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V20P-WLS - Honeywell Vista20P Security Kit

V20P-WLS - Honeywell Vista20P Security Kit
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I Love this Ademco Security Kit. It has all you need in one package. You can’t ask for more

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The Vista20p alarm system is as powerful as it versatile, with an array of industry-leading accessories and a robust system capacity that allows for broad expansion. This hybrid system uses a combination of hardwired and wireless technologies, equipping you with everything you need to ensure the maximum security for your home or business.

Control Without Limitations

Control your system whether you're at home or away, using the leading-edge technologies contained within this affordable kit. With the Vista 20p, you can use online monitoring to arm and disarm your system from absolutely anywhere. Just log on to the Internet and input the appropriate commands. The system transmits alarm signals via Internet Protocol (IP), ensuring greater delivery speed to and from the control panel.

Wide-Ranging Expansion Capabilities

The Vista 20p comes equipped with 2 keypads, but the system can be expanded to include up to 4. The event log will hold up to 100 events with a date-time stamp for your convenience and records. You need never worry about data recovery, because the Vista 20p keeps a detailed account of everything.

Industry-Leading Accessories

This kit includes all the premium accessories you need to build the ultimate home security system: a control panel, an indoor siren, a 16.5-volt transformer, a pet-immune wireless motion detector, 2 keypads, 2 Ademco 2-point wireless transmitters, and even a convenient key fob for easy control. This powerful system will provide up to 48 zones of protection, and is more than adequate to secure most homes and businesses.

Unparalleled Safety

A cut phone line can significantly compromise your home security, leaving you without a direct line to your monitoring company. The Vista 20p includes a built-in phone line cut monitor with programming delay and annunciation options to keep you safer at all times. The system even includes modules and relays that let you control household appliances and set schedules with just a few simple expansions. With myriad options and unparalleled flexibility, it's no wonder that the Vista 20p has become such a world leader. It truly is protection made easy. Order yours today.


  • IP alarm reporting and uploading/downloading capability for Internet and Intranet use via 7845i, 7845i-ENT, 7845GSMR or 7845i-GSM
  • Supports four graphic touchscreen keypads
  • Wireless keys can be programmed without using zones
  • Eight on-board hardwired zones standard (15 when Zone Doubling feature is used)
    - 40 hardwire expansion zones
    - 40 wireless expansion zones
  • Two low current on-board trigger outputs
  • 100 Event Log viewable at system keypads with time/date stamp
  • 48 system user codes assignable to either partition
  • Expandable to 48 total zones when used with hardwired and/or wireless expansion modules
  • Two independent partitions plus a common partition
    - Global Arming from any system keypad
    - Goto function to view or operate one partition from the other
    - Separate partition account numbers
  • 16 output devices
    - Relays (Model 4204 Relay Modules, or 4229 Expansion Module), and/or X-10(R) devices (when used with a 4300 Transformer)
  • Four installer-configurable zone types allows the installer to create custom zone types by assigning all zone attributes
  • Supports four-wire and up to 16 two-wire smokes
    - Works with Sentrol CleanMe(TM) maintenance signal
  • Multiple actions on output devices depending on system state
    - Turns lights off when system arms
    - Turns the same light on when system disarms
    - Flashes same lights when system is in alarm
  • Built-in phone line cut monitor with programmable delay and annunciation options
    - Display on system keypads
    - Trigger local sounders
    - Trigger system bell

Security Dealer Features

  • Automatic System Load Shed
    - During extended AC power fail, the system battery will be disconnected to prevent irreversible battery failure. Reduces service calls to replace batteries.
  • Dynamic Signaling
    - Reduces redundant reporting to the central station when multiple reporting methods are used; i.e. digital dialer and AlarmNet radio

Valuable End-User Features

  • Viewable on system keypads:
    - Exit countdown
    - Time and date display*
    - Event log*
  • Auto keypad backlighting on entry
  • Keyswitch arming
  • Programmable macro buttons and single-button arming
  • Supports a variety of wireless remote controls for single-button operation
  • User Scheduling
    - Automatically activates X-10 and relays at programmed times
    - Latchkey reports to pagers
    - Auto arm/disarm
    - "User access" time windows
  • Supports up to four end-user numeric pagers
  • VIP Module allows system control from any touchtone phone
  • Chime by zone
    * Requires custom alpha keypad
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1. John on 11/23/2013, said:

Like a lot of other folks out there, had an old Brinks system, tired of paying $30+ dollars for monitoring. Absolutely ridiculous that you pay that much for a system and then they lock it out so you can't use it if you don't want pay their service fees!!! Ordered this Honeywell Vista 20P kit from the Home Security Store, pretty awesome system! If your old system has a "Honeywell" motherboard like mine did you can use the motion detector, window/door contacts with this new system. The 6160 keypad is great, the 6150RF is just so-so, haven't been able to get the 5834 keyfob programmed just yet. Have done it by-the-book and still doesn't work, nor does the wireless motion sensor. Even watched a few youtube videos and did the exact same steps with no luck. Like the expandability of the system, right now I have a lot more perimeters to protect than I have actual zones so I will be looking into getting the "4229" zone expander in the near future. Even though the system can do wireless I'd rather get the zone expander and have the wired connection since the wires are already available. The EVL-3 is on the list as well, would be nice to hook up to the router and receive updates via my cell phone. The Home Security Store got the order completed and shipped out quickly, ordered Friday night, got the system the following Friday afternoon, pretty good from California to Georgia, free shipping!

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2. Gary on 11/21/2013, said:

Absolutely glad to have made this choice in a home alarm system – the Honeywell/Ademco quality and functionality and expandability do rate the highest marks in my opinion. In my searching for what system to buy this system caught my attention and in studying it I was quickly impressed at its capability and the ease of identifying the matching components (all in the “5800 Series”). I knew I needed a ‘hybrid’ system because my house was pre-wired and I wanted also to use a number of wireless components (motion detectors, heat/smoke detectors, shock, etc) and this system does both – hybrid – very cool. However, but for all my complementing Honeywell I only gave this review a 4-star rating, and that is because of how HSS packaged this system kit. Considering all the capability built into the Vista20P control board – 64 zones: 8 hardwire, 40 wireless and 16 wireless keyfob – they supply a 6150RF keyboard, which comes up short in that it only supports 16 wireless zones TOTAL. This was not clear to a novice like me and I found it out the frustrating way… a Saturday, no tech support, and a cryptic error code flashing away and nothing would clear it. But all was not lost, as through the HSS site you can access a DIY Help Forum and there, with some searching, I found the answer to what was causing the error. It was the 6150RF limit of 16 wireless zones - with my addition of a second keyfob I had 19 wireless zones (each keyfob uses four zones, one for each of the four buttons). The solution was make the additional purchase of a 6160RF keyboard, which has unlimited wireless zones. And, by being an Apha keypad its display puts that of the 6150RF to shame. Would have been nice if HSS had given the option of paying a bit more to have the 6160RF with the kit over the 6150RF

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3. Tom on 2/10/2013, said:

I bought this to install in a home that had a new section with wired contacts, and an old section with nothing. The combination of wired and wireless zones was just what I needed. I did spend a number of hours reviewing the documentation and getting the hang of the programming. The included starter guides are a big help. I wired everything together, programmed and tested it in one room first, and I recommend that for anyone that is new to this. Not finished yet, but everything seems to work fine. The number on thing you must know is that you have to set the address on the 6160 keypad to 16, and the other keypad to something above 16. They both come with an address default of 31, which will NOT work.

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4. James on 10/22/2012, said:

The Vista 20P is a very capable system with lots of room for growth. The installation manual should be more clearly explained as the manual author assumed its reader's could recall and understand information from various locations throughout the manual when referencing specific programming steps. For example when programing the function keys, you must know the default status of the zone selected and change the defaults if they don't match you liking as would be the case with a one button audible panic alarm since the panic default is silent. My recommendation is to build and program the system on the work bench before installing it. It will save a lot of frustration for the novice installer. In fact the Home Security Store could offer an online system configuration worksheet where the components are selected for the various rooms and zone protections desired and from the system configuration sheet, ship the system with all sensors labeled and the panel pre-programmed for the end installer including a paper copy of the panel program for future reference. The Vista 20P is robust with many options and those options should be offered during the online configuration of the system. If you like puzzles and challenges, programming the Vista 20P won't disappoint. Electrical connections are simple and straight forward.

