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Kaltech Enterprises does business as Digital Watchdog (DW).The manufacturer offers a wide variety of cameras, DVRs, Hybrid DVRs, and a new line of IP surveillance technology.Kaltech was founded in 1987 and is based in Tampa, Florida with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Seoul Korea.The company started off with the goal to provide professional security related recording devices and computer systems on an economical basis without sacrificing quality.Kaltech has always had a special emphasis on computer service, becoming one of Florida's premier computer monitor repair facilities, which now is known as Tech Point International, and is still right next door to the Digital Watchdog building.

Kaltech has been working on the Digital Watchdog line of digital video recorders for several years now.Their knowledge and experience in the PC industry is evident in every Digital Watchdog DVR produced.The systems have remote access, long recording times, and are affordable.All these features can be seen in the new Digital Watchdog MAX-II Real-Time Digital Video Recorder Series.The DVRs incorporate MPEG4 part 10 <H.264> Image Compression Technology.This means the MAX-II can store high-resolution and clear video and images, but use file sizes that are 30 to 50% smaller than conventional MPEG4 images resulting in more efficient use of storage.

Home Security Store carries the Digital Watchdog MAX-II DVR series, as well as three dome cameras (one made for indoor use, one made for outdoor use, and one made to produce digital high-resolution video), plus one high-resolution vari-focal bullet camera.