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Kimber Manufacturing is perhaps best known for its highly accurate M1911-style pistols, as well as for offering a variety of customization options.The USA Shooting Team, Marines assigned to Special Operations Command, and the LAPD SWAT team all use Kimber pistols.In addition, Kimber also manufactures rifles, shotguns, and less lethal self-defense tools.Kimber was founded in 1979 by Greg and Jack Warne in Clackamas, Oregon. Back then the company was known as Kimber of Oregon.Today Kimber’s headquarters are located in the Greater New York City area with offices in Missoula, Montana.

Home Security Store sells Kimber’s less-lethal self-defense line of products and accessories which are sold under Kimber's "LifeAct" trademark.LifeActs are weapons equipped with a highly concentrated irritant which shoots out at a high velocity. The two non-lethal weapons sold under Kimber LifeAct are the LA9-5001 - LifeAct Guardian Angel Non-Lethal Self Defense Tool and the JPX Jet Protector (sold in orange and in black).

Most consider the hand held Guardian Angel to be more economical than the higher priced Jet Protector which is made like a quality pistol. The ranges and effectiveness of the two models differ too.These less-lethal weapons are most effective when used at ranges where most handgun and knife encounters may occur. The weapons can also be useful for hikers who may encounter or be attacked by aggressive animals when outdoors. In addition, the products are used by and marketed to college students and commuters, especially those who live or walk through campuses that prohibit the concealed carrying of firearms.