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AVD-2010 - USP Automatic Voice Dialer

AVD-2010 - USP Automatic Voice Dialer
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Alarms and sensors are an essential part of any hearth and home, but sounding-alarms and other emergencies can occur in your home while you're away, and you'd never know until arriving to a potential disaster.

Luckily, UPS Security has delivered a unique and sophisticated voice dialer that will make sure nothing out-of-the-ordinary occurring in your home happens without your knowing about it! The AVD-2010 Automatic Voice Dialer features a total of FOUR distinct channels that allow you to connect external devices like sirens and relays, and is designed to call up to EIGHT different telephone numbers with up to 50 digits each to notify of an emergency situation, including Power Loss. The notification comes in the form of a pre-recorded voice message in any language, and simply uses any regular telephone line to call out to any telephone, cellphone, or even numeric codes to pagers.

Additional Features:

  • Calls up to 8 people:
    The AVD-2010 will automatically call with voice message - Loss of AC power, AC Power Restored and Low Battery.
  • 4 Separate Alarm Channels:
    Channels can be programmed to call separate phone numbers. Exit/Entry delays alarm outputs.
  • Advanced Features:
    Automatically redials unanswered or busy numbers. Ability to program the number of times messages will be repeated to each phone number dialed. Number of dialing attempts is programmable as well.
  • Two-Way Voice Verification:
    The 2-way voice verification feature allows the person called to listen in through the higly sensitive microphone or have a speakerphone conversation.
  • Universal Dial Tone:
    The Exclusive Universal Dial Tone feature makes the AVD-2010 suitable for use worldwide. It also adapts to the "Voice Message Systems" of AT&T as well as voice systems o other phone companies.
  • Memory
    The AVD-2010 has EEPROM memory and will retain programming in the case of power outage.
  • Remote Turn Off:
    Called party may turn off activated channel while leaving other channels armed.
  • Line Seizure:
    Built-in Line Seizure. Also plugs into standard telephone jack.
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Telephone Numbers Up to 8 50-digit numbers
Channels 1-4
Message Repeat Programmable 1-3 times
Eeprom Memory Stored even after power failure
LCD Numeric Display 2-line by 16 character LCD panel
Power Jack 12VDC adapter or USP Model PP-1 rechargeable battery pack
Standby Power 9V rechargeable NiCad battery pack for up to 24 hours operation
Aux Output Current: 500mA
Applied Voltage: 20VDC
Power Requirements Supply Voltage: 9-18VDC
Current (OPERATE mode—standby): 28mA typ
Current (OPERATE mode—dialing): 100mA max
Operating temperature: -18 to 55 deg C (0 to 130 deg F)
Hookup RJ11 jacks on back for telephone line connection
Power Monitoring Notification AC Power Off, Battery Low and AC Power Restored are reported in clear voice
(1) AVD-2010 Voice Dialer
(1) Transformer
(1) USP Model PP-I rechargeable battery pack