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Reliance Controls Corporation began as "Reliance Automatic Lighting Company" in 1909 with the invention of the heavy-duty commercial time switch.Today, they are the leader in portable standby power integration, with over 30 patents on manual transfer switches and accessories.Recently, Reliance Controls introduced THE HOME PROTECTORS® consumer products group.The new product group consists of products engineered to facilitate the installation of home standby systems and help protect against damage caused by power failures.Home Security Store carries some of the products that fall under THE HOME PROTECTORS® group.

Under THE HOME PROTECTORS® group, Reliance Controls has introduced the PhoneAlertTM home and business monitoring system (THP201).In the event of a power outage, temperature drop, or flood condition, the PhoneAlertTM will call up to three installer-selected phone numbers and identify the specific problem. The new PhoneAlertTM is ideal for notifying a homeowner or business owner who is away, when his or her automatic standby system has failed to activate in a power outage.

Next, there is the very useful Power Failure Alarm and Safety Light (THP207).The PowerOUT!TM is a plug-in power failure alarm with built-in safety light.You simply plug the PowerOUT! into any 120V outlet or power strip.When the power fails, the PowerOUT! emits a pulsing 86dB alarm – that’s about as loud as a conventional alarm clock.At the same time, the PowerOUT! illuminates three built-in, ultra- bright LEDs to provide safety lighting.Home Security Store also carries the THP205 - SUMP PUMP ALARM and the Flood Alert and the THP217 - Automatic Phone Out Freeze Monitor.