offer is to not mount the control unit on a far end of the house. Mount it somewhere centralized because signals from the devices (especially the remote control panel) do not travel well over the full length of a house.

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11. Robbie on 4/23/2012, said:

I give the system 5 stars. Customer service is another story.It not the techs it lack of techs. Expect to be on hold for min 20 min to one hr.also, be advised tech support is NOT 24 hrs.My son like most kids loves computers. he seemed to enjoy setting the system up. He spent three days and several hrs on the phone. The worse is the wait. If you get a tech who needs to go to lunch, you will find your self back on hold waiting again. For the GSM you will need a SIM card,as the other reviews state you can only use T-Moblie and At&T. We chose At&T. After we got the card, we used an old phone. My son called At&T, they set the phone number"sim card" to not receive and calls or text messages, this would cause false alarms. Also At&T if you buy 1000 min for $100.00 it is good for 1 year then expires. 500 min for $50.00. expires at 3 months. I will buy 1000 min next time. If you buy the wireless camera and use something like Netgear you will be one the phone with them for at least an hr as they open a port for you and set you up.Also because of the camera the kit,"the main part of the system as to stay hard wired to your router.You can find extra long cable so your panel "kit" can be were you want it and not next to your computer. If your warranty is expired they will charger $79.00 for six months for tech support, you need this for camera set up as stated. As for the window and door transmitters, I used 5lb two sides tape. Much easier and better the drilling holes in window frames. I also use anchor screw Not the screws that came with the system. Once the system is set, it works great. Just a LOT of work to get you there. Good Luck !

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12. Anonymous User on 4/5/2012, said:

I bought this system from HSS in June 2009 along with the Powerlink module, two MKP-150 keypads, a MCS-720 wireless siren, four NEXT K9-85 motions, one CLIP MCW curtain motion, two MCT-501 glass breaks and several MCT-302 contact transmitters. I couldn't be happier with the exception of the Powerlink module. I couldn't get the Powerlink to even auto detect after several tries and then I waited too long to deal with it under warranty. Unless you're very familiar with computer networking and have a specific need to access your system over the internet, I'd say any benefits are far outweighed by having to deal with the countless networking issues that pop up trying to get the thing set up. If I knew at the time of purchase how easy it is to control and monitor(from any phone) the system via the unit's modem(land line and/or GSM), I would have never got the Powerlink. In the end, I ended up using a separate, independent network camera setup on a dedicated LAN that is more flexible than my version of the Powerlink. Other than that, this system is a dream. It has been rock solid dependable. I setup the main panel in a secure location and use the MKP-150 keypads at the entry points. The transmitters are powerful; one is even inside a heavy guage steel gun safe and works flawlessly. Heck, I'm still using the original batteries in all the units after three years. If you're new to security systems like I was, the learning curve to getting this thing setup is very steep. A lot of reading of the installer and user manuals and fiddling with options is required to get it to where it's simple to use but still very effective. I visited the online forum several times and found excellent help there. Not only for PowerMax Pro specific info but for the MOST important information, which is, how to design a system layout that provides bulletproof home security without becoming a hassle or a burden to use on a daily basis.

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13. Anonymous User on 3/7/2012, said:

This panel has what I consider a major fault. The abort time option cannot be set to zero seconds. The minimum setting is 15 seconds. If the alarm is tripped, the panel's built in siren will sound immediately, but any additional sirens are silent and the alarm is not reported to central station or private numbers during the first 15 seconds. Intruder breaks in, panel's built in siren announces its location, and gives intruder 15 seconds to smash it before it can call out for help. Of course you can silence the panel's siren, but then if someone breaks in at night when you're sleeping, you won't hear anything for those first 15 seconds. The product manual says you can set abort time to zero seconds, but you can't. VISONIC if you read this, please release updated firmware to allow disabling abort time interval. It may save a life or prevent a successful burglary.

