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Visonic PPROKTKTGPE Powermax Pro Home Security System w/ Built-In GSM & Powerlink Module

PPROKTKTGPE - Visonic Powermax Pro w/ Built-in GSM Module
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Manufacturer:  Visonic Security Systems  SKU:  PPROKTKTGPE
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This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase!

There is a newer model of this item:

  PPRO211GSM - Visonic Power Max Pro Kit with Built-in GSM
Price:  $530.00
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The Visonic brand is by far a superior one when it comes to the home security Do-It-Yourself arena. That’s because hundreds of thousands of families in over 70 countries rely on Visonic home security systems to protect their homes.

The PPROKTKTGPE - Visonic PowerMax Pro with Built-in GSM Module is one of the latest security solutions from Visonic and it showcases what the company does best. It is a high end security system capable of allowing homeowners to view and control their home from anywhere via any web browser or even cell phone. Keep in mind, the PowerMax Pro has all the great features of the PowerMax Plus security system, but with even more internal add-ons for a more sophisticated approach to home security.

First, one such add-on is the internal GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) module. This module enables the system to report and communicate, not only with landline phones, but with cell phones as well. Therefore, if your telephone lines are cut or disabled the home stays secure and there remains a way for the system to call a monitoring station, or you, or both.

Second, the Pro also supports X-10 interface for home management of alarms, lights, appliances, and more.

And third, through Visonic’s PowerLink and VDNS management platform, homeowners can set up to 4 high quality color surveillance cameras and view footage both live and recorded online. Therefore, wherever you go, you can stay in touch with what’s happening at home or at the office. In the case of an event, you can be notified by cell phone, text, or e-mail.

In addition, the Pro has 28 wireless zones, 2 hardwired, and the system supports 8 user codes.

The PowerMax Pro also features a new modern clam shell design, which comes in a silver metallic color.
Another new feature is the incorporation of proximity tags. The tags allow for day-to-day conveniences. Simply hold the tag in front of the reader and the system can be armed or disarmed - no codes necessary. Furthermore, if a tag is lost or stolen, it can easily be deleted from the system.

The Pro is easy to set-up and easy to operate. There are simple menu commands and voice prompts, symbol-based keypad buttons, and visual as well as audio notifications.

Here is a recap and some additional features –

• High-end, modular design
• Self contained; no need for external boxes
• Includes internal GSM communicator
• Integral X-10 interface for home management alarms, lights, home appliances control
• Partition-ready controls up to 4 partitions (optional)
• Event reporting to: monitoring stations, pagers, SMS messages, e-mail, web applications, mobile phones, landline phones
• LCD-based user interface
• Elder care application
• Up to 72 hours battery backup
• 2-way PowerCodeTM RF System with diversity antenna enables support for Visonic's 2-way sirens (MCT-710, MCT-720) and 2-way keyfob (MCT-237) for instant feedback from the system
• Internal or external power supply
• 28 wireless zones
• Supports 8 users codes
• Additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 12v hardwired siren port and 1 PGM port for full coverage of connectivity options
• Full compliance with most international standards and regulations, including FCC, CE, EN50131 grade 2

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1. Anonymous User on 7/28/2011, said:

This system exceeded my expectations, Home security Store provides excellent support. I choose this system because I liked the versatility it offered. However, keep in mind the more versatility, the more complicated. This system has lot's of options and you need to take your time going through them. I had my system up and running within a couple of hours upon arrival. I just hooked up a few sensors and plugged it in. went through a little menu driven programming and we were up and running. I since added more devices a wired outside alarm and motion detectors a GSM card from AT&T. I am planning to add a couple of wireless cameras and connect the system to my home LAN. I use the keybob for exit arming and entry de-arm, much better than punching in a code every time. Great system

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2. Martin on 3/10/2011, said:

I bought the Visonic PPROKTKTGPE Powermax Pro Home Security System w/ Built-In GSM & Powerlink Module because I wanted a top of the line system. I liked the idea of a GSM system that would allow two way conversation without a landline and a monthly monitoring bill. Before ordering it I was concerned the window and door contacts may be too large to acutally use them. In my home the sheet rock is wrapped around the 2X4 frame and dead ends into the window frame. Um. Isn't that how most houses are built? So you only have about a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of a window frame to attach the largest piece to. So why would a manufacturer make the contacts so large that you can't intall them on a sliding window? After browsing other systems available many manufacturers offer slimmer and even hideaway wireless window contacts. It's a shame that in some ways, this alarm is likely the best on the market, yet it useless if you can't install it. I'm told the contacts are propriatary to each maker and this company does not offer anything slimmer or hideaway regarding the window contacts. I'm returning it today and the search continues.

