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6272CSV - Honeywell Graphic Touch Screen Keypad-Silver

6272CSV - Honeywell Graphic Touch Screen Keypad-Silver
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The Honeywell Graphic Touch Screen Keypad officially signals a new wave in home protection. Operating as a stylish and unique user-friendly command center, its vibrant graphics and menu-driven prompts guide you in securing your home against intruders, fires & carbon-monoxide leaks, while also offering full control of your room's lighting for when your mood calls for a more atmospheric setting.

LED Operation

The LED screen is completely touch screen, so you'll never have to worry about broken buttons or keyboard replacements. Navigation typically begins with a "Home" screen. This is the TouchCenter's main default screen and is the first screen you will see when the TouchCenter is powered up and initialized. It is from this simple, user-friendly first screen that you can select from the main menu, with your selections including:

  • Control of security system
  • Control of message center
  • Control of premises lighting

You don't have to worry that strangers will have access to your security system. This is because each individual user can be assigned a name with a corresponding 4-digits user code in order to gain access to various features and functions. And since safety is Honeywell's chief concern, the unit is equipped with what it calls a "Safe Mode" which is a backup mode that ensures that you can communicate with your system in the rare event that the TouchCenter cannot successfully communicate in its graphic mode with the control panel.

Burglar Deterrent

Burglar deterrents are a must in any home, and the keypad's built-in burglar protection system comes equipped with three distinct modes: Away, Stay and Night, and even allows you to "bypass" the selected zones of protection while leaving the rest of the system armed. This means you can arm your system while leaving upper-story windows open.

The system also comes with a "Chime" mode in all keypads and "Voice" mode, for alerting users when doors or windows are being opened or closed even while the system is disarmed. When the alarm system occurs, the TouchCenter and external sounders will sound, and the zones causing the alarm are displayed on the screen. If your system is connected to a central monitoring station, an alarm message will be sent.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide

The fire protection portion of your system is always on and will sound an alarm if a fire condition is detected.

Perhaps the system's most sophisticated feature, however, is it's Carbon-Monoxide detection. Carbon-Monoxide is a silent killer as it is odorless and tasteless, and often those who fall victim to the gas become too disoriented to either leave the building or seek help. Luckily, the Honeywell Graphic Touch Screen comes equipped with a sophisticated Carbon-Monoxide detector that will sound an alarm the minute it detects the gas within your home.

Both fire and CO detection is optional on your system and can be disabled at any time.


The keypad's frame comes in either black, white or silver depending on the decor of your home, while you can avoid the ultra high-tech look of a command center screen by instead displaying your family photos when the touchscreen is idle. This gives the look of a picture frame and adds a unique touch to any wall in your home.

  • Crystal clear, high resolution TFT display
  • Digital picture frame with photo slide show option
  • Choice of six languages can be displayed and changed
  • Voice annunciation of type of alarm, location of alarm and system info
  • Intuitive touch screen
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Physical 7-1/4" W x 5" H x 1-3/8" D
(Standard four-wire connection)
Black - Ground
Red - +12VDC (Aux Power)
Green - “Data in” to control panel
Yellow - “Data out” from control panel
Current Draw Standby - 180mA
Activated - 280mA
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