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GSMV - Ademco Honeywell Digital Cellular Communicator

GSMV - Ademco Honeywell Digital Cellular Communicator
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PLEASE NOTE: The GSMV - Ademco Honeywell Digital Cellular Communicator requires an AlarmNet-i account. For new installations, please obtain the account information from the central station prior to programming this module. For replacement installations, the AlarmNet-i account is created automatically when the module is registered (based on the existing "C Series" account). For more information about installation, please download our product manuals by clicking the Product Manuals tab.

Remote control of your home security system is now made possible and easy with the GSMV - Ademco Honeywell Digital Cellular Communicator. The GSMV communicator can be integrated into your home security system using compatible Honeywell Series control panels, and allows full access into your system from a computer or web-enabled smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) via a website.

System Features:

  • Remote services allow the end user to access their security system from their computer via a website. Availability of this service is controlled by a Third-Party Monitoring Service via the web-based programming tool on the AlarmNet Direct website. Once enabled, remote access can be programmed via web or 7720P programming tool.
  • Quick connection to compatible Honeywell series control panels
  • Reports fire, burg and status messages via wireless network
  • Allows uploading and downloading of control panel data via the wireless network

Remote Services:

  • Access security system from a computer via a website (Remote Access feature)
  • Receive email and text message notifications of system events (Multi-Mode feature)
  • Perform system functions and receive confirmations using text messages (SMS feature)

Your Third-Party monitoring company will initially enroll you for web services during account programming through the AlarmNet Direct website. The features that can be enabled include Remote Access and Multi-Mode. Once enabled, the specific programming fields associated with these features can be programmed into the communications device either remotely using the AlarmNet Direct website or locally using the 720P local keypad programming tool.

Other Features:

  • Full Contact ID or ADEMCO High-Speed Reporting
    Contact ID reporting using ECP mode with compatible Honeywell control panels or combined with optional dialer capture for non-ECP capable control panels.
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
    Advanced encryption standard used for secure communications.
  • Dual-Path Technology
    Uses GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) as primary digital cellular path and automatically switches to SMS (Short Message Service) if GPRS is unavailable.
  • Upload/Download
    With select Honeywell control panels using GPRS. Requires Compass version or higher.
  • Integration
    Quick and easy installation of GSM for VISTA and LYNX controls.
  • Dynamic Signaling with Certain Honeywell Control Panels
    Provides management of control panel dialer and digital cellular communicator. Programmable priority and delays determine signal path.
  • Diagnostic LEDs
    Provide signal strength and status indications.
  • QOS
    Quality of Service diagnostics via AlarmNet supply vital information including when a message was received, battery voltage, input voltage, signal strength and message path.
  • Web-Based Programming
    Allows complete interactive programming from AlarmNet Direct. http://services.alarmnet.com /AlarmnetDirect.
  • Intelligent Supervision
    Any message generated serves as a supervision message per optional 24 hour or 30 day intervals. This feature effectively limits required messages to be sent.
  • Remote Services Capability*
    Optional Total Connect value-added web-based or SMS system control as well as e-mail notification of system events.
  • Two-Way Voice Transport
    GSM voice channel capable to allow two-way voice session in conjunction with an audio verification system. (GSMV and iGSMV).
  • Universal Control Panel
    Compatibility Flexible modes of operation allow ECP alarm reporting by Honeywell control panels, 4204 relay mode for Honeywell controls (that do not support ECP alarm reporting) and zone triggering for use with other control panels.
  • Dialer Capture Ready
    Compatible with Dialer Capture Intelligence Device DCID (for LYNX) or DCID-EXT (other control panels). Captures Contact ID messages from the panel's phone line and sends them to the central station via the GSM radio (not agency approved).
  • Six Input Zones
    Digital processing for improved detection and false alarm protection
  • Tamper Protected Enclosure
    Built-in tamper sends a report when a tamper condition is detected and a restore when cleared.
  • Built-in Power Supply
    On-board charging circuit design accommodates back-up battery. Includes primary power and battery supervision.
  • Back-Up Battery
    6V 3.1Ah supplied to deliver up to 24 hours of standby operation.
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Input Operating Voltages 10.5–14.3VDC or 9–16.5VAC
Backup Battery 6V 3.1A (24 hours standby)
Current Requirements 50mA standby – 1A peak transmit
Transmission Power 850 MHz 1 Watt to 1900 MHz 2 Watts
Dimensions 8" H x 7.5" W x 1.86" D
Operating Temperature -20° to 55° C (-4° to 131° F) can go to 70° C (158° F) but will not be in spec for GSM network requirements
Humidity 0% – 90% non-condensing
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Limited Support

In order for this Total Connect product to work properly, you will need to work with a third party monitoring provider. We recommend Global System Security and Sound, Inc.

Learn more about Honeywell Total Connect Services.

Please also keep in mind—Although we do provide tech support for Honeywell devices, we are not able to offer support on routers, modems, switches or any other network/internet related devices or services. Due to the diverse mix of networks, our support for internet or network related features in this product are limited and should be directed to the third party company you choose to deal with.