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EQX35LMDWH - KnightWatch 500 Watt Motion Detection Security Light

EQX35LMDWH - KnightWatch 500 Watt Motion Detection Security Light
Manufacturer:  KnightWatch  SKU:  EQX35LMDWH
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Studies show that light is an effective tool to scare off an intruder, especially super-bright motion detection lights like this one which can catch someone by surprise.

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500 Watt Motion Detection Security Light


  • 2 Motion Sensors
  • 240° Wide Angle Detection Area
  • 120 Active Zones
  • Fully Assembled & Easy to Install
  • 500 Watt Bulb Included

How Does It Work?
KnightWatch infared sensors detect subtle temperature changes caused by movement of people within the selected area of protection. The instant motion is detected, the lights turn on automatically. When the motion stops, the lights stay on for a predetermined time (adjustable from 10 seconds to 15 minutes) depending on your preference. knightWatch can be set to operate 24 hours a day.

Adjustable Wide Angle Detection Zone
KnightWatch offers a 240° adjustable detection zone with 2 sensors, providing 120 active zones. No height limitations, no mounting limitations. Giving you total zone flexibility.

Super Wide Angle Detection Zone
Two separate sensors inside aour unique spherical lens create 120 active zones with a an extended range of 60 ft. to maximize your protection zone. KnightWatch's technology will automatically adjust to changes in temperature and read the situation clearly every time.

Precision Accuracy
Advanced technology allows KnightWatch to automatically adjust to changes in temperature and read the situation correctly every time. KnightWatch technology has eliminated false triggering caused by wind, leaves, swaying branches, snow, rain, and barometric pressure changes.

Automatic Reset After Power Failure-Manual Override
Only KinghtWatch gives you built-in surgeprotection with high speed circuitry. The unit will reset itself instantly after power failures. KnightWatch also lets you turn the lights on for constant illumination. After 4 hours - KnightWatch will automatically return to normal operation. KnightWatch is always on the guard.

Superior Construction
KnightWatch offers a UL rain-tight rating so it is totally weatherproof and will not corrode, rust or leak. Units can be located anywhere around your home. They do not have to be mounted under the eaves.

Lifetime Limited Warranty
KnightWatch's proven quality and technology is so reliable we are able to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Crime Deterrent
The KnightWatch sensor detects family and visitors approaching your home, conveniently lighting a safe pathway to your door.

Energy Savings
KnightWatch's light are activated only when motion is detected. Saving energy; lights only come on when needed.

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Halogen Sensor Fixtures EQX 3/5 LMD
Output max. 500 Watt
Assembly 120V
Detection angle 240° with 180° angle of aperture
Swivelling range of sensor unit ±80° '
Swivelling range
of Halogen Sensor Fixture
horizontal ± 40° vertical + 110° to-40°
Time setting 10 secs.-15 mins.
Twilight setting 2-2000 lux
Reach max. 60 ft.
Type of enclosure suitable for wet locations
(1) Security light unit
(1) Bulb
(1) Back plate