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H580D8B - Avemia Complete 8ch Camera Surveillance Kit w/ 500GB HDD

H580D8B - Avemia Complete 8ch Camera Surveillance Kit
Manufacturer:  Avemia  SKU:  H580D8B
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I installed four cameras inside my house and four outside…so now I know what’s going on in and around my property both day and night.

Price:  $659.50

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The Avemia Complete 8 Channel Surveillance Kit will launch your home and business security capabilities to unbelievable heights. DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and camera system combinations are intimidating and incriminating as they record and store the evidence to put a thief or creeper behind bars. Protect your home, business, shop, warehouse, parking lot and any other residential or commercial property with an all-in-one insurance plan that never fails to deliver.

Monitoring at the Palm of your Hand

With the proper use of smart phone applications, the video this DVR captures can be viewed remotely via a compatible mobile device.

Recommended App(s) for this unit: MobileEye or MobileEye+

*Please be aware that because there are a wide variety of security remote-viewing apps available, Home Security Store does NOT guarantee that every app will be compatible with the products sold on this site.



This kit includes both the Avemia Pentaplex H.264 8 Channel DVR and 8 Infrared Weatherproof bullet cameras.

Digital Video Recorder

First off, this 8 channel DVR is extremely versatile for both storage and use. Like your television DVR, it is sleek and compact and can be placed virtually anywhere. With a user-friendly GUI (graphic user interface), controlling and sorting through recorded footage is fast and easy- both a remote control and mouse are included for quick navigation.

This main profile standalone DVR comes with its own embedded operating software, so there's no dependency on Windows or Linus like most PC-based systems. Explore Avemia's Pentaplex function: Record, playback, see live previews, remote previews and backup footage at your command. To cater to your surveillance needs, this DVR offers manual, continuous, scheduled and sensor/motion triggered recording.

H.264 compression technology keeps your stored video files high in quality and allows you to save so much more recorded footage through your 500GB HDD of memory space. Simply put, this DVR is a professional and high performance video solution- ready to patrol your premises 24/7.


  • Standard H.264 dual coding technology and general player supported.
  • User-friendly GUI, Easy to operate without manuals.
  • D1 preview, 450 TV lines.
  • 8 channel playback
  • Pentaplex: Record,Playback,Live Preview, Remote Preview, Backup.
  • 1T SATA HDD supported (not included)
  • USB 2.0 high-speed backup (not included)
  • In the same video quality, H.264 coding can save 50% of storage space.
  • Multiple VGA resolutions: 1440x900 / 1280x1024 / 1024x768 / 800x600.
  • Manual record and schedule record supported.

8 Cameras

8 cameras allows extensive coverage of your property. Each camera has a weather resistant design so they can easily be mounted indoors or outdoors. Enclosed in black casing, they will intimidate criminals in the daytime and blend in the night while recording.

Built in to each camera is 24 Infrared LEDs for up to a 50 foot sensing distance at night. These stealthy cameras are 4x2 inches in size and each lens is 3.6mm, so concealing them is no problem. Most important is their quality. These cameras shoot at 420 TV lines, sending crystal clear video straight to your DVR for recording.

This kit's efficiency doesn't stop there. Remote and mobile monitoring is an option- so you can view footage, even when you're away from your property. The resolution display through your CCTV is 720x480, enhancing your viewing experience. Installation is simple and geared towards the do-it-yourself builder who wants to know their system inside and out. Ensure your property is secure all the time, with the Avemia Complete 8 channel camera surveillance kit with 500GB HDD.

(iPhone App screen shot below)

Note: iPhone App not included w/ purchase.
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1. Just Me on 12/17/2012, said:

I'm generally OK with this system. If I had the time I would have boxed it all back up and taken it back (I live in town). The remote control alone is pretty much worthless. Take a look at the pictures of this setup on the site and the remote shown--it's not the one you'll get. You'll get a Chinese POS with empty buttons because the controller is for generic use for different products. And you have to hold it up precisely and mash the buttons again and again because the remote is not very powerful. So if you're in bed, you can forget reviewing your footage with ease. And even then, you'll have to turn the password off (yay for you if burglars steal it) because if you mash the buttons again and again and the menu times out, you have to spend another few minutes trying to put the password back in and the confirmation fields aren't intuitive. And when I say minutes, I mean it. And minutes are long when you really think about it. Live footage is great. Playback is grainy. That might be in my settings, though. The cams are visible at night since it's IR, just be forewarned. In case you weren't thinking about that. Physical set up was relatively easy after figuring out the wiring for myself. The install card is almost worthless. If you try following that precisely, it will steer you wrong. I haven't had time to set up the internet access. I spent over a day trying to figure it out and never did. I'll have to call tech support for that. Instructions are woefully lacking in that regard. You'd think by now they'd have come up with internet instructions to save their tech support the man-hours. The setup disk is one of those TINY CDs. If you have a diskless laptop or Mac with the CD slot, forget about using it. What a silly way to cut corners. Is it so expensive to include a regular size disk?! The unit's interface is not very well done. For the price (6 hundred smackers) the user interface should be slick. It's not. It's cheap and ugly straight out of 2002. The manufacturer kept the programmer's hack organization and skipped trying to make it actually consumer friendly. Scannng footage: It skips. I'll start scanning footage and the ticker will click right along and then the ticker will stop, the screen will freeze and moments later it will unfreeze and you'll be several minutes away from when it originally froze. So you have to go back and try again. This does it far more than reasonable. Also since the remote sucks, if you see something and STOP and try to go back, it's difficult because if you can't stop the danged thing and you get far away from the time stamp, you have to go back looking for something you think you saw but can't figure out where it was. Time wasting. Like I said, I would have taken this back had I had the time. I found a similar setup at a home improvement store with better cam specs. I should have tried that first. But woulda-coulda-shouldas should be avoided for the sake of one's sanity. For me, I'll live with it with minimal regrets. But don't let the generally good reviews and the slick design of this site make you think you'll be getting nearly your money's worth. This site is the only winner in this transaction. The sales people were great. No problem there.

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2. Anonymous User on 5/10/2012, said:

I want to thank you Home Security Store, their staff were helpful. I had a good shopping experience with them, they helped me step by step to select the right system. This system works great. Thank you.

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3. Anonymous User on 1/8/2012, said:

I purchased the Atrix 8 camera system one month ago and am completely satisfied with the system. Atrix support was excellent! They had me up and running, including my adroid and iPhone apps within one phone call. Excellent service, the technicians from Atrix are very knowledgable and helpful. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone. Very easy installation. Make sure to purchase extra cable if you are running cameras away from home as they come with standard 60' cables.

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4. Charles on 11/18/2011, said:

System was easy to set up and run.. I had a issue setting up the internet access on my own.. I called Atrix Customer Support and they had me up and running in no time at all. It was great! Super Helpful!

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5. Anonymous User on 6/4/2011, said:

Four categories: 1) SALES: - I was told that the remote would work even if I placed the DVR unit in a closet or other concealed area. NOT TRUE. The remote is line of sight only and you can't be very far away for it to communicate. 2) PRODUCT QUALITY: The cameras are great and the DVR works well with ONE IMPORTANT exception: I experience periods during playback where I get a blue screen and a NO RECORD message. Sometimes these are for as long as 5 minutes 3) SUPPORT: When I called about this I was told that they were unsure about the cause but for me to re-format the hard drive and that would help. Also that I would have to reformat the HD any time I changed the time/date settings. I have done so twice now and it did not help a bit. Might have even made it worse. 4) COMPANY BACKING THEIR PRODUCTS: I asked the tech if I might have a defective DVR. He said it might be the case; I asked him about returning it and he said since I bought it as a system I would have to return the entire system, i.e., camera's, cables, DVR etc. Since I have pulled the cables through my attic and down a wall this is pretty impractical. Overall I am totally disappointed in the system and the company.

