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American Security Equipment Company (Amseco) is a supplier of fire and security products including fire sprinkler monitoring systems, electronic fire systems, as well as vault and safe security systems. More specifically, and of more relevance when it comes to security, Amseco carries a full line of wireless and hard-wired door announcer systems and a new line of outdoor high intensity strobes and horn/strobe combinations.

One unique Amseco product that Home Security Store carries is the EWP-202C - Amseco Wireless Door Chime with Counter. The EWP-202C is the first announcer to incorporate dual infrared beams and Radio Frequency technology and transmit the data to a remote counter, whenever the beam is interrupted, producing an entry and exit digital count and chime sound. Home Security Store also carries EWP-202C accessories including an additional wireless receiver, an extra transmitter, and a wireless push button device.

Other Amseco products are the ABB-1014 - Slim line Rugged Steel Hinged Outdoor Bell and Box, SSX-51 - Amseco Armored Siren, and SSX-51S - Amseco Armored Siren/Strobe Combination.The SSX-51 features a horn with 105db of sound, while the SSX-51S features that caliber of horn as well, plus a blue strobe light.Both the horn and horn/siren combo are made with rust free aluminum die-casting housing.The ABB-1014 is a horn equipped with over 100db of sound housed within a steel box made for an outside environment.

Amseco is an established company with more than 25 years of experience and more than 25 patented products.In 2004, Potter Electric Signal Company acquired Amseco.