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PLUNGER-D - ION Security DSC Compatible Wireless Door Sensor

PLUNGER-D - ION Security DSC Compatible Wireless Door Sensor
Manufacturer:  ION Security  SKU:  PLUNGER-D
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The PLUNGER is so EASY to install. It goes in the hinge side of the door so that it needs no traditional and obtrusive magnet that door sensors are usually built with.

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Product Overview

  • Aesthetic - Fully concealed wireless door sensor
  • Simple to specify - Compatible with current DSC Wireless Receivers
  • Easy to install - Only a drill, a 3/4 inch Forstner bit, and a 1/4 inch wood bit (for antenna insertion) are required
  • Composition - Micro-processor, Micro-transmitter, Lithium Battery, Optimized Antenna for superior zone signal
  • Long-life Battery - 5+ years (average rating)

A bulky home security system can be an eyesore. Adding to that stress is hard wire installation permanently altering the aesthetics of a room, door or window treatment. With its wireless connectivity and fully concealed platform, however, ION Security PLUNGER is a door security sensor that finally eliminates these pesky inconveniences.

ION Security's PLUNGER's easy 2-step installation process requires just three tools:

  1. Drill
  2. 3/4" Forstener Bit
  3. 1/4" Wood Bit (for antenna insertion)

Meant to fit snugly on the hinge-side door jamb to be concealed by the closed door, you simply drill a 1 inch deep hole using the 3/4 inch Forstner bit, followed by a 1/4" hole to be drilled into the center of the cavity where the antenna must be inserted. Once you feed the antenna into the 1/4" hole, you merely press and secure the ION PLUNGER into the open cavity, and your instillation is complete!

From then on your fear of any burglars spotting your motion sensors and finding alternate and less-secure entryways into your home or commercial space can be forgotten, because the ION Security Plunger is not only virtually invisible to the naked eye, but it uses a sophisticated wireless transmit that extends to 500 ft of any DSC wireless receiver - making it an ideal choice for installing within just about any door of your home or office.

The ION Security Plunger's battery-life is another one of it's convenient features, as its 3.0V Lithium Coin Cell Battery has an average life-span of about 5+ years, ensuring you and your family's safety will not be compromised by the vexing and easily-forgettable task of constantly having to replace your battery.


  • Fully concealed wireless door sensor
  • Dimensions: 1 in. deep x 3/4 in. wide
  • Compatible with DSC wireless receivers
  • 500 ft open air wireless transmit range
  • 3.0V Lithium Coin Cell Battery

How It Works
A captive magnet within the plunger activates a reed switch when the plunger is depressed.

NOTE: The sensor typically protrudes .060" beyond the door jamb. Protrusion may vary slightly.

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1. Rick on 3/9/2013, said:

Installed three of these on my exterior doors and I absolutely love them Easy to install' and work perfect. Couldn't be happier.

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2. Scott on 7/12/2012, said:

Although drilling into the unknown can be a little intimidating, I've had no problems installing these in my old house. I chose to install these instead of magnet/reed switches for my windows. By installing them a few inches above the sill, they allow me to keep the windows slightly open when I'm at home. I found that I needed the extra ring for my old double-hung windows since wood windows are designed to be loose in their frames so they won't stick in humid weather. The ring moves the plunger about an 1/8" closer to the window and makes a solid contact when closed.

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3. Jon on 8/12/2011, said:

Purchased some of these along with the Micra-D for a DSC Alexor system we bought from here. Instructions were very clear and installation was easy. The sensor was recognized by the alarm panel easily and testing was completed successfully. Conceals well and no problems so far. I had a couple questions about whether the plunger would work with a steel side door on our house. I emailed the sensor company directly and received a prompt response telling me that it would work and this was not a problem. Both the Home Security Store and Ion Security customer service was excellent.

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4. Paul on 5/19/2011, said:

Bought a few of these with the 3/4" forstner bit accessory and it really provides a clean hidden look. I got one installed over 50ft away from the receiver with a few walls in-between and no transmission issues. I really prefer this over the magnetic stick/drill on sensors. One question still not answered would be what the battery life expectancy is. I have one interior door which I leave open a good majority of the time, but plan to keep closed in the future. Since these run off watch batteries, battery life is definitely a concern at this point.

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5. Mark on 11/12/2010, said:

Easy to install, Drill a hole in the door (buy the recommended drill bit for a cleaner hole), record serial number for programming later, insert batter, replace cap, feed wire into hole and down door frame/wall spacing, push the body of the switch in the hole flush with the door frame. Program and test your wireless alarm system. Love the convenience of not having to run wires back to the box. I am curious how long the batteries will last on the doors that are used the most. Great product idea, especially for older homes and doors on outer walls (where running wires to a switch is more difficult)

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6. Vladan on 11/3/2010, said:

Great product. Range is excellent. It works on a detached garage service door about 55 feet away.

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Showing comments 1-6 of 6
Dimensions Dowel Package: 1 inch deep by 3/4 inch wide (3/4 inch (0.750) diameter)
Power Source 3.0V Lithium Coin Cell Battery (CR1620)
Cavity Depth Fit 1 inch depth
System Compatibilities Sensors are compatible with current DSC and GE wireless receivers.
Please be sure to specify which system you require.
Visual Characteristics Each sensor is color-coded to identify their respective compatibility:
DSC - Black 8.5 inch x 24 gauge antenna extends from the sensor
GE - Blue 11.5 inch x 24 gauge antenna extends from the sensor
Environmental Conditions Ambient temperature 10° - 120°F (-12 - 49°C).
Replacement Sensor and/or Battery is fi eld-replaceable.
Patents US Patent #6,737,969 Multiple Domestic and International Patents Pending.

Data Sheet
Downloads: 765
Size: 325 KB