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6. Anonymous User on 1/7/2011, said:

First Security Cameras we purchased. They Are wonderful and get a great view of our yard. I would Recommend this to anyone. I can now view it on my Ipod touch, great quality! Hope to get it on my smart phone. Atrix Help Line((626) 813-1988)helped me setup the network for my DVR. Sort of fast, but at least the job got done! And I Thank him for that!Its a great deal and easy to setup! Here is the Cameras Main Site- http://atrixcctv.com/index.html

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7. Tim on 11/27/2010, said:

Pro: The system is nice. I installed it myself with little difficulty. From the soffets through the attic and down inside the wall. Cosmetically the cameras are small and they look nice outside. Picture quality is good daytime. Con(s: The hardest part was running all 8 of the wires in the wall to the point where the tv monitor is located. You will need to buy a fishtape for pulling wires. One of the drawbacks of the system is the number of wires coming throught the wall. 8 camera video connections AND 8 power connections(1 for each camera.) You will need at least 4 AC power outlets.(or power strip behind the DVR)= 1 plug for the DVR, 1 plug for the TV/monitor, 1 plug for every four camera's power supply. Video quality looks good, and system use is extremely easy. Overall recommendation is buy it! I am not disappointed. I just needed a little more information or advice.

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Video Input Channel 8BNC
Video Output Channel 1BNC,1S-VIDEO,1VGA output
Video Display Single, Split(1/8)
Search Mode Time
Resolution Display 720X480
Life Video Display Real Time
Resolution Recording 352x240
Recording Modes Continuous, Scheduled, Sensor/ Motion trigger
Recording Compression H.264
Recording Frame Rate 30 FPS Per Channel
Recording Quality Best, High, Mid, Low, and User-defined
Internet Transmitting/ Compression H.264
Storage 500GB HDD Included, Supports up to 1T SATA HDD
Backup Device USB stick (not included)
Alarm Input 4
Alarm Output 1
Serial Connectors 2 USB 2.0,1-RS485
Network Connection 10/100 Ethernet(RJ-45)
Network Protocol TCP/IP, Static IP, DHCP, DDNS
Network Remote Remote Monitoring, recording and playback by Client Program and IE browser.
Playback via Media Player and Client Player
Supply Voltage Output: DC 12V/ Input: AC100~240V
Dimension(W x L x H) 10.25"x13.5"x2"


Image Sensor 1/4" Sony Color CCD
Signal System NTSC
Effective Pixels 510(H) x 492(V)
Horizontal Resolution 420 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination 0.0LUX (IR Lamp on)
Electronic Shutter 1/60 - 1/100,000 sec
S/N Ratio >48dB
Video Output 1.0Vp-p, 75ohms
Supply Voltage DC 12V (±20%)
Mounting Lens 3.6mm
IR Lamps 24 leds
IR Distance 50ft
Power Consumption 1A
Supply Voltage DC 12V
(8) Cameras
(1) 8 Channel Pentaplex DVR w/ 500GB HDD
(1) Mainframe
(8) 60ft Camera Cable
(1) Power Adapter
(1) Power Cable
(1) HDD Power Cable
(1) HDD Data Cable
(1) Users Manual
(1) CD
(1) Warranty Card
(1) Qualified Certificate
(1) Screws Kit
(1) Mouse
(1) Remote Controller
(1) DVR Bracket
(1) Adapter Cable

Limited Support

We are not able to offer support on routers, modems, switches or any other network/internet related devices or services. Due to the diverse mix of networks, our support for internet or network related features in this product are limited. The following must be completed before calling in for assistance with network/internet related features:

  • Your network/internet must be configured and working.
  • IP address and port number for the product must be pre configured already on the network.

Please also have the following information available: Default gateway IP address, Subnet mask IP address, Port numbers, and all other network information.