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Dakota Alert MAPS MURS Alert Probe Sensor

MAPS - Dakota Alert MURS Alert Probe Sensor
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Dakota Alert's MURS Alert Probe Sensor is a wireless vehicle detection driveway alarm whose range and connectivity offers the ideal solution for business owners attempting to monitor customer traffic, farmers monitoring vacant farm sites, or even real estate and home developers who would like to monitor their various remote lots but cannot necessarily afford to provide physical security.

With a range of up to several miles, the MURS transmitter sends wireless alert signals to either your M538-BS or M538-HTtransceivers upon detecting approaching vehicles. And with its reliable and sophisticated detection-technology you are free from worrying about approaching or passing animals setting off any false-alarms, which saves you the time, money and effort it can take to perform the often-tedious task of inspecting your properties.

Reliability and safety go hand in hand, and Dakota Alert has taken every precaution to ensure your system will not fail you. As listening to the radios in our cars have taught us, wireless signals can be marked by interference. But your fear of crossing signals can be laid to rest, as the MURS Alert Probe Sensor gives you 5 distinct channels and 38 sub-channels to choose from, eliminating the risk of interference from other user signals. Furthermore, the system requires only 6 AA alkaline batteries with a battery life of six to twelve months under most conditions.

How It Works
Probe is connected to transmitter box with 50' of direct burial cable. Place probe in driveway and when MURS Alert detects vehicle, signal is sent to receiver in spoken English and twice repeats the phrase "Alert Zone One," "Alert Zone Two," "Alert Zone Three," or "Alert Zone Four." The four alert messages are easily selected at the transmitter, so that up to four different zones can be monitored simultaneously.


  • Monitors up to 4 different zones
  • Compatible with M538-BS or M538-HTtransceivers
  • Wireless transmit range of up to several miles
  • Alert signal spoken in English
  • 5 Channels & 38 subchannels to prevent signal interference
  • 6 AA alkaline batteries
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1. David on 3/26/2014, said:

I bought this unit and installed it along side of my driveway about 0.4 miles up the drive. The area from the transmitter to the receiver is very crooked, hilly,down hill and covered with oak trees. Definitely as far from line of sight as you could possibly get. The system works very well.

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2. Anonymous User on 6/10/2012, said:

To the "lawn mower cut the cable" guy. I have several of the probe systems that we use to turn on security cameras I can't complain about the product in any was except to say more transmitter range would be nice. as to your situation if you contact Dakota Alert directly you can buy just the probe which comes with 50 feet of cable for a fraction of the price of a new unit. However I do agree with the fix it your self guy, the best option is to repair the broken cable yourself. If you can't or don't want to solder the connection you can just use standard electrical butt connectors that can be purchased at any auto parts store and a little electrical tape. SUPER SIMPLE REPAIR.

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3. Anonymous User on 6/7/2012, said:

THE GOOD - I bought and installed two of these from Home Security Store. They do work well, and I have 2+ mile range with better homemade antennas installed. They're very nice to have, and I monitor two roads on our ranch property from the comfort of my home. THE BAD - Lightning sets them off like crazy - and I mean lightning that you can see, but is so far away there's not even audible thunder! Tech Support at Dakota Alert said I could try grounding the shield on the sensor wire, but that's going to be beyond the scope of the average homeowner. (I'm a ham radio operator, and had no problem doing that, but lightning still sets them off.) To the person who cut his cord with the lawn-mower... It's not magic cable! It's just "direct-bury sprinkler wire" with a shield - Home Depot sell it all day long. You do NOT need to buy another unit. Just solder the wires back together and heat-shrink it... You coulda fixed it for a couple dollars!!!

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4. Steve on 10/14/2011, said:

I installed one of these MURS probes along side my driveway and ran the 50' cable to the transmitter mounted on a fence post. My transmit distance is only around 200' and at that distance, the signal is very reliable. I have the relay contacts on the receiver connected to a zone point on my alarm system so I get a log record every time it trips and a voice alert as well. Have not had it long enough to have any experience with battery life and it doesn't appear to have a low battery indication unless I'm missing that? I will probably just change the batteries twice a year to be safe (6 AA cells) Works great so far!

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5. Anonymous User on 4/1/2011, said:

I've had two of the MURS probe sensors for 6 years now. I installed mine with conduit to the driveway sensor to protect the wire from gophers and mounted the electronics in a little bird house. With regular battery changes every 8 to 10 months the units have worked flawlessly. I convinced a neighbor to get one for a property about 5 miles away ( line of sight ) and he's had no trouble receiving alerts. The only negative I've noticed is that sometimes the unit will alert with lightning storms over head. Decreasing the sensitivity seemed to help that.

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6. Anonymous User on 2/23/2011, said:

This is a rip!!!! I wanted to buy a new probe. (The lawn mower cut the cord to the orginal system.) They will only sell the complete unit....$250.00 What a rip.!!!! Chuck Pickett the unit is great--- the service sux

Security Advisor Comment
Hi Chuck We understand your frustration, but this part is not available to use from the manufacture.

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