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ViewEra develops and markets flat panel displays.  The company brings new product to the ever-growing monitor market, positioning itself as tomorrow’s source for flat panel displays.  They also design and manufacture high-tech LCD products, offering cutting edge solutions to a wide array of customers.  ViewEra was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in California with manufacturing plants located in both Taiwan and China.  The company’s flat panel displays are manufactured to meet customers who seek high-end performance at a reasonable price.  Here’s what ViewEra says about their mission - 

We truly provide displays of value.  The company´s core competence is to offer its customers the best value by managing the supply chain associated with vendors and retailers.  ViewEra will continue to focus on developing and upholding long-standing trust and confidence with customers and partners.

Home Security Store brings you several ViewEra monitors to choose from.  Here is some information to help you decide on which monitor to buy for CCTV use.  First of all, if you think you can use your own television screen and overlook buying a professional CCTV monitor, you might want to think twice.  That’s because TVs were built to be on for a few hours per day and not 24/7.  Although do keep in mind, in some cases a computer monitor can work just fine.  Nevertheless, the best solution is a flat-panel LCD screen.  In addition, you should make sure your monitor resolution matches your security camera resolution.  Therefore, your cameras will display the best images possible.