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Blockit & Lockit was founded by Harvey Markegard and Joseph Higgins and is based in Billings, Montana.The company manufactures two main products.The first is the Wrap which is an electronic vehicle anti-theft system and the second is the Guard Dog.The Guard Dog was designed and engineered by Markegard, a former product designer with Ford Motor Company.The product has garnered the attention of national and international retailers including shopping networks, catalog companies, hardware, home and garden, security, and specialty retailers.

Blockit & Lockit believes that consumers are searching for new ways to protect their life, their family, and their valuables from burglary and theft both at home and while away.The FBI says that 70% of break-ins happen by the thief kicking in your door.That’s where Blockit & Lockit comes in.The company’s Guard Dog can be used by itself or to complement a home security system.Home Security Store carries the Guard Dog.This product is an innovative portable door guard with a siren alarm using the shock-corded design of a blind-persons cane.It snaps together in seconds and can be unfolded and stored in a purse, briefcase, or backpack when traveling.The purpose of the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog alarm is to alert you if an intruder is attempting to enter your home, apartment, or room.

Blockit & Lockit believes that their company’s integration of physical and electronic security is the product solution Americans have been searching for to protect themselves, their families, and their homes.