New Product Submission

New Product Submission

We have over 350,000 unique visitors each month, plus a very loyal customer base. We stand behind every product we sell and we house those products in our Southern California warehouse. We carry a robust line of products. To date, we have nearly 2000 unique SKUs in our shopping cart and we are always looking for the newest and most innovative of products to add.

For us to consider selling your product, we must first receive and test your product. The retail-ready product should be sent to us at no charge and you as the manufacturer should fill the new product submission form below and submit it to us.
Please note - an individual form should be filled out for each product that you submit to us.

Every product sold is tested and approved by our Technical Department. Please note, the sample of your product will not be returned. If you have any questions on this process, please email them to

Please send the product for consideration to:

Nataly Kay Enterprises
Attn. New Product Submission
12660 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503

Once your product has been received, tested, and approved, the pricing phase begins. We are competitive with pricing and will do a competitive analysis on your product to help find the best price point for our store.

We thank you for considering us to carry your product and look forward to working with you.