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SRN-2000C/PC - Visonic 9VDC Low Current PIR w/ Normally Open Contact

SRN-2000C/PC - Visonic 9VDC Low Current PIR w/ Normally Open Contact
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SRN-2000C/PC PIR detector models are the ultimate in low current PIR technology (0.004 mA in standby). They are fully compatible with virtually any known R.F. transmitter and the SRN-2000C/PC model can also be incorporated into any N.O. and N.C. hardwired systems. The transmitter and a 9 Volt alkaline battery power source can be housed in an optional back box.

Unique, energy saving circuitry is employed to extend battery life up to 3 years (in standby). Upon detection, the RF transmitter connected to the SRN-2000C/PC alarm output is activated for 2-4 seconds, and then the detector disables itself. The detector resets automatically to the ready state 2 minutes after detecting the last movement. For convenience, a unique TEST/NORMAL selector is used to override the 2-minute inhibit timer during walk testing.

The SRN-2000C/PC has a programmable pulse counter for maximum immunity to false alarms, 45 interchangeable lenses, 30deg. vertical and horizontal adjustment, surface or corner mounting, installation from 0 to 17 ft height and a visible beam locator. These and other capabilities make the SRN-2000C/PC the only universal,low current battery-operated PIR that you can truly standardize on without compromising!

Other notable features include an LED selector, an anti-tamper switch, a silent relay and an automatic low-battery audible indication (Model SRN-2000C/PC-EB). Special material is provided to allow the installer to mask specific beams for eliminating potential sources of false alarms.

The "SUPER-RED" lens library provides the most extensive selection of coverage patterns and saves you time and money in every installation.

  • Illustrated in the SUPER-RED lens library:
  • 9 wide-angle lenses up to 140deg.
  • 3 long-range corridors up to 120 ft
  • 6 pet alleys
  • 3 finger curtains
  • 8 lenses for combined ceiling and room coverage
  • 10 unique lenses for multiple 2-3 room and corridor coverage.

The SUPER-RED SRN-2000C/PC series offers:

  • Incomparable Flexibility
  • 9-Volt battery powered
  • Ultra-low current consumption - 0.004 mA
  • Unique energy saving circuitry
  • Automatic low-battery audible alert (C/PC-EB model only).
  • Compatibility with all RF transmitters
  • Easy-to-change lenses
  • Visible pattern locator
  • Vertical and horizontal calibration
  • Surface and corner mounting
  • SMD technology

False Alarm Immunity

  • Selectable 1, 2, 3 or 5 pulse counter virtually eliminates environmental disturbances.
  • Unprecedented RFI immunity - up to 1000 MHz.
  • Light rejection filter - rejects visible light variations.
  • Maskable lens patterns - to block thermal disturbances.
  • Dual-element low-noise pyroelectric sensor.
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Standard Lens Lens No. 100
Interchangeable Lenses See SUPER-RED Lens Library
Adjustment Vertical +10° to –20° calibrated scale. Horizontal up to 30°.
Voltage 9 Volt alkaline or lithium battery.
Standby Current SRN-2000C/PC – 0.004 mA
SRN-2000C/PC-E – 0.005 mA
SRN-2000C/PC-EB – 0.008 mA
Relay Output (SRN-2000C/PC) Form 1A or 1C contacts. 18 Ω resistor in series with contacts. Rating – 0.1A resistive/30 VDC.
Alarm Outputs (SRN-2000C/PC-E and -EB) Two open-collector transistor outputs with 30 mA current switching capability.
Alarm Period 2-4 seconds.
Installation Guide
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