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RCR-PET - GE Interlogix Range Controlled Radar PIR w/ Pet Immunity 80lbs

RCR-PET - GE Range Controlled Radar PIR w/ Pet Immunity 80lbs
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GE Interlogix Range-Controlled Radar PIR Motion Sensor

Using the dual technology combination of precision controlled Doppler effect radar and passive infrared (PIR), the RCR series motion sensors are easy to install and use. A jumper switch allows you to quickly select a precise range setting from 9 to 50 feet (2.7 to 15.2 meters). Coverage-on-Demand(TM) ensures that the sensor detects objects from a specific area and ignores objects outside the covered range. RCR sensors are the right solution for challenging residential, pet,or commercial applications. Because the sensors determine the attributes of an object by calculating its size and distance away,available options such as the RCR-PET can ignore pets up to 80 pounds without any loss of detection.

PrecisionLine(TM) dual technology motion sensors offer new, easy solutions for your most challenging residential, pet, or commercial applications. Using a sophisticated combination of precision controlled microwave and passive infrared (PIR) technologies, these sensors give you total Coverage-on-Demand (TM). PrecisionLine dual technology motion sensors reduce installation and training time since the installer is not required to make any complicated adjustments to the sensor. A jumper switch allows you to quickly select from a variety of precise range settings. Coverage-on-Demand ensures that the sensor detects only objects within a precise area, and not in adjacent rooms or outside - a common problem for less sophisticated dual technology sensors. With the RCR-PET model, each zone is factory calibrated to ignore animals up to 80 lbs, and still detect human-size objects. The sensor works like sonar on a submarine, transmitting radar signals that "ping" the coverage area, then bounce back to the sensor on the same path. Objects that are out of the covered range are ignored. The sensor determines the attributes of an object by calculating its size and distance from the sensor. This allows it to ignore pets such as cats and dogs without any loss of detection.

For high security installations that require quicker detection, radar-only mode is available except in RCR-PET. Designed for flexibility, the PrecisionLine sensors are ideal solutions for a variety of challenging commercial and residential applications.

Standard Features

  • Exclusive range-control technology
  • Use radar-only mode for stealth mounting in high security applications
  • RCR-50 extended 50' range version
  • RCR-PET ignores animals up to 80 lbs
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Dimensions 2.8 W x 2.3 D x 5.1” H (7.1 x 5.8 x 13cm)
Color White
Detection Range 50’ (15.2m) x 90° 35' (10.7m) x 90°
Microwave Frequency 5.8GHz
Mounting Height 7-8' (2.1-2.4m)
Field Wiring Size 12-22AWG
Target Velocity 0.5 ft/sec to 5 ft/sec
Alarm Hold Time 5 sec ± 10%
Operating Temperature 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Relative Humidity 5-93% non-condensing
Input Voltage 8.5-18VDC (10-16VOL)
Typical Current 27mA
Max Current 35mA
Relay Rating 28VDC, 100mA max
Range Settings 9, 18, 27, 35ft
Spec Sheet
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Installation Manual
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