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XG1000S - Xanboo Gateway Module

XG10005 - Xanboo Gateway Module
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This unit is designed to work with the Xanboo Bridge. Once the system is set-up, you can control your alarm system from anywhere there is a web connection. It’s very convenient to have.

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This product requires the use of an additional service package provided by Xanboo. This inexpensive and reliable service requires a one-time setup fee, as well as a yearly subscription fee. For more information and rates, please visit TeamGSI.com/Xanboo.


In the 21st century most of us want our information quick and easy, and it's no different when it comes to home security. With PCs now in virtually every household and smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry revolutionizing the mobile industry, it was about time that someone integrated the experience of home security & surveillance with today's new wave of at-your-fingerprints technology!

While most home security systems are indeed reliable, those of us who work all the time or would like to go on vacation would still like to have some sense of control over our home's security and our alarm systems. Thanks to Xanboo's patented technology to connect from remote locations to a gateway in the home, that is now a reality!

How It Works:

This unit is meant to work with a Wireless Xanboo Bridge, which can be purchased here at HomeSecurityStore.com.

You simply connect the XG1000S Gateway Module to the router that's connected to your DSL/Cable modem. You must then attach a Xanboo Bridge to your alarm system PANEL, or KEYPAD itself if possible. Through a wireless connection, the Bridge will automatically discover the XG1000S Gateway module, getting your unit up and running.

After the hardware is installed, you use Xanboo's mobile application to access the system from just about any web-enabled device including cellular phones and computers. Simply use your phone's web browser to download and install the application from MyRemoteManager.com, with versions available for both Java and Non-Java enabled phones, as well as a special version for iPhone users.

After your software is installed you simply enter your remote account User ID & Password and you'll have the Virtual Security Keypad displayed on your mobile phone or PC, working precisely as though you were standing in front of the keypad in your home or business.

With the Virtual Keypad you'll be able to:

  • Check current system status
  • Arm/Disarm system from anywhere
  • Manage system access for multiple users
  • Setup/Disable user codes remotely
  • View system and sensor activity
  • Search activity history
  • Customize notifications, add/delete names from online address book
  • Receive alerts for alarms, power outages, and restarts
  • Be notified whenever the system is armed or disarmed

Additionally, you could add cameras, sensors and device controls for a fully realized state-of-the-art system that provides you with remote access to your security keypad, instant notification of an alarm event, and best of all, remote REAL-TIME and archived STREAMING VIDEO right in your phone or computer, no matter where you are anytime!


  • Find out if and when the kids came home from school
  • Cancel false alarms prior to dispatch by viewing pre/post alarm video as well as live video feeds
  • Use recorded video to help authorities apprehend burglars or home invaders
  • Log in to see if the neighbor remembered to come by and feed the cat
  • Find out immediately about a power outage or burst water pipe at the cabin
  • Monitor access to hazardous or off-limits areas within the home and record video of the event
  • Track/view guests, renters, or maintenance personnel as they come and go
  • And much more...


  • Find out when company personnel arm or disarm the security system, or if they forget
  • Cancel false alarms prior to dispatch by viewing pre/post alarm video as well as live video feeds
  • Reduce employee and customer theft
  • Get better productivity out of your staff
  • Use recorded video to help authorities apprehend burglars or home invaders
  • Monitor access and video record activity related to safes, cash drawers, inventory closets, and other important areas
  • Create automated schedules to arm/disarm the system at set times each day
  • Monitor temperature in server rooms, and receive an alert if there's a power outage
  • And much more...
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Limited Support

In order for this product to work there is a one-time set-up fee and yearly subscription fee. However, this service is not provided by HomeSecurityStore.com. For that service and provider please go to http://www.teamgsi.com.

Please also keep in mind—Although we do provide tech support for the Xanboo device itself, we are not able to offer support on routers, modems, switches or any other network/internet related devices or services. Due to the diverse mix of networks, our support for internet or network related features in this product are limited.