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VISTA-ICM - Honeywell Internet Connection Module

VISTAICM - Honeywell Internet Connection Module
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Honeywell's Internet Connection Module (ICM) for VISTA controls is an exciting device that provides your customers with easy and affordable control via an IP-based web interface-automating home security and allowing it to work together with other optional ICMs to make their homes safer and more comfortable. The ICM seamlessly integrates with Honeywell's VISTA series security systems and the Honeywell Enviracom(TM) Thermostat (VisionPro IAQ) when used with Honeywell's Energy ICM. The VISTA ICM has its own setup wizard that makes installation quick and easy. No installation software is required. The EcoConcierge Web service provides a user-friendly, safe and secure access to both security and heating cooling system.


Integrated Control - Customers can control security systems and thermostats* from a web browser on a PC, web tablet, wireless PDA, or laptop.
In the event of a fire, the system can be programmed to send a signal via the network to shut down HVAC airflow to help stop the spread of smoke.*

Messaging - Users can receive notification of system events via text messaging or e-mail i.e.: notification via e-mail at work when your child disarms the security system after school.

Cameras - Homeowners can view IP cameras and check on their homes from any Intranet connection (requires broadband and optional hardware and software).

Protocol Conversion - All specific VISTA ECP protocols are converted to a common IP-based protocol.

Real-time Feedback - Device changes are reported to all user interfaces as they happen.

Built-in User Interfaces - Pages specific to the attached device are predefined and built into the ICM.

Automatic Device Discovery - Just plug in a new device and it is automatically recognized on the network and added to the EcoConcierge portal services.

Consistent User Interface - All device interfaces share the same look and feel with consistent operation and a common color scheme.

Fault Tolerant - No master controller or PC home server means there is no single point of failure. Each ICM operates as an independent control system.

Optional - The EcoConcierge Web Portal service allows for local and remote command and control of VISTA ICM (as well as other ICMs) using a secure authentication server.

*Additional components are necessary. Please consult your Honeywell representative for details.

Hardware Compatible

  • Industry standard Ethernet hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points. CAT5/5E/6 Cable 100 meter max cable lengths from ICM to network router/switch. Built-In Web Server Features
  • Supports standard TCP/IP protocols
  • Compatible with any web-browser based hardware
    - PDA
    - PC
    - Laptop
    - Touch Screen computer
    - Java plug-in required to display real-time information updates**


  • 32-Bit Motorola ColdFire Processor
    - 2MB Flash Memory
    - 8MB RAM
    - 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
    - Addressable ECP port
    - Hardware is dedicated to one task, and is not shared between multiple products
  • Supported Browser
    - Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.0 and higher
  • Supported VISTA panels
    - All 10/15/20/21/50/128/250 series and FA equivalents

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