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DVRY1602S - Avemia Pentaplex 16CH H.264 DVR w/ 1000GB HDD

DVRY1602S - Avemia Pentaplex 16CH H.264 With 1000GB HD
Manufacturer:  Avemia  SKU:  DVRY1602S
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Usually leaves our warehouse the same business day.
16 channels and 1000GB are plenty and then some for my business. Once I installed my security system, including this DVR, my shoplifting went down by at least 90%. I can testify this is a great investment for business owners.
Price:  $649.50

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The Cornerstone of Your Surveillance

Suitable for homes, businesses, offices and store fronts, this 16 channel DVR (Digital Video Record) is built to expand every property owner's sense of security. Your CCTV system will take a definite upgrade with the DVRY1602S Avemia Pentaplex 16CH H.264 DVR w/1000GB HDD, being one of the most capable and efficient surveillance camera recorders currently available.

Monitoring at the Palm of your Hand

With the proper use of smart phone applications, the video this DVR captures can be viewed remotely via a compatible mobile device.

Recommended App(s) for this unit: MobileEye or MobileEye+

*Please be aware that because there are a wide variety of security remote-viewing apps available, Home Security Store does NOT guarantee that every app will be compatible with the products sold on this site.



Video and Audio

Hook up as little as 1 and as many as 16 surveillance cameras to this DVR to begin recording what happens on your property for video evidence. 16 channels allow you to add more cameras later at your discretion and get great coverage of your property. It also holds 4 audio inputs to record sound for surveillance cams with audio recording capability.

H.264 Pentaplex

H.264 compression works to keep video files at high quality, while keeping file size small so you can store/save more. The Pentaplex function lets you record, playback, have a live preview, remote preview and back-up your footage. The options on managing your video are seemingly endless. You also have the option to record video in Best, High, Mid, Low and User-defined quality for further memory space management.

Quality First

This standalone DVR is the cornerstone of your security system and exceeds the limits of what any home or business owner could ever ask for in their video surveillance. While you view your footage, this DVR has the ability to display in 720x480 resolution with monitors that support that resolution. It holds 1000GB HDD of memory space and contains its own embedded operating software, meaning it has no dependency on Windows or Linux as most PC-based DVR systems do.

To control and scroll through footage, the DVRY1602S features front panel operation, the use of a remote control, mouse and client IE web operation. Made user-friendly, the GUI (Graphic User Interface) this recorder displays is made with simplicity for you to manage and sift through your system's history. With stunningly high performance, the Avemia Pentaplex 16 Ch. H.264 DVR with 1000GB HDD is one of the top do-it-yourself digital video recorders in the home security industry.

Main Features:


  • Compressed video & audio are synchronous. You can select either mixed stream or individual video stream.
  • Four-level selection of record quality and self-defined bit rate and frame rate supported
  • Adjustable video parameters
  • Multi-are motion detection


  • Manual record and schedule record supported. The schedule record types include: timing, motion detection, alarm.
  • SATA Hard disk supported
  • Backup and clip record files through USB flash disk, portable USB HDD, and USB CD/DVD RW Supported

Preview and Playback

  • Simultaneous output of VGA, TV, and S-Video
  • Up to 4 channels playback in fast play mode, slow play mode, rewind and single frame forward supported
  • Status displaying of local record, alarm and motion detection supported


  • Local alarm (includes exception and motion detection) triggered handling supported.
  • Alarm linkage: triggered record, linkage alarm, output and linkage PTZ Preset, sound alarm, report to alarm center.

(iPhone App screen shot below)

Note: iPhone App not included w/ purchase.
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1. Anonymous User on 12/24/2011, said:

Excellent DVR. Setup is a little tough unless you are good with compluters and networks but tech support was very helpful. I would and will order more.

