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Voice Alert is the flagship product of Cross Point Industries. Cross Point develops and markets innovative alert and automation products designed for homes and businesses. Those products sell both on a domestic front and an international one due to product versatility and easy installation. Cross Point Industries is based in Encinitas, California.  Their first security product patent was in 1998. Today the company's product line features its unique voice recordable security device Voice Alert, the only digitally recordable security notification system compatible with wireless security technologies.

Simply put, Voice Alert produces security notification by allowing a voice message to identify a monitored zone.

Home Security Store and Cross Point bring you the VA6000S - Voice Alert 6 Wireless System. This system can be expanded with several accessories including additional wireless sensors and receivers, a transmitter that comes in a waterproof box, a transmitter that comes with a relay, plus you can purchase the VA600S-RHS - Voice Alert System w/ Rubber Hose Transmitter, with an optional additional hose.

TextAlert is an expansion of the Voice Alert security products. TextAlert transmits intrusion warnings to users via their cell phones.  TextAlert can work in conjunction with a standard Voice Alert system or by itself.  The system is easy to set up and is an affordable solution to remote monitoring services. Meanwhile, Cross Point’s latest product is GORT (Ground Observing Reconnaissance Transmitter).  GORT again uses Voice Alert's proven wireless and passive infrared technology and incorporates a super bright LED array that turns on, locates, and follows intruders as they move within a protected area.