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AUDIOGUARD - AudioGuard Audio Burglar Deterrent

AUDIOGUARD - AudioGuard Audio Burglar Deterrent
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Simple ideas are the best. It’s easy to use and very effective.

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Many studies have shown that NOISE tends to drive a potential burglar away from a targeted home. That’s why AUDIOGUARD was made. The audio burglar deterrent CD package incorporates a wide selection of everyday household sounds associated with occupancy to intimidate would be thieves. AUDIOGUARD makes it seem as if someone is always home. It’s simple, easy, and totally convincing.

Using 24 bit digital sound technology, AUDIOGUARD uses household sounds, plus specially developed subliminal signals, to repel burglars on both the conscious and subconscious levels convincing them that you are home and active (all sounds that are recognizable such as voices and coughing are deliberately avoided). Recorded sounds include vacuuming, doors and chairs moving, and hammering. The audio on each of the 3 AUDIOGUARD CDs lasts around 60 minutes.

To use AUDIOGUARD simply load the chosen CD into your CD player, select random repeat (this makes the soundtrack different every time it is played and therefore unrecognizable to potential intruders), and leave it playing to guard over your home until you return from work, vacation, or wake up. Again, there are 3 CD's in the package:

CD 1 - Household 1 (for everyday use)
CD 2 - Household 2 (for prolonged periods such as vacation or while sleeping)
CD 3 - DIY (very loud, great in the garage or workshop)

Don’t have a superb sound system? Don’t worry. All of the sounds recorded were selected for their ability to travel efficiently, allowing them to be heard easily from outside any property, and also to be played effectively on low budget sound systems. To listen-in on what the CDs sound like, please play our video review.
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