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3. Todd on 2/1/2011, said:

I purchased a Powermax Pro kit along with 23 window/door sensors, a Tower 40 motion sensor, a 2-way key fob, and a hard wired horn on 17 Jan 2011. I'm very impressed with the installation ease and system quality. It's the first alarm system I've installed but I definitely rate it at the top. I followed the recommendation of others and read the manuals 2-3 times before purchasing. I laid it all out on the dining table to program and made sure I did the tables at the end of the installer's manual (that helped a ton having the plan on paper). It was easy and took less than 1.5 hrs (most time was spent opening sensors and installing batteries) for the programming (30 wireless units in all). Installing the window/door sensors was a breeze. I went to my local Lowe's and purchased a "permanent" double sided thin foam core tape. I didn't want to screw the sensors down until I was sure all was working. Now that I have them there, they certainly aren't going anywhere so I doubt I will. The tape works extremely well. The motion sensors were just as easy but make sure you cover their sensor so they don't inadvertently go off during enrolling. I had read that online and it was a good tip. I really prefer the Tower 40 motion sensor over the "pet immune" one in the kit. It has much better detection range (59ft) and coverage and all in all appears to be a much better unit. Like other reviewers, I found the PowerLink (broadband module) "manual" to be poor because of how it works. I do not like having to pop in the CD and use a web-based interface to see it. I much prefer a PDF or a hard copy that shows me everything that I can flip back and forth. But, the PowerLink module was not hard to set up. The port forwarding to the alarm's IP address was easy (I did it manually but the software will do it for you if your router supports UPnP and most do). The only thing to make sure of is to set your default gateway and DNS Server #1 to your home router's IP address (typically The directions didn't cover that part very clearly. Once configured properly, I get emails and I'm using it to send SMS texts by using the email address for texting (search your cell provider, for AT&T it's yourCellNumber@txt.att.net). I do have some minor gripes. I'm in the US so I expected a US unit. I seem to have a European model since the US replacement sheets for "4.5 Defining Communication Parameters" for a GSM only module matched the printed book (for GSM/GPRS modules) and not the US replacement sheets. It behaves as if I have a GSM/GPRS unit installed instead of a GSM unit. I'm not complaining yet because it shouldn't effect me, but I haven't gotten a SIM card yet to make sure. Other nits include options shown in the manual that are not present in the system. These include: - 4.4.5 Abort Time - should have 00s, 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s, 2m, 3m, and 4m as options. The 00s is missing and cannot be chosen. - 4.4.6 Alarm Cancel - should have 1, 5, 15, 60 min, 4 hrs, and cancel inactive. The 1 min and cancel inactive are not present. - 4.4.39 Key Zones Options (Optional) - well, it does say it's optional and it does not show up on my system. - The panel has options that the manual doesn't show so I have no idea what they are really for. These include 4.4.41 Cancel Announ, 4.4.42 Abort Announc, and 4.4.43 CP-01. They are either enable or disable. I've left them all disabled. -4.5.2 GPRS/BB (Broadband) is supposed to have an option to change the Transport Protocol between TCP and UDP according to the manual. This option is not in the system. -4.5.3 C.S. Reporting (Central Station Reporting) - is supposed to have a section under 2 Way Voice Def that shows Send 2 WV Code, Two Way Voice Central Stations, and Ringback Time. These are all missing. I recommend spending the extra for the 2-way key fob. The included one-way key fob gives you no indication of transmission success unless you are standing at the panel to hear its announcement. If you're standing at the panel, then just enter your code or use your prox tag. You can add an outdoor wireless siren and make it chirp to indicate transmission success, but I went with the hardwired siren to save costs ($15 versus $130, 2-way key fob was $52 so it was the cheapest solution). I think I will spend the money and add the outdoor siren since it has a strobe that will stay on if an alarm has occurred. I have not messed with PGM or X-10 devices because I wasn't interested in those right now. All in all, I'm very impressed and would buy this system again. It's very robust and configurable to most any situation you might have in your home. The Powermax Pro will call 4 private numbers, send SMS texts to 4 numbers, call pagers, send emails to up to 8 users, and do all that while at the same time be monitored by up to two different central stations using PSTN, GSM/GPRS, SMS Text, or broadband. I hope this review makes your purchase a little more inform

