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XTL-KIT - DMP Wireless Alarm Kit

XTL-KIT - DMP Wireless Alarm Kit
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Manufacturer:  Digital Monitoring Products  SKU:  XTL-KIT
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No phone lines needed! This system is perfect for any home or business.

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase!

For an alternative to the DMP, we recommend you purchase:

  2GIGCNTRL2-KIT - 2GIG Go! Control Panel Wireless Alarm Kit with GSM
Price:  $599.50
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The DMP XTL Wireless Alarm Kit is a complete alarm system that has everything you need to ensure your home or small business remain secure.

DMP's XTL Alarm Kit is a completely wireless system that eliminates the frustrating installation processes that usually come with hardwired alarm systems, and which is easy enough for virtually anyone to get up and running in no time. This compact unit is relatively small in size, but there's no underestimating it as it can store not only up to 30 user authority codes, but it can monitor up to 28 wireless zones, is equipped with an impressive 100-event memory, and is able to support up to six areas, four 2-way wireless keypads and even eight keyfobs! Few wireless systems on the market are this expandable while remaining totally reliable!

Dependability is perhaps the most essential factor when it comes to home alarm systems. Part of the reason the XTL-KIT has proven itself to be one of the market's most dependable kits is that its control panel and sounder are meant to be placed separate from one another, diminishing the risk of tampering usually associated with counter top systems. Additionally, because the unit relies entirely on cellular phone communications, there will never be any risk of having your phone lines cut!

Cellular Communications

These days it's no longer necessary to be physically home to monitor or operate your security system. Moreover, technology has made it so that information can be made available to you INSTANTLY. With the XTL-KIT you get the very best of both! That's because the kit relies entirely on cellular communications through it's In Touch feature that not only allows you to receive system alerts instantly right on your cellular phone (with the option of sending the same alert to your email addresses and other mobile devices as well), but you'll be able arm or disarm your system, check status and turn outputs on or off via a simple TEXT MESSAGE. Yes, this means you don't even need one of those pricey iPhones, any model phone will do!


  • Designed for fast, reliable installations, without pulling a single wire
  • On-board cellular communications allows In Touch(TM)
  • Messaging Features for any cell phone
  • 28 wireless zones with pre-named zones
  • Supports up to 8 two-way wireless key fobs or two-way wireless outputs
  • Supports 4 fully functional two-way wireless keypads
  • Supports fully functional two-way wireless sirens

Wireless Control Panel

  • XTL is wireless
  • Plastic enclosure can be easily wall mounted or located on a shelf and can be customized with your logo printed on the light pipe
  • In Touch(TM) Messaging Feature transmits panel alerts to up to three destinations and lets the user send panel commands, all via text message
  • All/Perimeter, Home/Sleep/Away or 6 Area system
  • 30 user codes with authority levels
  • 100-event memory
  • Supports up to four two-way wireless LCD 9000 Serieskeypads
  • This wireless and cellular panel has been reduced to nearly 3 X 5 inches - our smallest panel ever, but it's still packed with almost all of the popular security features of our full-size DMP panels
  • Arm only, ambush code, and temporary user code options
  • Built-in standby battery
  • Built-in English text programming from any LCD keypad
  • Selectable automatic arming and disarming
  • Open/Close schedules with Closing Check
  • Late to Open/Early to Close and Traffic Count features for retail installations
  • Attrition Detection(TM) monitors system for arming activity
  • Programmable User Inactivity Monitor watches for on-site activity

Wireless Keypad

  • Fully functioning, supervised keypads that provide installation flexibility
  • Includes four 2-button panic keys and an internal speaker
  • The backlit keyboard is easy to read, and both the keyboard and logo turn Red in alarm conditions
  • Has 32-character display, and can be programmed with a 16-character home or business name

Although this product requires no phone lines to function, Alarm Monitoring for the XTL-KIT is REQUIRED for activation & programming. AlarmRelay features low monthly fees beginning at $14.95. Sign Up Now!

• Stay connected wirelessly, 24/7
• Fast installation
• More secure than land lines
• Fully interactive, 32-character, backlit keypad
• More difficult to disable than traditional keypads
• Communicate with up to 3 different cellular phone

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Alarm Relay's service is as good a value without any compromise in quality." -J.N., Williamstown, NJ

"The best service at an amazing price. Great set-up and knowledgeable technicians." -D.L., Gilbert, AZ

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1. Big Al on 10/4/2013, said:

The DMP system I found was just ok. The issue I have is that I can set the system thru my mobile app and if I left a door open , there is no signal to tell me I did so, leaving my home unsecured. DMP needs to fix this glitch. I find the system to be ok except for this problem.

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2. Anonymous User on 9/29/2010, said:

Dude this DMP system is awesome! Ok so i installed it in 13 minutes. Thats right only 13 minutes. I used a double sided sticky tape to put the door thingys up, then i put up a motion sensor in the room, i found for that i can use a few thumbtacks.Cool huh, Set the keypad on the shelf and boom, i had done it. Two things i cant figure out, why the .50 in the $599.50 - why not just make it an even 6 hundo or just $599 seriously & why did nobody came out with this sooner. This system kicks major but compared to some of the systems ive seen at like Radio Shack etc. Thanks HSS & DMP! Now i sleep better at night knowing that everything is going to be coming up roses.

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3. Anonymous User on 9/4/2010, said:

I think it is great that Home Security Store can offer this great product line! I have used DMP systems for over 10 years and it is the only system i can truly recommend to others.

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Primary Power 12 VDC (Model 372-500)
Secondary Power 3.7 VDC lion Polymer Battery
Enclosure ABS Plastic
Dimensions 5.5” W x 3.75” H x 1” D
(1) Control Panel
(1) Wireless Keypad
(1) GSM Transmitter
(1) Siren
(1) Motion Detector
(1) Keyfob
(2) Door/Window Transmitters
(2) Power Supply Adapters
Spec Sheet
Downloads: 379
Size: 1367 KB

Keypad Installation Guide
Downloads: 315
Size: 1554 KB

Siren Installation Guide
Downloads: 307
Size: 397 KB

User Manual
Downloads: 376
Size: 2764 KB

Installation Guide
Downloads: 432
Size: 1800 KB