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5. Ken on 8/20/2012, said:

I previously gave this Vista20P a one star rating because I was totally confused and unable to get the 6150RF to do anything and it's the heart of the wireless system (at this point I though I bit off more than I could chew) After a phone call to the Tech Support they walked me through getting it to communicate with the 6160 and control panel it works great. I'm totally wireless and programming all my door sensors and motion detector was a breeze. This system is great. forgot to mention wiring was a no brainier anyone can do it.

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6. Ken on 8/12/2012, said:

Leave the Vista20P security system for the pro's. Stay away from it if you're a novice. The programming instruction make no sense. I wasted $644.00 for this because I purchased extra wireless door sensors,motion sensors, etc..... I have no clue what I'm going to do with it.

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7. Anonymous User on 5/9/2012, said:

it has been almost 30 yrs since i was an alarm installer by profession and i was excoted about doing this change out myself. Bought a house with a cheap ADT sustem already installed but had NO info on the panel so we couldnt even chnge the user code to our own. After calling ADT and getting there HIGH priceds, I decoded to undertake the change out myself. This system is a great foundation for an alrm system for both home and small business use. The whole change out took abt 4 hrs including removing the old equiptment and installing the new panel. Only thing i used from old system was 3 hard wired door contacts and 1 motion. Programming took a little while but only becsue i miss read the instructions. Take your time in planning the programming and you will treat yourself to a feature packed system with lots of room for expansion over the years. An over all pleasant experience. Highly recomend this system for busibess use with multiple employees needeing codes for arming and disarming the system. Captain Charles Creel

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8. Anonymous User on 1/7/2012, said:

I've been in the security business with my brother for 37 years. We've been using Ademco/Honeywell products ever since Moose went out of business. We recently started purchasing our materials from Home Security Store since our local ADI store closed. The 20P is our standard panel we use-and we use nothing but it. It's not too big for smaller installs, and not too small for bigger installs either. And this bundle just adds to the value. This is the industry standard when it comes to security systems. There are more 20P panels out there then some manufactures have total amount of 8-zone panels out there combined.

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9. Gary on 11/22/2011, said:

Took 1 day to pull the required wires, another day to progrtam the keypads after reading the manuals thoughroughly. Had some difficulties but the tech support guys from The Security Store had me up and running in no time. Missed a couple of settings during programming. Highly recommend thsi system and all it offers and highly recommend using The Security Store to purchase it from.

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10. Anonymous User on 10/25/2011, said:

Before I bought this system I did my homework. I based it on 5 different systems and I am glad I chose this one. If you read the manual and do your research you should have no issues programing this system. It does anything I could ask it to do for an alarm system. I also used their monitoring service and from the response I have seen so far, I will recommend them to others. If you want a hardwire / wireless system that you can program to your liking, handle fire and water / temp sensors. This is the system for you.

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11. Sean on 9/27/2011, said:

Very nice system. My house was pre-wired, so the hardwire portion was straightforward. There is no basic program guide that shows you how to start, but once in, the programming can be followed by the book (which was written for professional installers). The wireless sensors took a while to program, but work well. The wireless motion detector is not very sensitive (may want to buy a nicer one if this is important). Bought an extra key fob that was easily entigrated into the system and works very well. The system can do so much more than I am using it for. I am interested in adding extras in the future!! Overall, very happy now that it is programmed.

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12. Anonymous User on 9/19/2011, said:

Ordered this units, installed easily, I am an electronics engineer and had difficulty understanding the instructions. There is no started guide. After 20 hours and plenty of google, I could sum up the installation in less than 1 page, a quick setup. However, this is not included and you will be delayed and waste a lot of time learning. Tech support is helpful. Hardware works, but a lot to be desired on setting up. Example, you MUST first setup the keypad to Address 16. If you do not do this you will not get any readings on the keypad. If you add a second keypad it MUST be setup to 17, but wait, that is not all. You then have to enable the second one. Good luck.

