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PVS - Safety Turtle Pet Velcro Strap

PVS - Safety Turtle Pet Velcro Strap
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The Safety Turtle will sound an alarm the instant your pet falls into the water. This Velcro strap attaches the sensor securely to your pet’s collar.

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PVS - Safety Turtle Pet Velcro Strap

We know that pets are part of your family too, and protecting them should not be taken lightly.- That's why Home Security Store sells a separate Velcro strip (PVS) that can attach to a pet's collar.- Therefore, if your pet falls in the pool you will know it.

If you own a pool and a pet ask yourself -

Can my pet swim?- Not all breeds can swim.-

Is escape from the pool possible for my pet?- It depends on the type and height of the steps, and the size of the dog.-

Is my pet trained to escape?- Otherwise the pet panics, clawing the side of the pool.-

If the answer to any of these questions are no, then rescue of the animal within 2 to 5 minutes is probably life critical.-

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