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STPAKIT2 - Safety Turtle Pool Alarm with Wristband Sensor

STPAKIT2 - Safety Turtle Pool Alarm with Wristband Sensor
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This product is a good choice for families with pools, or those who spend a lot of time at the lake with children.

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Protect your Kids -

Pool and swimming related accidents are the number one cause of death for children under the age of 14.- While a pool is a great addition to your home, it can also pose many risks to the safety of your children or even your pets.

The STPAKIT2 Safety Turtle Pool Alarm with Wristband Sensor by Terrapin Communications is a revolutionary idea.- With this pool alarm, parents and pool owners can be prepared for the unexpected.-

Here's how it works -

A wristband with a locking buckle that looks like a watch and is worn around the child's wrist.- Attached to the wristband is a lightweight turtle with a water sensitive computer chip.- If the sensor hits the water, it will immediately send a signal to the base station, which in turn will sound a very loud alarm.- --

The Safety Turtle base station can be located up to 200 feet away from your pool and/or spa and can be plugged into an outlet.- It is totally transportable so it can be used in the house, or moved out to the pool area, or even taken as a kit to a friend's house.- The battery for the wristband sensor will last 3 to 4 years.- The wristband is designed with a locking latch and is a fun look that your kids will love to wear.- The Safety Turtle base station can handle multiple wristbands for siblings, friends, or relatives.-

With this pool alarm kit, there is no wave adjuster that needs to be adjusted to stop false alarms like other pool alarm systems.- The loud alarm will not be set off by rain or sprinklers, but will always activate should the wristband be immersed in the water.- This system will work for pools, ponds, or a tub full of water.

Protect Your Pets -

We know that pets are part of your family too, and protecting them should not be taken lightly.- That's why Home Security Store sells a separate Velcro strip (PVS) that can attach to a pet's collar.- Therefore, if your pet falls in the pool you will know it.

Very young, very old, or handicapped animals are most at risk of accidentally falling in a pool.- If this happens, the Safety Turtle will sound an alarm the instant your pet falls into the water.- Remember, barking is often difficult once your dog is in water.-

Here is a recap and some other features -

  • Protects children or pets near water with fun and colorful wristbands
  • Get immediate audio alerts if your child or pet touches water
  • Easy to set-up with no installation required
  • Waterproof and play tolerant sensors
  • Wireless range up to 200 feet from base

Remember, all it takes is a couple of seconds for a child or pet to fall into a pool and become submerged in water both quietly and quickly.- This Turtle Alarm will help notify you that your child or pet needs help.- It's that extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

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