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13. George on 9/7/2011, said:

I purchased this system to replace a much older sys. After I opened the package with my order in it I was plesently surprised at the quality of the items sent. My old system was all hardwired and not routed in the best way, I had too many perimetered items together. I have been busy running new wires and " Zoning " off some of the items for a much more accurate system. Once I started to look in to setting up some of these " zones " I found out that as far as a " do it your self " the info. that came with the product was lacking in explanation as far as how and why. I sent no less then three Emails requested some info. I purchased this system several months ago but with some health issues I was unable to get to the instillation rite a way. The first Email was sent a good two months ago and the most resent just two weeks ago, but to date I have not received a hint of a response as of yet. If you plan on a self install don't count on getting any questions answered by Email. If something changes I would be glad to reevaluate.

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14. Anonymous User on 4/21/2011, said:

We bought a home that had been wired for an alarm system, but we did not want to pay the monthly fee to use the "installed" system. We bought this and in a couple hours transferred the exsisting panel to this one. Added a couple wireless feature - with the help of tech support (THANK YOU!!!!) and this is a GREAT system. Tech support also helped with the initial keypad start up and a few glitches along the way. The value cannot be beat and the help after the sale cannot be beat. GREAT company!!!

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15. Anonymous User on 3/21/2011, said:

This system replaced an ADT system so most of the wiring was done, for the most part it was just a matter of replacing the old ADT stuff with the Honeywell items. With that said, it a GREAT system. Programming a bit difficult BUT once you get a hold of Tech support they walk you through and each time they helped me I learned a little more about the system. GREAT PRICE, GREAT COMPANY - THANKS!!!!

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16. Dean on 3/2/2011, said:

I ordered the Vista-20p on Monday, I recived it on Tuesday and had every thing programed by Wendsday afternoon! The Tech. support was GREAT! Steve, Matt and Jeff were really great on helping me with some things I didn't understand at first, A top notch company! Dean West Covina, Ca

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17. Anonymous User on 1/28/2011, said:

Outstanding! Shipped fast arrived perfect and the installation was easy.. Saved me big $$$$. Thanks

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18. Anonymous User on 9/5/2010, said:

Great platform for one hell of an alarm system! I spent well over $1,500 on my system at the home security store. I have 3 keypads, 2 hardwired doors, 2 wireless doors, 4 hardwired windows, 5 wireless windows, 2 wireless glassbreaks, 1 wireless motion, 1 hardwired glassbreak, 1 hardwired motion, 1 hardwired smoke detector, 2 keyfobs, 2 sirens, lighting control, the works. This system is capable of handling all of this without the need of any expansion modules. I highly reccomend this for every one! It can, with some experience, be tailored to each and every installation. It took me 4 whole days to install all of my equipment. I love it!

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19. Anthony on 7/13/2010, said:

This system is AMAZING! I definitely recommend the kit and spending a little extra on Ademco, programming is a bit tough to begin, but there are tons of sources online to help you. I had my entire system setup in 2 days! Though the set is "wireless", keep in mind the power adapter, siren, and keypads are not, so you still have to find some way of hard wiring them. If you are planning to get another siren, check the amps, because the panel only supplies 2A.

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20. Nicholas on 11/15/2009, said:

This was the first system I have ever installed. Concepts were very straigh forward, and understandable. The literature was not the most organized I have ever seen however all the information is there. I would purchase this product again without a doubt, this is a versitile system that is understandable to a novice installer.

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(1) Vista 20P Control Panel
(1) 6160 Alpha Keypad
(1) 6150RF Deluxe Fixed Keypad/Receiver
(1) 5800PIR-RES Pet Immune Wireless Infrared
(1) 5834-4 Wireless 4-Button Keyfob
(2) 5816WMWH Ademco 2 Point Wireless Transmitter
(1) WAVE-2 Indoor Siren
(1) BD412 12 Volt 4AH Battery
(1) 16.5 Volt Transformer
(1) Cam Lock
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