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Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device

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The fake TV can be the perfect solution to give burglars the impression that your home is occupied. FTV-10 Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device.
Brand: Opto-Electronic Design
Part Number: FTV-10

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Opto-Electronic Design



Are you looking for a way to keep your family and home safe, but you have to do it on a budget? The Fake TV may be the answer. This is a cool, smart security gadget that works as a burglar deterrent and saves you money too.

The Fake TV makes it seem as if someone is home and up watching television when in reality you might be sleeping, not at home at all, or on vacation.

The Fake TV uses an array of colored, flashing LEDs to create the illusion of the effect of a real TV. It uses a built in computer to control super bright LEDs to produce light of varying intensity and color that light up a room. It comes off as real TV scene changes, fades, flicks, and camera pans. The color changes are both subtle and dramatic and are completely unpredictable.

The Fake TV uses only a fraction of the electricity of a real TV, consuming about the same amount of power as a night light. Plus, if you use the Fake TV this would allow less wear and tear on your new flat screen TV!

To see what the Fake TV looks like flickering in the dark please go to the AUDIOGUARD Burglar Deterrent web page and click on the video review.


  • FakeTV makes it look like someone is home watching television
  • Effects of scene changes, fades, swells, flicks, on-screen motion, color changes and more are faithfully reproduced, and look just like they came from a real TV
  • Computer controlled, super-bright multi-color LED light output equivalent to a typical 27" HDTV LCD television
  • Environmentally friendly - FakeTV consumes fifty times less power than a real TV
  • Built in light sensor and timer-no external timer needed

Ideal For:

  • Vacations & Travel
  • Persons living in neighborhoods targeted by criminals
  • Vacant houses-make it look lived in!
  • Shift work, or some other reason you might be gone each evening
  • Frequent travelers
  • Vulnerable people living alone-make the prowler wonder who might be in the next room watching TV
  • Lake place or vacation home
  • Gift for that safety-minded individual who is hard to buy for

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How well does it light up in a lighted room?
    Although the unit is bright, it is not meant to light an entire room. It is best to face the unit at translucent shades, curtains, or blinds, so that it lets FakeTV light out without you seeing it from the inside.

  2. What size is it?
    The unit itself measures approximately 4 x 3 x 2 inches.

  3. How long is the power cord for it?
    The power cord measures approximately 52 inches in length.

  4. Does it make sound?
    No, the FTV-10 does not make sound, but simulates the light patterns created by television sets.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number FTV-10
What's in the box (1) Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device


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