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14. LANG on 2/21/2012, said:

We got robbed in Nov.11 and decided to do more prevention methods by getting alarm system and installing security cameras inside & outside the house. What turn us off from getting a alarm system in the first place was the high monthly service charges and we did not have a landline so it an additional fee. Now, after the robbery, we decided to shop around to found this sytem is our best match to what we need and afford. We didn't have a landline, didn't want to pay for monthly service, but we did want the system to call us. The setup was horrible IF you don't have any help from their tech dept. We decided the manual was just too much for us to handle so we call in and was walk through step by step and get out system going with no problem. We have a outside siren inside inside the house, so it's super LOUD! The tech people make it so easy! I suggest, just get the system and call the tech and don't bother try to read the manual. It's crazy who ever wrote that manual. The only thing I AM FRUSTRATED was the SIMS prepaid minutes from T-Mobile was being used up by UNWANTED calls, texts, and got know what. I believed I used up all $30 worth 90 minutes. From setup alerts, fault alarms, junk calls, and junk tests since it was a brand new phone we got from T-mobile, it eating up all of our prepaid. SOLUTIONS: I stop refill the system temporary. I had a Google phone # for several years so I decided to transfer that # in place of the one I got from Tmobile. Since, I had that Google phone # for several years, it has close to zero junk calls or texts. I also register # to DONOTCALL. Once, it all setup and the alarm system got my google #, I then refill it with $100 for 1000 minutes, which is great since, you can carry over the remaining balance to 2nd year just by refill $10. Good Luck

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15. Anonymous User on 2/19/2012, said:

This alarm system really works. And by that i mean it really can stop a burglary. We installed our system AFTER our house was burglarized in September 2011 sometime during the day while we were at work. Beyond the loss of valuables, some of our furniture was damaged and we had a huge mess to clean up. In February 2012, we had another break in during the day. This time they didn't go past the door. The burglar broke the side door glass window, reached in and opened the door, the alarm sounded and apparently they shut the door and left our property without ever entering the house. As expected our cell phones instantly rang and received text messages. We had three armed police officers on the scene within minutes. Although the burglar got away, this time we merely had a broken window repair instead of being out our insurance deductible, spending all the time clleaning up, filing claims, and shopping to replace stolen items. Thanks to this system, we were also able to provide the police with a critcal piece of evidence: the exact time of entry. As bad as a burglary while everyone is away from the home is, it seems to me that a house fire where you lose everything would be much worse. My advice would be to buy the smoke detector as well. Email a copy of your home inventory (with model#, serial#, place and date of purchase) to yourself so that if your computer is stolen you can still retrieve the list. This alarm system was our first line of defense and it kept the burglars from entering the house. While an essential part of a total security/fire system, our experience points to the additional need for deterence methods so burglars don't even come to the door. We are adding a four camera exterior surveillance system and additional signage.

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16. Thomas on 2/17/2012, said:

This system has a major issue with remote keypads not keeping a reliable connection to the base station. Since you don't want to install the base station where an intruder could see it and just knock it off the wall, it makes this system pretty useless. I'm not sure why home security store sells it / recommends it.

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17. Anonymous User on 2/16/2012, said:

I just installed this myself and got it up and running. Basically all you have to do is install the wireless sensors and control box if that. Then call for tech support. They will walk you through the installation. The only glitch for me was installing the SIM chip. It needed to line up closer to the edge which is hard for someone on the phone to tell you but overall it is very easy to install. I went with a T-mobile pay as you go. The key fob and voice announcements are great. Next I am going to try to hook up some x-10 devices to it. Thank you Home Security Store!

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18. Anonymous User on 2/12/2012, said:

I worked on this alarm installation over the past 2 weeks a few hours a night . Now that I know how it is easy but the learning curve was long. O.k. Here is the big but when my cell phone rang and it said all the alarms we sent out. The tests false com ands the try all in great detail on your cell phone. Now that it is installed it is a great system .

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19. Gustavo on 1/28/2012, said:

Replying to "Anonymous User on 1/13/2012": You DO NOT need a data plan for the Powermax Pro to call/text your private phone. You do need a data plan on the SIM card if you are paying for an outside monitoring company that communicates with the system via GPRS. Most people that buy this system do not want that. I, for example, just self monitor and have the system text and call me in case something happens. I'm also able to arm/disarm, turn lights on/off with a simple text - NO data plan. I just added 100 dollars to the T-Mobile SIM card. That actually can last "forever" as long as you add at least 10 dollars to the SIM before the one-year expiration of the minutes - that will make the whole balance rollover for another year.

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20. Anonymous User on 1/27/2012, said:

I bought the system about a month ago. I have been very satisfied. I live next to the San Diego airport, and I was afraid of wireless interference, but I have had no problems at all with false alarms or anything else.The 2-way keypad is not the best looking thing to have in your living room, but it works really well. I have two motion detectors in the house on a delay mode, so I can arm the system at night and feel protected even though I don't have sensors on all doors and windows. G

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MCT-320 - Visonic MCT-320 Miniature Wireless Contact
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(2) Door / Window Transmitters
(2) Proximity Tag
(1) Keyfob
(1) Wireless Motion Detector
(3) Lithium Battery
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