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WT100 - Visonic 12bit Universal Transmitter

WT100 - Visonic 12bit Universal Transmitter
Manufacturer:  Visonic Security Systems  SKU:  WT100
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The WT100 is a general purpose, battery powered single-input transmitter for use with Normally Open and Normally Closed sensors and inertial vibration detectors.

A reed switch built into the unit can be used with a magnet (not supplied) to protect a door or a window. An on-board tamper switch triggers a tamper alert (channel 2) in the front cover is removed from the base.

A special timing circuit saves the 9-volt battery power by limiting the transmitting time. When the WT100 is triggered, it transmits for about 2 seconds, then inhibits itself for approx. one minute. If an input remains disturbed, the WT100 will keep transmitting signals for a 2-second duration each minute, until the input reverts to the undisturbed state.

The LED lights during the transmission period A special circuit continuously monitors the battery voltage. If this drops below about 7.5 Volts, the transmitter automatically transmits a low battery alert signal for 1-2 seconds, to activate a buzzer in the target receiver. Low battery signals are repeated at one-minute intervals for a few days, depending on the remaining amount of battery energy. The LED lights during each transmission, identifying the unit transmitting the low battery signal.

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Operating Frequencies 315, 404, 418, 433.9 MHz, depending upon country of operation
System Code 8-bit digital word, 256 combinations, pulse width modulation
Channel Code 4 codes, DIP-switch selectable
Transmission Cycle 2 seconds ON, 1 minute OFF, indicated by LED
Input Circuit N.C/N.O. (N.C. Input must be shorted by the N.C. Jumper if not used)
Input Response Adjustable, 5 to 30 ms
Power Supply 9 VDC Alkaline or Lithium Battery
Current Consumption 10 mA in operation
Battery Supervision Automatic transmission of low battery alert code, which activates a buzzer in the receiver
Compliance with Standards Meets FCC Part 15, MPT 1349 and Directive 1999/5/EC
Operating Temp 32° to 120°F
Dimensions 4-5/16 x 2-1/2 x 1 in
Weight 2.4 oz.
Installation Guide
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