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SRN-2000 WPC - Visonic Wireless PIR

SRN-2000 WPC - Visonic Wireless PIR
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The SRN-2000 is the only universal PIR you can truly standardize on without compromising. It combines several different design techniques to master the industry's biggest problem - false alarms. An outstanding variety of 45 easy-to-change lenses is available for the SRN-2000 from the "Super Red Lens Library":

  • 9 wide-angle lenses up to 140deg.
  • 3 long-range corridors up to 36 m (120 ft)
  • 6 pet alleys
  • 3 finger curtains
  • 8 lenses for combined ceiling and room coverage
  • 10 unique lenses for multiple 2-3 room and corridor coverage
  • 6 solid curtains.

The "Super-Red Lens Library" provides the most extensive selection of coverages and saves you time and money in every installation.


Incomparable Flexibility

  • 30deg. Vertical and Horizontal Adjustments
  • 0-5 m (0-17 ft) Installation Height
  • Visible Pattern Locator
  • Surface, Corner and Flush Mounting
  • Switchable Walk-Test Indicator
  • N.C. Silent Relay
  • Tamper Switch
  • Low Current Drain: 17 mA
  • 9-16 VDC Supply Voltage

False Alarm Immunity

  • Programmable Pulse Counter - to virtually eliminate environmental disturbances
  • Adjustable Coverage Range - to adjust coverage range to room size
  • Unprecedented RF Immunity - rejects RF interference up to 1000 MHz
  • Light Rejection Filter - rejects visible light variations
  • Maskable Lens Patterns - to block thermal disturbances
  • Test-Point - to identify and eliminate background disturbances
  • Dual-Element Low-Noise Pyroelectric Detector - rejects thermal variations with maximum signal-to-noise ratio.
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Standard Lenses SRN-2000 Lens No. 100
SRN-2000H Lens No. 52
SRN-2000R Lens No. 55
Interchangeable Lenses See SUPER-RED Lens Library
Adjustment Vertical:+10° to -20° calibrated scale.
Horizontal up to 30°
Voltage 9 to 16 VDC
Current 20 mA
Relay output Normally Closed (fail safe) contacts. 18 ohm resistor in series with contacts. Rating - 0.1 A resistive/30 VDC.
Alarm period 2-3 seconds
Tamper contacts Normally Closed, 0.5 A resistive/30 VDC
LED Walk Test - (switchable)
Testing Background noise test point
Detector Dual-element low-noise pyroelectric detector
Coverage-Range Control Adjustable from 100% to 50% of the nominal lens coverage range.
Pulse Counter Programmable to 1, 2 or 3 pulses with self-adjusting walk-test override.
MOUNTING Wall or corner mounting. Optional bracket SRF-201 for flush mounting.
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F).
Storage temperature : -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F).
RFl Protection No alarm when tested on 21 different frequencies from 20 to 1000 MHz with 20 Watts radio transmitter at 1.2 m (4 ft) distance or 124 Watts at 3 m (10 ft) distance (corresponds to field strength of 20 V/m).
Dimensions 70 x 120 x 48 mm (2.7 x 4.7 x 1.9 in.)
Weight 140 g (4.5 oz)
Colors white
Installation Guide
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