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4. Anonymous User on 2/1/2011, said:

Great system. This was a first time alarm install. I had to read things over a few times but with patience I was up and running in no time and thank God. Bottom line, this systems protected me from a break in. The home I just purchased was on the market for awhile and I knew it would be a target once sold so I bought this alarm. Exactly 1 month after I moved into the house, some creeps tried to hit it. Just as the statistics go it was 10am broad daylight. At the time I only had 3 motion detectors protecting each level and the internal siren. Nothing else as far as accessories. They gained access to the house and tripped a motion sensor. The internal siren sounded and they ran out like the "POS" cowards they were. Lucky for them because I was first on the scene thanks to the alarm calling me and the cops a minute or so behind me. To sum it up, only a broken basement window but "nothing" stolen. All components work and worked flawlessly and this experience made me pretty much order most of the other components that come with this alarm system especially the exterior siren to name just one. The pet motion sensors work great even with our dog. No false alarms yet. I put a sim card in the GSM in case they cut the phone lines which also provides text alerts. I have sensors for fire, flood, temp. You can't put a price on piece of mind. More valuable then when you're away is when you are home sleeping and the alarm is set to the home option.

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5. James on 12/23/2010, said:

Purchased the Visonic PwerMaxPro (PMP) with Built-In GSM & Powerlink Module. Our goal was to obtain a system that supported remote access via the internet and voice prompts (announcement). Installation was quick and easy and the documentation is very well written*. We setup the PMP before it was installed making installation time quick. The built-in siren is painfully load (this is a good thing). In addition to having the PMP call several phone numbers to report events, the ability to listen in and/or talk thru the PMP is cool. Ethernet connectivity is good. We setup the (PMP) to send emails whenever the system is armed/disarmed so we know when someone enters/leaves the premises. *the documentation is very good with the exception of the PowerLink. Initial setup via Ethernet was confusing forcing us to call Visonic tech support. They were able to explain the IP address scheme quickly and efficiently. We asked why they choose that IP address and they said because it is out of range of most people. Well, It did in fact conflict with another device we had which at the time was a concern because tech support said the IP address is fixed. What they failed to state was the “initial” IP address is fixed but you can change it after you login. This little bit of information would have been beneficial since it was a choir to change the other device. We found one limitation and that is the port number used. The PMP defaults to port 80 which is industry standard. This is all fine and good accept we use this same port on another piece of equipment. So naturally we tried to change the PMP to port 82 but it considered invalid so you can’t use it. The PMP does support port 8080 and 9090 which is ok but this limitation should have been note in the documentation. Our Score: Quality 10 out of 10 Installation 10 out of 10 Visonic Technical support 9 out of 10 Cost (value) 10 out of 10 Overall PMP score 10 out of 10

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6. Anonymous User on 12/14/2010, said:

Have been pretty happy with this for my first system. Definitely things that could be improved. For example, If you're supposed to hide the main box then using a key fob to enter the house is pretty impractical since you would have to go to wherever it is to disarm. Also two way doesn't make sense if it's hidden too. I'm trying to figure out why this system only comes with one door sensor. For the money, it should at least have two. You will definitely have to buy one more and probably an additional motion sensor too. Programing can be tricky. I like that kind of stuff so it wasn't that bad for me, but you may not like it.

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7. Anonymous User on 6/30/2010, said:

Installed with help from support. So far happy with the GSM, and Powerlink functions.

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8. Anonymous User on 6/23/2010, said:

Got it up and running quickly with no problems. No false alarms and it is very user friendly.

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