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Optex was founded in 1979 and has established a world-wide reputation for quality, innovation, and technical excellence. Optex markets products throughout the United States manufactured by Optex Company Limited of Otsu, Japan. The company specializes in passive and active infrared technology, control systems, and CCTV products which are applied in the fields of security, automatic door controls, and factory automation.

By far the most popular Optex product sold at Home Security Store is the Optex Wireless 1000 Visitor Annunciator. This product utilizes reliable wireless technology in the long RF transmission range of which, as the name implies, is 1000 feet.The Wireless 1000 has 2 detection patterns - a long range of 50 feet and a fan pattern range of 17 feet.The detection pattern adjusts easily for perfect aiming. However, the Wireless 1000 not only operates as a perimeter awareness system, but can trigger other devices such as door strikes, lights, sirens, cameras, and more.

Optex also features a variety of dual photoelectric beams and outdoor PIR motion detectors.To add to the Optex line-up is the LRP180QH -REDWALL Super Long Range PIR.According to Optex, the MegaRed is the world's first dual output external long range passive infrared detector for external operation at ranges of up to 180 meters.MegaRed is designed for use with CCTV systems to alert an operator's attention to a specific area or, with the zoned outputs, to activate positioning of a dome or pan and tilt camera system. It is also ideal for the activation of video transmission systems