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RK200DTG3USB - Rokonet Lunar Industrial High Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor

RK200DTG3USB - Rokonet Lunar Industrial High Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor
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This works perfect for our warehouse which has very high ceilings.

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The Rokonet Lunar Industrial High Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor is a dual technology detector with a mounting height of up to 28 ft(8.6m) that incorporates RISCO Group's Anti-Cloak(TM) Technology (ACT(TM)). The detector has an Intelligent Digital Signal Processing method that automatically adjusts the alarm threshold and pulse count verification according to actual intruder crossing speed and environmental factors, providing superior detection and false alarm immunity.

The Ind. LuNar 200DTG3 can operate as a regular relay detector connected to any control panel, or as an addressable BUS detector when connected to RISCO Group's ProSYS control panel via the RS485 BUS.

How ACT(TM) Works

Anti-Cloak(TM) Technology (ACT(TM)) provides the benefits of Dual-Technology while avoiding the drawbacks. This innovation has created a new standard for detectors. Dual Technology, a combination of PIR+MW, was an important development for the security industry, only it has 2 major weaknesses:

1) IR emission blocking cloaks employed by intruders enable avoidance of detection

2) PIR sensitivity is reduced when the protected area's ambient temperature approaches body temperature

Responding to requests from its customer base to solve these pressing problems, RISCO Group developed ACT-a revolutionary anti-cloak solution. ACT(TM) prevents the alarm system from being bypassed, by neutralizing attempts to camouflage the radiation. Using unique pattern recognition algorithms, ACT(TM) distinguishes between the weak IR signal of a moving intruder and the background noise and thermal interferences that may cause false alarms.

Once the presence of an intruder is recognized, ACT(TM) switches the system automatically from dual channel PIR/MW mode to single channel MW mode for a predetermined period of time, in order to trigger an alarm utilizing the MW channel, and then returns to dual channel mode.

In the second case, when the ambient temperature approaches body temperature, the ACT(TM) switches to microwave-only detection.

Offering significantly higher detection capabilities as well as immunity from false alarms, ACT(TM) thwarts even the most sophisticated burglars.


  • Addressable Dual Technology detector with Anti-Cloak(TM) Technology
  • Up to 28ft (8.6 m) mounting height
  • 360deg. by 60ft (18m) diameter coverage pattern
  • 3 Independent PIR channels for customized coverage
  • Intelligent Digital Signal Processing - alarm verification and decision thresholds adjusted according to actual intruder crossing speed
  • Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable
  • Active IR for Anti-Masking meeting TS50131 requirements
  • Ceiling and cover tampers
  • "Green Line" setting - for dialing the MW when the premises are occupied
  • Opto-relays for low current consumption and long life
  • Remote and Local Self Test
  • Remote SET input
  • Remote RC control input
  • PIR coverage optimization by sliding the lenses
  • Microwave Range Adjustment manually (analog trimmer) and remotely (digital setting)
  • Trouble Indication (by LEDs or via communication)
  • 3 Triple color LEDs for easy walk testing
  • Advanced Remote control and diagnostics
  • Reduced Power Consumption when connected to RISCO Group's ProSYS
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