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2. Kurt on 3/10/2011, said:

Great Service and awsome support

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3. Jurgen on 2/10/2011, said:

After considerable research, comparison & the expert advice from HSS, I decided to upgrade my two old 4-Ch units & buy this Atrix DVR, with an additional 4 cameras -and I'm SO glad I did! Considering the affordable price, It's incredibly feature-packed! The DVR presents an elegant, hi-tech design, it was a breeze to install & configure using the remote control to change all the settings with user-friendly, well laid-out on-screen menus. It accepted my existing 7-cams with no problem whatsoever, truly plug-n-watch. Two features that really impressed me right from the start is the ability to choose between several different camera screen displays –those being 1,4, 6, 9 or 16. Since I’m only using 9 of the 16-Ch input capacity, this option means I don't end up with a bunch of black squares on the screen where there is no camera - a very thoughtful feature! Second, my old system apparently had a fixed camera screen display size and I never realized that my existing cameras actually had a much wider/taller field of view! With this DVR/system there is a wonderful option to adjust the overall screen display size (stretch or squeeze) depending on the output TV screen type/size.. after I made the adjustment I realized that I could now see ALL of my old camera's true depth and had gained several percent more field of view -fantastic! The only problem I had was the installation of the local (LAN) server software and the Web-client app (internet Explorer -which I hate, btw). Nowhere did it comment that the included disk containing the LAN server software is actually NOT even needed and is more intended for running multiple DVR systems at the same time from one program. The installation of this software is definitely a major tech undertaking and not for anyone without advanced tech-savvy. I gave up after countless tries. Second, the same happened with the Web-client (IE) program. After numerous attempts I just could not get it to work (blaming IE of course, with its Active-X). I called HSS and was referred to Atrix. A very knowledgeable tech-support gentleman was available right away, he accessed my PC and since I had already done almost all of the configuration (DVR, IP, IE, Router, etc), the problem was resolved in less than 5 minutes. It appears that the instruction manual, under Network and Web-client configuration, states that the login Username & Password are the same (example: ADMIN), whereas the password is actually different and being the one used as the default password for the DVR. I would have never guessed that, amazing how one type error like that can ruin an entire install. The tech gentleman indicated they were aware of this and are having the manual corrected. In fact, this gentleman went above & beyond by also configuring the DDNS for me. Aside from this minor software install issue, I would highly recommend this DVR/system and plan on getting more for other locations. But above all, I'm very impressed and completely satisfied with the exceptional Customer Service I experienced from HSS and Atrix, they have certainly gained my customer & product loyalty for future purchases - Thank You!

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4. Helmut on 1/18/2011, said:

This a a good product. I had a little trouble setting it up to work over the internet, but the customer service was great and we got it to work perfect.

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5. Anonymous User on 8/31/2010, said:

I have this machine in my warehouse for almost a month. I watched it with my iphone and it works great. The tech guy showed me how to download a free app and connected it. Nice machine, good price, thanks home security store.

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Video Input Channel 16 BNC
Video Output Channel 1-TV OUT BNC,1S-VIDEO,1VGA, 1 spot out
Video Display Single, Split(1/16)
Search Mode Time & Date
Audio In 4
Audio Out 1
Resolution Display 720X480
Video Display Real Time
Resolution Recording 352x240
Recording Modes Continuous, Scheduled, Sensor/ Motion trigger
Recording Compression H.264
Recording Frame Rate 30 FPS Per Channel
Recording Quality Best, High, Mid, Low, and User-defined
Internet Transmitting/ Compression H.264
Storage Support 1T SATA HDD
Backup Device USB stick, External HDD, External DVD-RW (not included)
Alarm Input 16
Alarm Output 4
Serial Connectors 2 USB 2.0,1 PS2, 1-RS485
Network Connection 10/100 Ethernet(RJ-45)
Network Protocol TCP/IP, Static IP, DHCP, DDNS
Playback Media Player and Client Player
Supply Voltage Output DC 12V/ Input: AC100~240V
Dimension (W x L x H) 14.5"x17.2.5"x2"

Limited Support

We are not able to offer support on routers, modems, switches or any other network/internet related devices or services. Due to the diverse mix of networks, our support for internet or network related features in this product are limited. The following must be completed before calling in for assistance with network/internet related features:

  • Your network/internet must be configured and working.
  • IP address and port number for the product must be pre configured already on the network.

Please also have the following information available: Default gateway IP address, Subnet mask IP address, Port numbers, and all other network information.