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DCMA-2500 – Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Motion Alert System

DCMA-2500 – Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Motion Alert System
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This driveway alarm is working excellent – better than any other driveway alarm I’ve owned. It can detect motion up to 80 feet away. I always know when people or vehicles are headed my way.

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A driveway alarm can be that extra layer of home security that you need! For those of you who already have an alarm system in place, a driveway alarm protects the parameter of your home and will instantly warn you of unwanted intruders. It can be useful for reasons beyond security too, as the driveway alarm can also give you that extra time to greet an approaching guest or to answer the door.


The new DCMT-2500 Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Motion Transmitter is similar to its successful predecessor, the WMA-3000, in that it is used to monitor remote locations and detect people, vehicles, or large animals entering your property. What sets the DCMT-2500 truly apart from the WMA-3000 and other driveway alarms, however, is that the signal between this transmitter and the receiver can range up to an impressive 1,500 feet! The weatherproof transmitter operates on a single 9-volt battery and is easily mountable on a tree or post near the driveway.

How It Works:

The DCMT-2500 is used with the DCR-2500 - Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Receiver. The DCMT-2500 uses a passive infrared detector to detect people, vehicles or large animals at the monitored location. When the transmitter detects an object, it will send a signal to the receiver, which will sound one of four different tones (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong or Whistle) for a few seconds.


The DCR-2500 - Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Receiver will receive a signal from the DCMT-2500 - Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Motion Transmitter, which can be placed as much as 1,500 feet away from the receiver. The DCR-2500 requires no license to operate and features four chime tones to choose from.

The DCR-2500 receiver comes with 4 form "C" relay outputs and 1 12V output which can be programmed to activate for:

  • 1 seconds
  • 10 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 10 minutes

Moreover, the DCR-2500 receiver also features a brand new "Reminder" Feature. What this means is that you can choose to allow the unit to flash small LED lights and/or have it sound an audible "Beep" every 15 minutes after an event is triggered in case you missed it.


  • Built-in volume control
  • Four Different Chimes Tones
  • Volume Control
  • LED Reminder Lights
  • Comes with 12V Power Supply

PLEASE NOTE: The Dakota Alert 2500 series alarms DO NOT work with the Dakota Alert 3000 series.

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1. Anonymous User on 7/10/2012, said:

This product arrived on-time in new condition. I have the transmitter and receiver a little over 300 ft. apart with trees, grade, deck, and walls in between - not even close to line of sight. The receiver is in an interior closet / pantry connected to the doorbell circuit. Any vehicle or person passing our gate rings the doorbell and then cues barking dog. It works perfectly with no false alarms. I use the on/off switch to avoid alerting the dog when we are away. I am completely satisfied with this Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm

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2. Anonymous User on 4/1/2012, said:

Our drive way is over one thousand feet in distance; the signal comes through loud and clear. It sometimes misses, if vehicle is moving too fast, but happy with the product.

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3. Anonymous User on 2/1/2012, said:

We have been using this for several months and it works very well. It is nice to have a volume control on the receiver for the doorbell sound. If it is turned up all the way it is very loud. We have a long driveway and it has no problem sending a signal even through some trees. Only down side is that we sometimes have some deer that wander through the end of our drive and they will set it off. Other than that, it is great to get a warning that someone is coming up to our house.

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4. David on 12/25/2011, said:

This system is garbage. After following the installation instructions and the trouble shooting instructions, this system still does not operate are advertised. Detection distance is less than 40 feet with a a clear field of view. Cars and people can pass in front of the transmitters with out being detected. I had better luck with the cheap 400 foot range driveway alert system this replaced which only cost 1/10th the price.

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5. Robert on 3/1/2011, said:

I live in Miami enough said . I have cameras but they only show you what happened after the fact. This unit I put into the yard . And two night ago at 4:28am the alarm goes off . I jump out of bed see this guy breaking into my car . I go after him and caught him. This guy has to be saying WTF happened . This is a true story and it's all caught on my cameras. Needless to say this guy will never be back . I'm on line now to get the info for some of my neighbors . What I like about this product is it doesn't alarm you when a cats passes thrue. So when it did go off I new something bad was going to happen. Love it and I wouldn't of bothered to write this if I didn't . But I'm all about staying ahead of the bad guys I work to hard for my things

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6. Anonymous User on 2/14/2011, said:

could not depend on unit to work every time,therefore pretty useless. good suport from company however.

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Transmitter size 4.5" x 3" x 2.25"
Wireless Range 1/2 Mile
Frequency 434 MHz
Battery Type 9-volt alkaline (not included)
Operating Temperature Range -30° F to 120° F
PIR Detection range  
High 80 feet
Medium 50 feet
Low 30 feet
Operating Voltage 12VDC - Power Supply Included
12 volt DC output current 400 mA maximum
Relay rating 24VDC at 3 Amp
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Wireless Range 1,500 Feet (1/2 Mile) Line of Sight
DCR-2500 - Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Receiver
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