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LOC8TOR-PLUS - Child Locator System

LOC8TOR-PLUS - Loc8tor Plus Child Locator System with Bonus Wrist-Straps
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This is an AMAZING device. I bought this after a brief scare with my child missing at a busy shopping center. Now I can't tell you the PEACE OF MIND it has given me.

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Nearly 2,200 children in this country go missing everyday, and often this happens in a split second while the parent looks away for a single moment. Heaven forbid this should happen to you, a predicament like this will require you to act as swiftly as possible while remaining calm. There is no way, however, to remain more calm than if you were to have the LOC8TOR-PLUS Child Locator on your side! The LOC8TOR-PLUS Child Locator is a simple-to-use, high-tech wireless alert device that enables you to locate any tagged lost child, pet or other possession using instant audio, visual, and vibration alerts that point you in exactly the right direction.

How It Works

The LOC8TOR-PLUS Child Locator comes with FOUR Tags, which are small enough to attach to any key-chain, wallet, purse, pet collar or child's clothing. When you misplace or lose sight of your tagged child or pet, you can use the LOC8TOR-PLUS Child Locator-which uses radio frequencies (RF) rather than GPS-to alert you instantly by vibrating, producing audio beeps, and by guiding you on its display in order to locate your child; the more frequent and loud the audio alert sounds, the closer you are to the missing homing tag. Additionally, the unit has an impressive range of up to 600 feet, which makes it ideal for those split-second moments when you've turned away briefly to find your child or pet is gone.

Alert Mode

Conveniently, the LOC8TOR-PLUS Child Locator also features an Alert Mode, which means you can pre-set safety zone boundaries ranging from near, medium or far. Once your tagged child or pet wanders past any of these set-boundaries, your LOC8TOR-PLUS will let you know instantly using audio, visual and vibration alerts. This feature is especially useful in locations like the beach, park, shopping center, or other populated areas where children can easily wander off. Safety ranges can be set independently for each tag.

Panic Alarm

One of the best features of the LOC8TOR-PLUS Child Locator is its Panic Alarm, located on one of the included Tags. If your child is lost and can't seem to find his way back to you, the child can simply press the Panic Button and immediately activate a panic-alarm on your LOC8TOR-PLUS receiver unit, letting you know instantly your child is lost and attempting to locate you.


  • Alerts you if personal possessions go out of your chosen safety zone - uses vibration, audio and visual alarm
  • Panic Tag enables a child, dependent or person in distress to set off an alarm
  • Directional technology guides you to within 2.5cm/1" of lost item
  • Personalize and monitor up to 24 items
  • Easily switch between Locate and Alert
  • Alert range can be set for each Tag
  • Miniaturized Tag can be quickly and easily attached to almost any item
  • Great range - Up to 600 feet (clear line of sight)
  • Works through doors, walls and drawers
  • Multi-lingual. Supplied with English, Spanish, French and German

For more information about the LOC8TOR-PLUS and frequently asked questions, please visit our KnowledgeBase Website.

PLEASE NOTE: The LOC8TOR-PLUS Child Locator uses radio frequencies (RF) rather than GPS to locate tagged items. Tags will not be traceable if they exceed 600 feet from the Loc8tor-Plus receiver.

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1. Anonymous User on 3/10/2011, said:

Excellent product. My boys sometimes wander and get lost in crowded places and this item has helped me many times in locating them promptly. When using this product, I don't have to worry as much about loosing sight of my kids.

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2. Pinky on 1/1/2011, said:

This product is USELESS!!! At a recent trip to Disneyland, we tried it out. If there are PEOPLE in the way, or your child in not within a straight line of you it does NOTHING!! If there is a person behind your child it will not pick up either....I love the security store and have been happy with everything I have purchased but this was like taking 165.00 and throwing it out the window.......

Security Advisor Comment
Hi Pinky, We are surprised that you ran into some problems with the Loc8tor Plus. Thousands of these units have been sold worldwide. I suppose not everyone will be happy with their purchase, but the majority definitely have been. We appreciate your input. We tested this product and found the line of sight to work very well, even with objects within that line of sight. Thanks for your input and for shopping at Home Security Store.

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3. Anonymous User on 10/27/2010, said:

I have been using the Loc8tor for over 3 years...it is wonderful. Have 3 cats and can't tell you how many times it has helped me locate them. Once I found one 1/2 mile away from our cottage; the locator picked him up about 400 feet away, through heavy trees and 40 feet in the air!! He had been tree'd for over 12 hours, and was unable to get down on his own. This device gives me such peace of mind that I purchased a 2nd one a few months ago...just in case the first gets broken, I have a back-up on hand immediately. Highly recommend for anyone that has pets.

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