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STI’s first product came directly at the request of a high school principal in Detroit, Michigan who had problems with false alarms. That led Jack Taylor to invent the Stopper Pull Station Protector. Taylor then founded STI. That was over 25 years ago. Today, Safety Technology Incorporated (STI) now markets more than 40 unique products throughout the world to help prevent false alarms, plus theft and vandalism of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Susquenita School District Buildings and Grounds Director Robert Finnen testifies to STI’s products, “Our STI Stopper II units have prevented after-school activity kids from pulling false fire alarms. If kids attempt to open the cover, the warning horn stops them from any further attempts.” STI is based in Waterford, Michigan with an office in Worcestershire, England.

STI manufactures products which fall under the following categories - Fire Products, Polycarbonate Protection, Environmental Cabinets, AED Covers, Wire Guards, CCTV Camera Housings, Theft Protection, Buttons & Switches, and Home & Work.Home Security Store sells the STI-6400 - Exit Alarm Door Alarm, which is a very popular product and falls under the Theft Protection category. The STI-6400 is an door alarm that has a highly visible "stop sign" design.It can alert you to any unauthorized exits or entries through emergency exit doors, rear doors, or any door that you would like to monitor. This is an inexpensive security device that helps stop theft too. The alarm sounds off a powerful 105 dB warning horn when activated and is made of virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing.